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I used to live in a village in a wooded area. My new neighbour Ms P is quit an odd woman, mostly in her cottage at the end of the village and doing stuff like reading old books and making new potions. Some people think she is an innocent alchemist. But for others they think she was a witch, and some mean people think she’s wicked as well. But as for me I don’t think she is any of that. I think she is just a woman doing something that she likes.
She would sometimes go to the market and people seem to keep away from her because of what they think of her. Sometimes when she has too many stuff to carry, I rush over to help her out. And the few times I have she seemed to be a nice person. I do notice though that she wears black clothing almost every day as well. After a few years living with her, things start to happen. Vegetables go rotten and people grow sick when they eat the meet from the farm nearby. And worse still, there have been reports of people withering away during a few days.
Everyone blamed it on Ms P so they got the sheriff and moved to the house but by the time they got in she was gone. It was a few days since she went missing and I got worried. But soon. During a night walk I found her. She was sitting by a pond and she was crying quietly. I walked up to her, and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and stared at me in tears, and then she stood up. Then I noticed something she was much taller than she was a few days ago. I then realised her neck was very long and thin, her eyes were once green now they were red. Her skin was now as pail as a vampire’s. When she started to talk I noticed that she had sharp teeth. “I won’t be able hide much longer before the men of the town find me.” She said “w-what happened to you” I said scared as ever. “I’ve just used potions to show my true form, what, don’t you like it”. “In a way, yes, but your neck…” “Oh that, don’t worry about that, that’s just a feature”. “Before I go I wanted you to have this.” Ms P handed me a package and walked away. I opened it, and there was a letter, it said
“Hi James sorry I couldn’t stay. But the people in the town hate me. And what they say about me is true. Yes I am a witch and a murderer but you seemed to be the only person in the town I could trust so could you finish the job for me? If you can have these to help you out. I will come back when you have finished off every single person in the town. Ms Pencil Neck.”
When I read the name Ms Pencil Neck. That is what got me. The name fit perfectly for she had a very long neck. Also in the package there was a voodoo doll and a spell book. I wasn’t sure if I should do as she said or not, but there is no way in heck that I will finish a revenge of someone I thought was nice but is a horrible killer of magic.
I waited for her for 10 years. Then came the night she came back. I was walking through the night again. And I found her in the same place but she was stood up and staring at me in an angry expression. I walked up to again and she said. You didn’t do as I say! Now you will regret it! She held out one hand and in the hand came a ball of flame.
I ran. I ran at the speed that I would if I were being chased by a demon. I look behind me while running and see that she was firing heat beams at me she blasted one at my direction. But I ducked. The beam flew straight over me and hit one of the houses as it burst into flames, it was my house. The people were awoken by the sound of flames and they all rushed out to see what was happening they could see me running and Ms Pencil Neck firing heat beams in my direction setting fire to the village. The people were horrified; they all ran from the village. I ran through the forest until I came into a clearing. I looked behind me and saw Ms P still chasing me soon I came to a very high wall I tried to climb it and I was able to crawl up slowly when I get to the top, the last thing I see is Ms P staring at me. Then she fired a beam.
She watched my corpses burn and then walked away in to the distance.

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