The Modifyers: Why it Didn’t Air Episode 3

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Three days later we went back to get some more info from our guy. We are choosing not to release his name for he still works with nickelodeon. He told us to prepare because what we are about to see is very demonic and gruesome. He also mentioned how the first time he and his  storyboard team actually threw up, which I thought was weird for they made the story. Could this just be a practical joke or was it an actual mishap made by the devil himself to show that he is here and he is willing to kill?

The screen fades into a scene with Agent Xero tied up and there is a problem with her disguises because she keeps changing between Lacey Shadows and Xero. Finally Rat comes along and slaps her making her stop. She goes back to her normal form but she looks badly beaten and is hanging on to her life by a thread. Rat whispers, “You better prepare because Red Mist is coming.” That kinda scared me because well know about the Red Mist and Squidwards Suicide so it had me wondering is Red Mist a chemical or something paranormal causing extreme depression to the point of suicide and was this going to happen to Agent Xero? As we continued watching more and more questions pop in head. We get to the point where our guy says prepare.

Agent Xero is beaten as she was before and here comes the Red Mist in again, so now i’m excited about what is going to happen. As it wraps around her it lifts her up off the ground and tears the ropes and throws her across the room. The Dark figure mentioned before that we believe as the Devil appears chanting and growling a toned chant. He walks over to her and picks her up bringing her head to the level where it gets cut off by the screen like his.She is squirming around trying to get free and all of sudden she stops and falls limp. The confusing part is there wasn’t any screaming or sound just video. As the supposed Devil drops her she falls down with a Jeff the Killer Mask/Face. This really is sparking a lot of questions. I continue watching and they brutally mutilated her body in such a horrible manner I’d much rather not go into details and put her in the spread eagle stance and break her ribs and pull them back to make it look like she has wings.

Going through the episode over and over looking for messages in the background or anything these questions came to mind:  Is the figure the Devil. Is Red Mist a chemical or paranormal state that cause depression and suicidal thoughts? Is the show based around Nazis, Ghosts, Devils, The Illuminati? Why were they trying to air this?

This is the second long entry that we had found involving this peculiar string of information revolving around the missing writers of this story.
Credit To – Zachery Shaw and Todd Fritz of APA

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