Share Tweet Mix Warning! What follows is a Crappypastata. Beware, Crappypastas are terrifying short horror stories of varying quality, but usually, they are all bad. Any similarities to real-life events, people, places, or quality writing is purely

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Jeff The Killer vs. Jane The Killer  Point of Jane That night was cold. Very cold. I ran through the streets, cleverly and swiftly. I reached the top of a tall building and

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Mr. Charlie Clear River community> Parent-to-parent forum>Issues and concerns Subject: Jeers/Cheers for staff Mom_Mel wrote: Creepy bus driver? Alright, so I don’t know where to put this, because honestly, I’m not trying to

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Smile Dog. jpg Origins My name is Robert Howard. I grew up in a small barn house on the border between PA and NJ. We didn’t farm plants but instead a variety of

Share Tweet Mix The Primarch System Deep within the halls of the internet, many legends are created. In the year 2000, there was a whisper that ran throughout the depths of the Deepweb. A whisper that told

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Victini About 4 days ago I discovered Creepypasta, and I enjoyed reading some of the stories. I have decided to tell you about a thing that happened to me in Pokemon Black, and

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Click the video for a Reading of SpongePix.avi by Morgan Strebler, The Celebrity Mentalist. Enjoy!!! SpongePix.avi Hi, My Name Is Keith. Like Every Other Creepypasta, I Doubt You Are Going To Believe Mine.

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Jane the Killer Part 1 The night was fairly quiet as I walked down the lonely neighborhood street to my house. I lived in a nice sub-division of my city and always enjoyed

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest I Hate Insects I hate ants. That’s a bit of an understatement actually. I hate small insects in general. I get that they’re hardly adored by a lot of people but for me

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Grin… Sam (Calm): Hey Mike what’s up? Michael (Panicked): Hey…um Sam listen, man, I need you to come down to Maine. Please, man, this is fucking urgent goddamn it! Michael (voice breaking): I