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See I always found scary games amusing to play or watch others play… I guess you could say it was fun. I particularly liked the Slender kind of games, where you would have an objective whilst trying to avoid some sort of person or creature. I actually found them fun to play… that was until I came across one game that.. kind of spooked me a bit.. Do any of you remember that childhood show called the Tellytubbies? It was about 4 colored teddy bear kind of characters who lived inside a little hill. Everyday they would try something new and learn something. I actually was really into that show and I collected videos and dolls of them. It was one of my favorite shows as a little child. But now I kind of wish I didn’t know about the show…

The game I’m talking about, called SlendyTubbies, is a very similar game to Slender, but the worse part about it for me is that the creator took one of my favorite childhood shows and turned it into a scary first person indie game. Once you start running the game, you start off on the main menu, which shows various images of for example, the Tellytubbie home but it was burning, and Tinkywinky was stood in the entrance.. just standing there. Then another image of the youngest of the four, Po, being hung from a tree… he was covered in blood and it looked so disturbing.. You press play and it gives you 3 options: Scary, Scarier or Scariest. Each one is equal to Day, Dusk or Night. Personally I wouldn’t have gone for night considering it says scariest above it, but still I chose that option thinking I would have got the best experience from the game.

You start in the woods, your character is a white Tellytubbie, but there wasn’t actually a white one in the TV series. You carry a flashlight and a map showing where everything is. The map is pretty useless as it doesn’t actually show where you are. The only thing it points out the most is the starting point which has a big red X. There are different locations including a cave, a river and the actual Tellytubbie house itself. You start to wander around. The objective is to find 10 bowls of Tubby Custard, which is one of the things the actual Tellytubbies like to eat. Think though, your in dark woods, being followed by something and all your doing is trying to find bowls of custard.. not really something I’d consider doing in real life…

Anyway as you start to wander around it becomes surprisingly to locate the custard. They’re kind of just sitting on the ground in different places. But wait. You’re not alone, remember? This is suppose to be a happy joyful magical kind of land where 4 happy creatures learn and play. But no. This isn’t what you would have pictured Tellytubbie land to be. On a couple of occasions pictures of the Tellytubbies would pop up. But they were dead, torn apart, covered in blood..or their eyes ripped out. Sometimes when you find some custard you would find Po hanging from a tree with a rope around his neck or Dipsy laying dead on the floor covered in blood and his eyes torn out. It looked so sad.

You start to get terrified, not knowing whats gonna come out of the woods and attack you. You carry on walking and eventually start to hear a hoover kind of noise. You start to get curious then because the Tellytubbies actually had a pet hoover in the series. You get worried so you try to find somewhere to hide and you find the Tellytubbie house! You feel so relieved but then you remember.. this is the HOME of the Tellytubbies and you start to fear what could be inside. You get too curious so you look inside hoping to find a Tubby Custard. You walk in the door to see Lala on the floor decapitated and also covered in blood. The game starts to get really tense.. You grab the custard but then you spot the Tellytubbie pet: Noo-noo which is a small hoover like creature. You stare at him just whizzing round in circles and you feel a bit happier to see him because he looked completely normal and not covered in blood with no eyes or something like that. As you exit the house you suddenly realize: there’s one Tellytubbie left of the four: Tinkywinky. You remember from the pictures at the main menu that he wasn’t dead. He was standing, as if he was alive. You start to worry but carry on walking, searching for the custards. Again, pictures of dead Tellytubbies pop up, and another which sends a chill down your spine. It was Tinkywinky with a face like a demon. His face was pale and he had no eyes. His mouth was wide open as if he was screaming. You ignore it and carry on.

Now things get really scary for you. you manage to collect 9/10 Tubby Custards and you start shaking, sweating. You have been searching for so long but no sign of any Custards are to be seen. You look at your map and decide to head to the cave. After walking and walking you finally arrive. You enter the cave and suddenly realize you had already been there. You were in a corner, and you don’t wanna turn around in case something is stood there ready to tear you apart. You get over the fear and turn, but you regret it… Stood in front of you, screaming, is Tinkywinky with his demon like face and now sprinting towards you. You’re trapped. The screaming continues and Tinkywinky wont stop. Suddenly.. you’re dead. A message pops up: A player has been caught. At last the game is over and you can say you attempted it. 9/10. Not bad to be honest. But it doesn’t end here.

See what makes the game scarier is you probably watched the popular TV show as a child. Four cute and cuddly creatures turned into scary monsters. You probably wont wanna show your kids this game. You go to sleep.

Next morning, you wake up and your son asks for his breakfast and you make it. Then he asks if you can switch the TV to Cebeebies, his favorite channel. You say OK and turn it on. But then you start to shiver as you hear those words: It’s time for the Tellytubbies!…

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