The Mario 64 Destruction.

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Once upon a time there was a teen who really wanted to buy a “Mario 64” for his Nintendo 64 he was so desperate to buy it at any state. The teen found a copy that was hacked, but he didn’t, because you know, he wanted to play! Once he got home and to his game room, he notice that there was a little bloodstain or red tint on the case, he cared and opened the case that had the written in black marker saying, “Warning: This game isn’t what it seems to be!”He washed the marker off and started to play.
Once the sreen popped up he notice that Mario had a bloody face with part of his skin torn off, his bones were showing and everytime the teen touched his face, more and of his skin torn off and Mario almost showed only his skull. The teen stop pressed start and showed files to play in, he picked one and after Mario came out of the pipe Peach’s castle was on fire, organs were on the tower, lots of blood was shown, and dead toads wre around the castle. The teen was a bit grossed out, but proceeded. The Lakitu that usually appears on the beggining said to Mario, ” Bowser has made  gruesome scenes inside and out, you see and we need your help!” The teen got the key and entered the castle, the teen saw more dead toads, but little or no blood was shown, the teen went to the first level and saw doupplegangers of Bowser all over the course, once all the Bowsers saw they would literally try and kill Mario and a scene of gore would appear and the Bowsers finished, Mario appears as a skeleton with bloodstains. The teen tryed the level again and more Bowsers appeared! The place had a dark sky, black leafed trees, and the game tryed to show is one of Bowser’s darkest sides. On the good side, the teen passed the level, but each level Bowser as the boss, Bowser as little, Bowser on everything and everywhere!
The teen got to the final level without resting and The Bowsers were much bigger, more powerful, and with same sensation of killing their powerful rival, Mario. This was much any other level had dangerous trap, a few toads dead on the ground, and the Bowsers were chasing Mario, Which was in fact annoying! The deeper you go into the level difficult it gets which also means that I lost many by killing Mario in gruesome scenes. The teen manage to go to place he fights of Bowser in, the confusing thing is, “which Bowser to kill to get the key?” That’s why this is the hardest part in the game, so intense, so complicted, but he gave up! He killed the bowser he was looking and got the key, a little cutscene was shown, about the castle and everything else back to normal. The princess appeared and  said to Mario, ” If it wasn’t for you the world might of gotten inti chaos!” The princess gave Mario a kiss and the game crashed!
The teen thought it crashed, because it was completed, the game is over! The teen hated the game, because of it brutalty, gore, and many other things. The teen threw and burned the disc and had a very normal live!


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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it’s because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it’s because of the “incident” at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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