New Year’s

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New Year’s

You are such silly people.

Have you ever thought of why you celebrate New Year’s? Perhaps to welcome in a new year. Perhaps as an excuse to just celebrate something. You might be celebrating New Year’s because everyone else is, and you would seem odd if you didn’t.

Well, you can go ahead and think that, because I’m not saying you are wrong. But think of it this way: someone always dies on New Year’s, somehow, somewhere in the world.

So as you cheer and watch the ball drop on television, you are also laughing and praising the death of the people who died. In fact, if you are celebrating all the events of the year, you are also praising every evil, putrid and appalling thing that happened that year at the same time.

“Oh, how I loved celebrating 2001. Oh, what wonderful a year it was, with the Twin Towers being destroyed and all those innocent people dying!”

What are you celebrating this New Year’s or the next New Year’s? Think about it. Think very hard.

“Such a spectacular year it was, with both my parents dying in a car accident and my brother contracting cancer!”

Just like your birthday, you are also cheering on getting one year closer to death. Celebrating those around you getting older and closer to their dooms.

So think about it this year. Or next year, if it ever comes, and try to ignore this advisory, or scoff at its ‘ridiculousness.’

But deep down in the very back of your mind, you will think about it. And a very small part of you will know it’s true.
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