Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland 2

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Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland 2


This is based off of the Kirby series and Sonic.exe. This is not based on any real events, only fiction.

David came back from a long day from school and ran up to his room. David was a short, 13 year old, brown hair blue eyed Kirby fan.

David went over to his desk to do homework and found a game he had never seen before titled “Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland 2”. He picked it up and saw writing on the back. “David, come join us in a game, play with me.”

Must be his friends playing a joke, maybe his mom bought it for him. Strangely enough, if Nintendo released a new game, why was it for GameBoy? Whatever, he wanted to play.

He put the game in and turned on his GameBoy Advance. It didn’t have an intro, it went straight to the title screen.

Kirby looked different… He was covered in blood, his mouth was stitched close, his eyes were gouged out and bleeding. The background was black with blood dripping down it. Red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and brown puffballs (Kirbys) were running away from him terrified, waddle dee and scarfy parts covered the ground.

David had a chill down his spine but continued to ‘new game’ he pressed yes and it brought him to a bloody doom of a stage select. There was fire in the background with the creatures of dreamland burnt to a bloody crisp.

The level ‘1’ was written on a floating wall like someone carved it in. So were the other numbers. David entered the door to find screaming.

David played as Meta Knight. He was in the woods walking around, leaves crunching beneath his feet. It was dark and there was a faint laughing in the background behind the demonic music.

There wasn’t anything other than Meta Knight, trees, leaves, and darkness. Meta Knight then saw the puffballs from the title stitched together and hung from a tree. Half a red body half a blue, blood leaking from the gouged eyes, a purple arm on the left, brown on the right, yellow foot on the left and a green foot on the right. The laughing grew louder as he walked farther.

A blood trail began, Meta Knight stopped to examine it. He pulled out his sword. Meta Knight followed it, he walked up to Kirby from behind, as far as he could see there was nothing wrong with Kirby.

Kirby turned around, Meta Knight saw the demonic puffball and started running, but a Waddle Dee also covered in blood with glowing red eyes came from ahead. He was trapped, nowhere to run or hide. The two came close to Meta Knight and the screen went black.

David was stunned, Kirby and a Waddle Dee got Meta Knight, but what happened? He was placed with Bandana Waddle Dee who was in front of the ‘1’ door.

The background still a bloody firey mess. It had been blocked by 2 x 4’s and nailed shut with chains. He went to level ‘2’. He opened the door. When it opened it was Meta Knight’s dead body held by Kirby blocked the door.

Bandana Waddle Dee ran over to the ‘3’ door, it was locked, so was the ‘4’ door and ‘5’ and lastly ‘6’ Text popped up with a timer “Let’s see if he can beat Meta’s record of life!” David’s eyes were wide along with Bandana Waddle Dee. The longest anyone could last was 10 seconds, after that Kirby caught him.

David was getting the chills. The only character left was King Dedede.

Dedede was sitting in his thrown while Dreamland was being destroyed by an evil, demonic Kirby. The king looked out the window, there were murdered creatures everywhere.

Suddenly the door broke open, Kirby was wearing Bandana’s skin and Meta Knight’s scratched and destroyed mask. Dedede grabbed his hammer. Kirby used Meta Knight’s sword. Dedede was too much of a coward to swing, Kirby walked right up to him and the screen fuzzed out.

A picture appeared of Kirby saying, “I will find you,” and the GameBoy shut off.

David put the GameBoy down. Then he heard the same laughing from the game…

Credit To: Nintendo


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