Mario: A Christmas Not Special

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Mario: A Christmas Not Special


Today was finally here the Christmas special for the New super Mario world game for the Dsi you get the all-new character if you go on today that character is Dun also instead of coins you collect Candy canes so I got on and went on via special gift and got dun he looked weird and always had glasses on he has a shirt on with red stains on them and he had a candy cane with him.

So I entered the first Christmas special world and weirdly enough there was Dun standing right there not moving at all but looking up in horror he was uncontrollable at the moment as a giant thwomp came down he grabbed his cane and flew up and cut it in half causing the thwomp to come in half and crash into the ground.

I watch as he is finally controllable again so I start walking then running when I come to a halt as he looks over to see Mario holding up a sign impossible to read so Dun continues through the level when a Koopa came out I was expecting the regular Koopa but no this one had had his shell gone half his head so he jumped and tried squishing him over and over that only made more blood come out so he throws it and standing right there it hits Mario in the face with a THUMP!

I look at Dun who is laughing as Mario falls over knocked out cold a screen appears saying the First level cleared then a text box pops up and its Mario with one eye hanging out his nose all puffed up and blood running out it and some of his teeth out he says, “Watch out this is a fal-” that’s all he says before Dun comes on screen and puts a bag on Mario and shoves him off-screen and says, “Don’t listen to him he’s some old 25-year-old plumber who has been dying over and over as you try to beat worlds.”

I still look in horror as Dun looks at me full eyed his eyes were almost bloodshot so I tried to shut my DSI off but a text box appeared it was Dun again, “Eh eh not till you beat the Christmas special,” then I hear a “HAHAHA” then the screen cuts off and the second world appears it’s called “Luigi’s turn”.

I enter the world as I see a cross with Luigi there weeping as I see “Mario” written on it and his life’s year on it (sorry forgot when it started) so Dun enters the world uncontrollably again so I watch as he says, “Time to play a Christmas game its called KILL LUIGI!”

Luigi gets up terrified and starts running still uncontrollable he runs after him sprinting getting closer as he is faster. Closer and closer and closer I cant watch when a spike pit comes in front of Luigi with platforms with his high jumping ability he starts jumping and jumping as dun too does almost there he throws his can but there is a goomba that holds a sign it was Mario’s  and it held the one warning I had to look at it said: “Watch out Dun is a fake.”

I look as the candy cane flies striking Luigi’s chest the candy canes are stained with blood as Luigi cringes and wines Dun slides over since there is ice and says “any last words” he says I look away it all makes sense.

The new character, the first event, the killing, the candy cane, Nintendo wasn’t trying to make an event it was trying to restart MARIO! as Luigi dies by Dun the level ends as I cleared again. My game boy shuts off with one last text box, “Watch out in 2014 when Dun makes his first Mario game” and then Dun appears “don’t worry Mario and Luigi are just fine but you probably won’t see them often then in small text it says or ever,” he evil laughs as it shuts off.

If anyone is reading this please try and get Nintendo to get them back Dun is out there waiting for Bowser and Peach and everyone else signed The boy who misses original Mario.


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Brian’s Banal Belvedere:

On behalf of Mario, Nintendo, and Christmas, CrappyPasta apologizes for posting this story today. Oh yes. Luigi too. But Luigi rarely gets any love so…ya.

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