Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

You hear voices on the ceiling, laughter, screams, swears… you don’t know what it is…

It echoes in your mind, doesn’t allow you to sleep. It makes you wonder, “Is there a god? How could anyone ever make such noises?”

You’re afraid you freeze up, you hide beneath your blanket, shacking… and then … the monster gets nearer…


A very loud thumb passes with each passing step as if the entire armies of hell have gathered in every step.

And then,  you feel the touch of the red monster, he gently touches your head, as if to taste you with his arms as if to feel the feeling of your still-living flesh, and while he does that, you can’t do anything but pray,

“Please don’t eat me”

And then, to your horror, the monster slowly gets nearer and whispers…

“HO HO HO Merry Christmas”

And then, very quickly leaves something for you to remember him by, and leaves…

You tell it to your parents, and they just smile at you gently and laugh…

But you have proof for them, the monster left something, a gift wrapped in purple and white…

You wrap it off, as proof of the happening… and then you see not what you have expected, not a skull not a dead weasel…

But a gun… with a cap in it…

You wonder to yourself… is this some kind of warning, some kind of sign?

Intuitively, you keep the gun beside you each day, you do not dare to use it though… no …

not until he comes back…

Credit To: Matt Neputin


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Brian’s Banal Belvedere:

Beware of the Thumb, Thumb, Thumb! Always. 😉

Other than this “minor” spelling error this flash short is not bad. I like it.

Then we get to the gun. I know for sure that when a possible evil person thing is coming for me I shall prepare myself with a cap gun. Popping a cap in its @$$ probably won’t help me as much as the author intended though.

There are two great lessons found in this story. One is if you are going to emphasize a word or phrase by capitalizing them you might want to double-check to make sure the word or words are exactly what you want them to be.

The second lesson is if the story is going to be short, the words must be impactful. They must pack a punch. Some phrases are great. “It echoes in your mind, doesn’t allow you to sleep.”

Others, not so much. Was he really expecting a skull or a dead weasel as a present? A dead weasel?? Are those common gifts in your neck of the woods? Have you ever received one? I am at a loss here folks.

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