Animal Crossing: The Sad Truth

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Hey all. I’m kind of new to this site, but I’m a really big fan of all these stories and myths about games and TV series’ that I’ve read. I know a lot of them are probably fake but it’s still fun to wonder about them, you know? Anyway, I searched the site and I didn’t see ANYTHING about the broken copies of Animal Crossing Wild World??? Granted, it wasn’t that creepy but it explained a lot about the game that people have questions about. This might not be entirely accurate so feel free to comment and correct any errors in my story.
Okay, so if you’ve played the game you know that you are driven to your destination by Kapp’n, a kappa. I’ve also played the first game and I’ve always wondered why Kapp’n was the only mythical animal in the game (that I know of!). But anyways, you drive to this village and don’t really know why you’re moving out on your own at such a young age. But it’s just a game right? Whatever, you know?
Apparently there is an area they created but never actually implemented so it’s impossible to reach. EXCEPT in the first hundred or so copies of Wild World. When Kapp’n drives you to your village, he’ll ask where you’re headed. If you name your village “Mom”, something different happens. Kapp’n doesn’t ask you anymore questions. You get dropped off at town with a randomized character and randomized town setup. No farewell. No clue of where to go. I guess it’s at that point I realized why it’s considered broken.
Now, after this point, the game plays normally. You can go into Town Hall and get your house and everything. But what most people don’t discover is that you can now reach the area that borders your town through a very special technique. You have to find a tree that’s very close to the edge of your map and place your character between it. You move your character towards the ledge, and the screen will start to flicker, the villager graphic switching from on top of the edge back to in between the tree back and forth. Just keep trying, rotating your character’s direction to find that small wedge where you can move forward.
When you find it, you’ll be able to walk on the area bordering your map, though the game will still flicker a bit. This area is fully developed but you can’t interact with anything. It’s like another town. There’s six houses, all of which look like the player houses, not the animal houses. And the most amazing thing is that instead of animals walking around, there’s people. But they all have clouds over their heads… At first I was excited to see other humans, and wondered if they’d have something like this in the new games. Then again, it’s kind of sad watching them mope around with that cheerful music playing. Why are they all so sad?
There’s no borders on this area, but the side you came from will take you back down, and all other sides, you’ll walk into a cyan blue area that’s infinitely big, probably since we’ve already broken the established border. Eventually I discovered the beach area, which was a ledge just peering down at the water. There’s a girl standing in front of… a gyroid? Several gyroids actually. I decided to try to interact with the gyroid. Maybe I could save the game and break it forever. To my surprise, a window popped out… but… not exactly what I expected.
It said RIP, with my character’s name under it. What the hell? It also said “In the waters ye children be, Ne’er leave them by the sea! Yar har har…” Kapp’n? This was kind of morbid for a kid’s game.
I looked at that sad girl in front of the gyroid. She had the same eyes as my character’s. Could that be….
My mom?
I could see now why they’d take this out of the game. But it also reveals a very dark hidden plot of our happy-go-lucky-game. Why is Kapp’n, a kappa, included in this game? In Japanese folklore, these creatures kidnap children and drown them. It also reveals that gyroids are what are known as haniwa, which placed on graves. What does that mean?
It means your young character is dead. Murdered by Kapp’n or maybe one of his kind. This is the afterlife, or maybe something else. The reason you can’t send letters to your mother is because you are dead, and the gifts she sends are presents she leaves at your grave. Hence, it’s called Animal “Crossing”. The cross between life and death…
Like I said, it’s not very scary, just a bit disturbing. I’m lucky to have had a copy and friends who heard of this “glitch” or Easter egg of sorts. Has anyone found this area? What do you all think of this dark background story that’s never told in the released versions?
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