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I love GoGoRiki. I am such a huge fan of GoGoRiki when I was young. I was also wondering when I new episode will air soon (on the internet).

Many days past, and suddenly while I was at a flea market, a teenage boy was selling video tapes and CDs as I spot my eye on something. It was a GoGoRiki DVD (which it probably hasn’t been aired yet and was never seen before, plus the cover was blank and had GoGoRiki written on it, maybe it has a lost episode in it). I went to the boy and said “Excuse me, how much for the unknown GoGoRiki DVD?” “Eh, I don’t mind. It’s $5.” he said. “Deal!” I gave him a five dollar bill. I have finally purchased the DVD. Oh joy!

I came home in glee to watch the lost GoGoRiki episode and smiled. I am so happy that I get to view it for the first time. I turned on the tv and decided to pop in the CD into the DVD player for the very first time. When the DVD turned on, the main menu was blank  except for the play button. So I pressed it anyway. Then, the opening came. I smiled with satisfaction.

When the opening was over, act one begin as I see the GoGoRiki talking about what happened. I dunno what it’s about, but I didn’t see the blue bunny, Pogoriki (my favorite GoGoRiki character) in the group, just Chiko, Rosa, Wooli, Bigo, Olga, Otto, Doco and Bobo. They were complaining about something. Doco was the first to say “Guys, please, I’m sure it wasn’t Pogo’s fault.” Then, Otto said “But it is.” Wooli said “He’s a monster!” Rosa said “He ruins everything he touches!” Bobo said “I say he’s nothing but trouble.” Olga said “I knew he shouldn’t be trusted!” And finally, Bigo was the last to speak. He said “Calm down! Calm down! I know that Pogo has ruined our picnic, but I’m sure it’s his fault too!” Then, I noticed that the only one who didn’t speak was Chikoriki. However, Bigo has an idea up his sleeve. Uh-oh. This does not look good.

Act  two came to the scene, and I see the rikis (except for Chiko) pulling a huge prank on Pogo. Bobo puts a bucket of red liquid on top of Pogo’s door. Then, Bigo sees Chiko and asks him to join in. Chiko gasped and asked “You mean you want me to betray my best friend?” The rikis didn’t know what Chiko was talking about. So, they told him to knock on Pogo’s door. Then, Pogoriki comes out in a happy mood and sees his best friend as he says “Hi, Chiko. What are you doing here?” Suddenly, the bucket fell on Pogo’s head. Pogo was covered in the red liquid as the rikis laughed, except for Chiko, who wasn’t laughing. Wooli began to say “That’s pig’s blood, you idiot! That’s pig’s blood!” “Wooliriki!” Rosa glared at him. Then, Wooli said “Fine. It’s just regular blood.” That’s funny, I don’t remember any blood on GoGoRiki. Anyway, the rikis kept laughing, which made Chiko worried and Pogo sad. Pogo began to cry and said “Chiko, how could you?” “But, Pogo, I can explain.” said Chiko. “No!” Pogo cried. “I won’t accept it! I can’t believe you betrayed me like this!” Tears came out of the sad little rabbit’s eyes, which made me feel worried for him. “But, Pogo,” Chiko said. “Forget it! It’s over! You’re dead to me!” Pogo yelled at Chiko. “Goodbye forever!” Then, Pogo slammed the door loudly, which made the rikis feel depressed. “Nice going, Chiko.” Bobo glared at the hedgehog. The rikis left poor Chikoriki alone and sad. “But it wasn’t my fault.” Chiko said. Poor Chiko.

Then, act three came as day turned to sunset. Then a title came with red words on it which happened to be blood? The title said “Pogoriki Dies”. Anyway, I see Pogoriki crying uncontrollably because his friends betrayed him, especially his best friend, Chiko. Pogo began to cry “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe that Chiko betrayed me! I can’t believe it!” Then, he kicked a soccer ball, sending it flying into the window, which the ball broke the window as shattered glass fell on the floor while a piece of it scratched Pogo in the face as he yelped. He yelped in horrible pain. When he looked in the mirror, he saw a cut on his face, a medium-sized cut, a medium-sized bloody cut. It was bleeding so bad, that it began to hurt. So, he started to twitch. Then, he went insane as he gave out a twisted grin. Then, new tears came across his face, but they weren’t regular tears, infact, they were bloody tears. So, he began to laugh like some psychopath. He closed the blinds so he must stay hidden. His eyes were hyper-realistic and bloody tears came out as he started to twitch. Okay, so it’s starting to creep me out right now. Then, I hear the insane Pogo said “I’ll show Chiko that it wouldn’t be fun for him! I’ll show him!” He breathed heavily and found a knife. His hyper-realistic eyes turned black and his irises became red. He grabbed the knife, grinned evilly and said “Gee, I wonder if I still have any pain on me. Oh well.” Then, he cuts his arm and blood splatters all over as he laughed like some psychopath, WHICH HE IS!!!!! More and more blood began to splatter and I still think it’s really creepy, so I kept watching.

Later, act four began as Pogoriki, who was now bloodied and covered in cuts, is still twitching. It was now evening and Pogo was still alive (thank goodness he wasn’t dead). Bloody tears came out of his hyper-realistic eyes and he chuckled in an evil way. The lights were out, there were glitches and Pogo turned his head at something. He saw a rope, a stool and a ceiling fan. He gave out a psychotic grin and laughed manically. Oh no. This does not look good.

Now it’s act five as the scene turned to midnight. Pogo’s neck was tied to a ceiling fan as he stood on the stool. His hyper-realistic eyes were still open and on his face was a twisted grin. Then, a storm came as he said “Mark my words, Chikoriki, because my demise shall be your sin!” He kicked the stool as thunder strucked. It was so creepy, I feel like I’m gonna be sick.

Then, act six came as Chiko went to talk to Pogo about yesterday. “Pogo, I’m so sorry about yesterday. I promise it won’t happen again. Can you forgive me?” But no answer from Pogo was heard. Chiko felt worried. “Pogo? Pogoriki? Are you okay, Pogo?” Still no answer. Chiko sighed and walked away until he noticed that the door was unlocked. So, Chiko opened the door and gasped in shock when he saw something really horrific. He saw the dead body of his best friend, Pogoriki, hanging by his neck on a ceiling fan with deep bleeding cuts all over his body. His hyper-realistic eyes were still opened with bloody and a twisted grin frozed in his face. It was so scary, but I had to keep watching. Chiko had saw the horror that his best friend had gone insane and committed suicide. Then, he screamed in horror as the other rikis came. They saw what happened to Pogoriki. Wooli stared at it in horror, Rosa had fainted, Olga fainted as well, Otto’s terrified eyes were stuck on the hanging corpse, Doco had shed a tear when he saw it too, Bobo began to vomit and Bigo felt sorry for Pogo after what happened yesterday.

Act seven came, and a funeral for Pogoriki was over after the rikis had left except for Chiko. Just then, a glitch appeared as something disturbing happened to Chiko, and I don’t like it. His whole body turned grayscale from head to toe, his eyes turned red and bloody tears came out of his hyper-realistic eyes. Chikoriki had become depresssed now, which means this does not look good.

Act eight was here, and Chiko decided to hang out at Pogo’s house for a while until he heard a static voice. “Chikoriki! Chikoriki!” Chiko heard it and noticed that it was Pogo’s voice in a glitchy way, but he must be imagining things until he turned around and saw something horrific. It was Pogoriki’s ghost (still with the black eyes, red irises, bloody cuts, bloody tears and insane smile, and in a glitchy static way). A ghost? Uh-oh. Anyway, Chiko was afraid of him and he ran away from the ghost as it kept following the hedgehog. Chiko had went a little crazy and started to go back to his house. Chiko was finally alone as he kept crying and found a gun. He grabbed the gun, aimed it at his head, pulled the trigger and shot himself as realistic blood splattered everywhere (resembling to another Creepypasta, Squidward’s Suicide). Then, he fell as his glasses fell off of him. His hyper-realistic eyes were still opened and a bloody tear came out. It was really horrific. Boboriki heard the gunshot, noticed that it had came from Chiko’s house, opened the door and said “Hey, Chiko, are you okay in there? I just heard…” Bobo had stopped and stared in horror when he saw Chiko on the floor, dead. Then, the music played a sad tune. The other rikis saw it as well and felt worried for both Pogo and Chiko. It was really gruesome. Then, Pogo’s voice whispered “It’s okay, Chiko, I’ll never leave by your side again.” Then the ending credits came. Just bloody red letters.

I looked in a terrified face and freaked out for a bit. Then, I ejected the dvd, put it back in the case and hid it in my closet so I could never see it again. Why did they make a lost episode of GoGoRiki so horrific?! GoGoRiki isn’t suppose to have any gore or death! It’s discusting! Oh well. Thank goodness I’m never gonna mention that lost episode again. At least there are other GoGoRiki episodes on the internet. And I know they don’t have any gore at all. But I felt afraid. Like I was being watched. Like when I go to sleep, I have nightmares of Pogoriki’s death. It was the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my entire life.


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