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Just A Kids Game

It all happened just 3 weeks ago. I had received my copy of Pokemon Fire Red from Gamefly! It had taken an entire week to get here, but here it is, my own Pokemon game!

Of course, I had to get my Gameboy Advance back from my friend, Shawn. I drove over to his place and rang the bell, and in a matter of seconds, there he was.

“Hey, Jake!” He said in that cracky voice of his. We had known each other since 2nd grade when he asked to cheat off my paper.

“I came for my Gameboy,” I said. He is an extreme hacker, like the one you would find making a game for BEN. He asked if he could borrow it so that when I got Fire Red, he would have something special for me. I said thanks and left.

When I returned, I didn’t hesitate, I popped Fire Red into the Gameboy and started it up. I expected a wave of nostalgia. Apparently, Shawn had already made a save file called “kids only” and IN figured because he said that Pokemon was a kids game.

So I said what the heck and chose the file and IN expected something good. The file loaded up and then I was sent right into a battle with elite four member Lorelli, and god was she a challenge.

My team consisted of a Charizard, a Moltres, a Magmar, a Pidgey, and 2 Vulpix. In the end, I won with just my Pidgey left, who had won with a lucky quick attack.

I was dreading the last 3 elites because who wouldn’t if they had one singular Pidgey left in their party? But instead of going to the next elite member, I was sent to the record room, which is where you go once you defeat the champion.

Gary pulled out what looked to be a note and handed it to me. It read “Hello, Jake! I’m here to tell you to stop pretending to have a friend! I don’t know why you pretend to have friends, I mean you talk to yourself all the time, why?” signed, Gary.

What the hell did it mean? Gary then told me that Shawn was dead and that he died in 2nd grade after he killed himself after a kid wouldn’t let him cheat off of his paper.

I turned off the game and drove over to Shawn’s house. I rung the bell but instead of Shawn, it was a little girl who looked about 7 years old. I asked where Shawn was and she said, “Who?”

Then a woman came up to the door and said that Shawn was her best friend until I killed him. It’s not just a kids game after all.

Credit: unknown

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Brian’s Banal Belvedere:

I like this story. I really do. But, who is Gary? How was he involved in this? Why did he all of a sudden give Jake a note instead of telling him directly? Were they in class together at the time or something? It seems maybe a paragraph or two are missing from this short. This had some potential.

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