Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Woebegone For Satan finds some mischief still For idle hands to do. –Isaac Watts   It is not true that life is one damned thing after another it is one damn thing over

Share Tweet Mix My Best Friend How did my life come to this? This was my Best Friend in the whole world and his family! Where do I go from here? Let me start with how I

Share Tweet Mix Do You Know John? I was driving home one summer evening. It was nice outside, and I was enjoying the scenery, lots of trees with all the bright colors that the leaves become in

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest No self-respecting theater House is without its ghost ⸞⸟ May 1924  “Okay, my little Nut, let’s hear it,” Papa says. I grin and snuggle into my pillow. “Now I lay me down to

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Today I found an unreturned VHS tape. I am doing my usual Saturday morning routine when I spot it on my brand new IKEA coffee table. Battered by time, the plastic cover is

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest The Doll Part Two: I heard a noise by the door. When I looked up at it, there was Wisteria looking through a little window that she opened in the door smiling at

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest   The Doll Part One It was the first day I was going to the park by myself. My mom finally agreed that I was old enough, being 12 years old, to know

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Breakup Therapy: Expert Level He never knew or realized that him being there, him pretending that he cared for me, him using me and keeping me on his line…all it did was stop