Share Tweet Mix In a Pickle  Now, what was he going to do? Brice Butterworth’s boss just told him to double the productivity of Vegan Inc.’s pickle strain they used for their Kilwowski Pickle brand. That was

Share Tweet Mix A Phoenix Tale I left the air-conditioned comfort of the taxi, and the sights, sounds, and smells of the old bazaar in Jeddah assailed me: a robe-clad man on camel plodded by, an adjacent

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest It Says, “Hello” “What does it look like?” “Copper.” “I’m sorry?” “Silicon, perhaps.” “It looks like copper and silicon? So, like our technology, then?” Amos sighed. “Almost certainly not.” Gany began to arch

Share Tweet Mix A Hamster’s Tale  From Secret Supers by Andy Zach How fascinating! Dancer thought. This book says there are libraries where hundreds of books live. It also says the fiction books are in order by

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest The Day It was a day of celebration for the first human colony on the surface of the Moon. Graymalkin, also known as LRB-1 (Lunar Recon Base 1), was a sprawling complex built