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“Hello,” said James to Kyle at school.

“Sup,” Kyle responded. They both ran to class and were anxious to get out of school.

When school was over Kyle tripped James causing him to fall in a pile of rocks. One of the rocks went through his skull causing James mental issues.

James’ family had no choice but to lock him in a mental hospital. He spent 6 years there. Until the mental hospital caught on fire they got as many people out as they could’ve.

James was one of the unfortunate ones. He burnt horribly causing his skin to go black and one eye to burn out.

He arose from the ashes seeing his body. He ran to a nearby house and found a silver mask. He put it on. Also, he stole jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket.

The man who lived there woke up seeing James. James span around quickly charging the man.

The man had a screwdriver and pinned James down. He drilled 4 nails onto each side of James’ head left, right, top and bottom. James threw the man off and grabbed the screwdriver and nails he drilled the man down to a chair.

He saw lighter fluid and matches. He grabbed them also with a knife and cut a hole in the man’s stomach. He put the bottle of lighter in the man’s stomach and pumped some in.

“I love volcanos, don’t you?” James put the match in his stomach and he started vomiting blood. “See you’re a volcano now.”

James walked out the door leaving the man to die. “By the way call me ‘Burner.’” He grabbed an ax and walked out the door.

Local news report:

“7 Houses have burnt down to the ashes killing 16 people.

“Also a man covered in his own blood and burnt from the insides was found in his own house nailed to a chair. And on the wall it said “Burner” written in ashes if you see a man named burner contact the police.”


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