Jane the Killer

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If you’ve read the “Jeff the Killer” orign, you’ll realize that this is Liu’s story, because it is. The end of that story involved Jeff whispering in Liu’s ear “Go to Sleep…” Although Jeff’s death quote was mentioned, the story never said Liu died… Because he didn’t.
“Jeff!?” Liu screamed.
“Let’s play tag. I’m it.” Jeff replied. His wicked smile frightened his brother, but Liu was not stupid. Jeff was, like I said, Liu’s brother, so Liu knew what Jeff could do. Jeff threw his knife onto the bed, just to see that Liu rolled onto the ground and into the hallway. He went downstarirs, just to find his parent’s dead. He ran outside to get to his friend Jane Everlasting’s place.
“Jane!” He said, panting and knocking on the door. Jane opened the door, surprisingly awake.
“Yeah?” Jane asked
“Jeff’s gone CRAZY! He’s trying to kill me!”
“Nonsense!” She spoke too soon. A pair of hands grabbed her, and Liu was confused.
“What the…?” He looked up, just to find that Jeff was there, and suddenly gone. Liu ran, just to find that Jane had already been damaged. Her aburn hair had turned black, her pale skin whiter, and her lips very very black.
“Jane…?” Liu said. Jeff had ran away, leaving Jane alone. Liu cared for Jane for months, and on the third months, Jane was okay, and eventually went to find her family. They were stabbed, so she went to her best friend’s house, but they weren’t alone.
“We never finished our game, peanut butter.” Jeff said, walking up to his brother and Jane’s friend. They were killed, and Jane wanted revenge. It was payback time for her body, her friends, and her family. Jeff had escaped, and Jane just had to wait…

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