Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Let’s be real: everyone has envisioned how great life must be as a successful investor at least once or twice. Earning a steady, passive income through a real estate rental business, or watching

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest I am Lizard King of Financial Velociraptor; I’ve been blogging about my early retirement and approach to trading since 2015.  I’ve been retired since 5OCT2012.  Today, I’m reflecting on the upcoming seventh anniversary

291shares Pinterest291 Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Email We split our time between a van and sailboat, so space is a major issue for us.  Our kitchen area is tiny, we have very limited counter space, and we

110shares Pinterest110 Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Email Finding exciting lunch ideas for work is one of the best ways to start saving money on your food spending. That’s because buying lunch at work can really add up

15shares Pinterest15 Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Email Hey everyone! Today, I have a great guest post from Stephanie Schill. Stephanie is the creator of the personal finance blog A lifetime saver and self-proclaimed shameless couponer, she