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Now before I begin, You need to know that this story is not for the faint of heart, being that this is a real place.All of the, “Eyeless Jack, Jeff the Killer, Slenderman,” shit is just to shock you and be like, “Oh no its not real but I’m still horrified!”…This…This is the real deal. Don’t get me wrong. I love all creepypasta stories(Laughing Jack is my favorite.)But…this just ruined me.All of this happened to me, My dog, and my cousin in Georgia.

It was September 11th, 2008, 9:23 PM. We’d had a long day of, well…Remember those in 9/11(God bless them.) We had been all sad due to the loss of my father in 9/11. I couldn’t bear to see my Mom and the rest of my family like that…So I called my dog, and we went out for a walk. Well…Me and my dog,Rosetta, never go near a certain bridge by our house. A lot of people go to this bridge though. They call it Cry Baby Bridge. Legend has it that…A mother and her baby were crossing the bridge on a horse. Well, something spooked the horse.The horse reared up and bucked and kicked and the baby fell off and over the bridge. The mother got off the horse to go and get her baby, but the Horse ran her over so she got a horrible concussion and died of blood loss. Also 4 teenagers were murdered there in the 1940s or so. They say that if you go to Cry Baby Bridge at night and yell out, I KILLED YOUR BABY, That you can hear the mother crying, a baby cry, and sometimes…see her… The scariest thing is looking over the bridge and seeing the baby’s body. But…If you’re driving a car, You set your keys on the hood and yell out, I KILLED YOUR BABY, Your car alarm will go off and your keys will be gone.

Like I said, We never go near there. Also being that its almost 10:00 at night makes it even scarier just to be a couple feet away from there. But…Me and Rosetta were feeling kind of brave. I took my cousin Marley with us. Of course we took a flashlight and our cell phones. We debated over who will yell it out, but Marley decided to do it. He stood in the center of the bridge and took a deep breathe. “I can feel a presence already…” he whispered to me. He took an extremely deep breathe and finally yelled on the top of his lungs, “I KILLED YOUR BABY!!!” He looked at me, then back into the distance. Suddenly, Rosetta started freaking out. She broke her collar off due to the force she put on the leash and started spinning in circles. She ran off into the forest part a little bit past the bridge and…she ran too far. We had no clue where she was. We started to hear a baby crying and me and Marley started freaking out. We didn’t know weather to run into the woods and find Rosetta or to run home. We decided that my dog’s life was a little more valuable than ours so we decided to go into the forest. We got our flashlights and walked about a mile into the forest before finding Rosetta sleeping in some random little cabin. We walked in there and tied the leash gently around Rosetta’s neck, gently enough to were she wasn’t choking, but tight enough to where her head can’t slip out. She is a border collie so it was hard to separate her body from her fur. We looked around in the cabin and saw…old baby food which was rotten and disgusting to the point were I was gagging…baby clothes, dresses, horse bridles, and a saddle. This…This was the mother’s house..and her baby…We told Rosetta to come on and we got out of there!

Once we got to the bridge, there was caution tape on both entrances of the bridge and police EVERYWHERE. They came up to us and next thing you know we were being held at gunpoint.

“Put your hands in the air and don’t move.” One of the police said.
I looked at Marley and Marley looked at me.

“We got a call saying that somebody out here was yelling out something about killing a baby?” The police said. “No! Its a legend! They say if you-” The police immediately cut Marley off. “Shut up. Get in the car and come with me.” Me and Marley got in the car. They took Rosetta away from us and took her in a different car.

“What the hell is going on?” I cried out to Marley in the back seat of the police car.

“I have no clue. Obviously someone doesn’t know about the legend and now we’re getting in trouble for it.” He said back to me.

“I’m just a 15 year old girl! I don’t need to be in prison!”

“We’re not going to prison.”

“You don’t know that! They could really get the wrong idea!”

“No. We will go to court and you tell them the legend because YOU are the one that dragged us into this,Rissa!”

I put my head down. “You’re right…I dragged you into this…I should be the one is prison…”

“No. They’re going to bring the caller in and have us both yell it out and they will recognize my voice. They will think I’M the one who did it.” Marley sighed. “I’m only 15…you’re 15…both of us shouldn’t be in prison…” he said quietly.

“Okay. We’re here.” the officer said. We got out of the car and got our mugshots. We were put in orange prison suits and sent into our cells.
“Shit…” Marley sighed. “R-R-…Ris…Rissa…I’m have…having…anxiety…atttaacckkkk…..” He started to breathe extremely fast and fell over. “HELP!!!” I cried out past my cell. The cops came running in and took Marley to the hospital. “Oh no…Oh nononono…..” I said to myself. I was in a cell by myself…The cops took me out the next day and sat me down in a huge silver room with a table and two benches on each side.

“So…Marissa, is it?” He said to me.
“Please…call me Rissa…” I said nervously.
“Cut the crap. What were you and Marley doing that night to be yelling that out?” he asked me sternley.”TELL. ME. EVERYTHING.”
“Alrighty then…” I said back. I felt…bigger somehow…”
“Picture this if you will…” I told him the whole story of Cry Baby Bridge, and what people do.
“Then how come this person didn’t hear the others doing it?” He asked me.
I was stumped. He got me. “I…I don’t know, Officer…Maybe he was louder than most people?” I shrugged. “I promise you. We didn’t kill anybody or anything. My family is strictly Christian and may I remind you that is the 6th commandment. Thou Shalt not Kill. What Does this mean? We should fear and Love God tha-” he cut me off.
“Okay I get it. Tell me why you’re so nervous.” he said to me.
“Because…This is my first time EVER having to do buisness with the police. Who wouldn’t be nervous?” I said. “Hmmm…” he said. “You seem innocent…” he said. “But that doesn’t mean anything…We’ll take this to court…” He said to me.


The Judge found Marley and I innocent. But one thing…Where was Rosetta? We went home and were greeted by my parents, Marley’s parents, and Rosetta.
We don’t think we’ll ever go back to Cry Baby Bridge. My mother wants to move back to Texas with the rest of the family just so we’ll never have to see that horrid bridge again. But…One thing…We originally lived in San Antonio…If we move back there…What about Donkey Lady Bridge and the Haunted Rail Road Tracks? What about the Alamo? I’ll tell you when we move back.
Credit To – Jillian Gonzales

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