Lost Mario Kart DSI Cartridge

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The wierd thing about this pasta… Is that it’s true. All of the following really happened. So without boring you too much, let’s begin.

“strange” That was the word in my head as I saw a blank DSI cartridge laying on the bathroom floor at school. Had some kid dropped it? did they leave it there on purpose just to get rid of it (for whatever reason)? I didn’t care much at all. I just started thinking “where is the sticker at?” Then I started thinking “should I give it tho the principal?” I decided I should keep it, and on the way home I thought “what game would it be?” But I couldn’t find out for a long time, because I had lost my DSI. After a few weeks of no DSI, well, guess what I found? That’s right, my DSI. I plugged in the cartridge and got ready to find out what game it was. All I got was a loud shriek of noise. I quickly turned off the DSI and then took out the cartridge. I examined the back where the metal things are (I didn’t know what they were called) and knoticed they were quite dirty. So I cleaned the back end and plugged it back in. And I got Mario Kart. I was glad to see what it was because I loved Mario Kart and I only got to play with my friend when he brought his DSI over. I started playing and chose grand prix. When I got to the character selection screen, the robot character was unlocked. So I chose him and began playing. I immediately noticed something strange. The map went on straight and the background was all white. The race started and we went on for a while. I noticed another thing. The Mario Kart theme was being played backwards and it sounded as if there were a person singing with that music. Then the screen began to fade. It got darker and darker until it was pitch black. Then the game came back. It was way different now. It had a background and a road. It looked like a remake of rainbow road with a normal road and an evening background. There were finally some mystery boxes and a challenge. I got one of the boxes and was shocked by the appearance. I got a red turtle shell, but instead of a shell, it was a severed head. It looked like the head of yoshi. I activated it and a trail of blood followed as the head slid across the road and hit the one in front of me, wario. He fell off of his kart and cried in pain. I wanted to turn off the DSI but for whatever reason it wouldn’t turn off. Then the most horrific thing happened. The screen turned black and a small movement came on the touch pad of the DSI. I looked at it and saw a strange figure. The touch pad was white. What I saw looked like a silhouette of Mario. Some text appeared below him stating some Chinese stating “我們可以看到你” I was confused and frightened. The DSI shut off and never came back on. I tried to charge it but it was no use. I looked up the words on google translate and what I got was a simple phrase witch read “We can see you”

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