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This begins where I and my friends go hunting through the thick forest. We didn’t find much but a medium-sized deer, which would have lasted us for dinner.

After we got the deer we went to our cabin to eat. After we ate we went to sleep, during the middle of the nighttime we heard a loud screeching noise.

We got up and got our rifles and waited for a second, the screeching was getting closer and closer each second. After about a minute we saw a tall white figure. My friend Reggie tried to kill it while I and my other friend Bill hid from him.

He picked up my friend by the neck and squeezed it so tight that his head came off. He went away and we ran back inside and we didn’t know what to do.

About an hour later we heard the screech again and this time we stayed inside. Bill hid under the bed and I hid the under the sink.

The door busted off its hinges and went into the other room. He found Bill and did the same thing to Reggie. I got on my four-wheeler and drove off, for what seemed like many hours. I never could find a way out of the woods.

I heard the screech once again and the figure was chasing me, I was shooting him with my rifle while trying to drive. All of a sudden the figure tripped and fell on a large branch sticking through the ground.

I kept driving and driving until the four-wheeler ran out of gas. I never found my way out of the woods. A hear the screech right in front of me and I see him.

My face turned red with anger and I said, “Come get me you fucker!” as he grabbed my neck I try to kick his arm which I couldn’t do and I feel the pressure of my head and my body pulling apart.

My last words were “Forgive me.”

Credit: unknown

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