Three New Year’s Resolutions

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Three New Year’s Resolutions

Every 4 years, on the New Years Day at the beginning of a leap year, exists a void that only some of the most daring people accept as a challenge.

Here, is what you need to do.

Wait until the next New Years Day that happens to fall on a leap year. Around 3:30 am, close yourself inside a darkened room with a mirror or a window. Either will do.

Stare directly into the eyes of your own reflection and don’t avert your gaze. At precisely 3:33 am, you will notice all color in your eyes darken into a black, and you will feel an intense chill run slowly up your spine.

As you feel the chill reach your head, take a deep breath, close your eyes tight and count to three, three times. You may as well count to nine.

As you open your eyes again, the normal color will have returned, but out of the corner of your eyes, you will notice a tall, black, shadowy figure standing a few feet behind you. Keep staring into your own eyes, however, and do NOT look away.

Do not look away from the reflection, do not look directly at the figure, and do not turn behind you. This is one of your inner demons, and if you look away from yourself, it will attack you, either taking your life or causing eternal misfortune.

If you succeed in staying put, the figure will ask you 3 questions. Its voice will sound like a low, flat, emotionless grumble.

It will ask you for your full name, the most exciting thing that you did in the past year, and finally, it will ask you 3 things that you would like to happen in the new year.

With each question asked, the figure will come closer and closer to you, but you must not move. By the end of the last question, it will be so close to you that you can feel it’s breath on the back of your neck.

It will chant, “All is well,” in Finnish, trace a pattern down your spine, and you will see your eyes blacken and feel another chill as the demon disappears back into your body.

From the New Year forward, you will have great fortune, powers mysterious to others, and the 3 things you mentioned earlier will fall into place. You will follow a life of glory, and all will be well.

However, a couple of tables will turn. You will still have your powers and good fortunes and all, but in three to nine years’ time, the chill will return but never happen again.

Every picture you take, you will see the shadowy figure. Every reflection you look at, you will see it too. It will follow you forever, and as you think it through, your eyes will forever be blackened.

And you will become one of them too.

Credit To – Lola Turkeli-Bischof

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