Trust Me (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)

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Trust Me (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)

Don’t trust it!

If whoever reads goes through what I had to witness, please, don’t trust it.

Please. Trust me, not it!

If I need to prove to you that you need to trust me, I guess I will start from the beginning.

My name is Conner.  I can’t tell you my last name.

I just can’t.

Sorry if this lowers your trust, but keep reading!

Ever since I was young, at least 6, I had an unexplained desire to play video games.

I think the reason was because of my father. He used to play computer games a lot, and I would walk in on him playing them sometimes.

Eventually, I started to gain interest in the games he was playing.

I’ll be honest; the games were very violent.

Some were Call of Duty, Far Cry, Star Wars Battlefront and Brothers in Arms.

My father was a good man, and he taught me at a young age to never repeat anything I see or hear in these games. And I never did.

But eventually, work got to him more, and he stopped playing them. So I started to play video games alone.

Which wasn’t that bad at the time.

But soon, my young mind grew bored with the limited games I had.

Then, one day, I went to my good friend’ s house, and he and his brother were playing the new game at the time, Kingdom Hearts.

I was almost immediately hitched on the game. And as the year passed, I grew fond of the entire series.

I had every game there was to offer at the time of, let’s say, three months ago — even the Final Mix.

When Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep came out years ago, I begged my parents to get me it.

Finally, I broke them, and they got me the game. I completed it in a month.

Getting to levels as high as 80 on all three character stories.

If you are not familiar with the game, you can play as three characters, Ventus, Terra, and Aqua. All of whom are best friends. You go around different Disney related worlds to defeat goofy looking enemies called unversed, which are only known in this one game.

The game provided me with a clear understanding of the series’ story.

The years after I beat the game had passed, and I had finished all of the sequels when they came out. But, there was a day, four months ago, when my friend, the one who had shown me the Kingdom Hearts game in the first place, told me that he heard there was a secret world in Birth by Sleep that was never released with the game but was still somewhere deep down in the coding of it.

Note: I’m in my Junior year of High School right now. I have A’s in most of my classes, and I am friends with many people. And yes, I still love the child’s game, Kingdom Hearts.

The world was based on the movie, The Jungle Book, my friend told me it was filled with enemies, characters, and their own story.

He then told me that only hackers or certain game developers could unlock it in the game. I had no idea how to hack a game, and I never wanted to learn.

I was sad about not being able to play this secret world. But since I was such a hardcore Kingdom Hearts fan, I didn’t give up on trying to find someone who could help me.

  • I should have stopped when I had the chance.
  • I would have saved my mind and those lives!
  • I would have been saved from those horrible images that will never leave me.

But alas! I found someone.

His name was Scott.

He was an old bully to me, but by high school, he wasn’t that bad.

I knew he was good at hacking computers. He even hacked into school computers to watch porn more than once. 🙂

So I asked him if he could hack my game.

He thought about it and eventually said yes. He said he would have it ready to play by Monday. It was Wednesday.

By Friday, I was worried he was going to break the game, so I asked Scott how he was doing with it.

He told me that he is almost done with it. And it is going well.

But he also said there was some coding that he had never seen before.

He told me that the coding doesn’t make sense and shouldn’t work with the game.

He thinks those codes are the reason why a particular world wasn’t released.

I thought the company just ran out of time or money. By Sunday, I had high hopes that this world was going to be amazing, and I would brag about it to my friends all the time. But at about 9 PM, Scott called me and asked me what the hell was my problem?

I told him I had no idea what he was talking about.

He said that the world I wanted to play was not going to be part of the real story at all.

He then offered to destroy my P.S.P.

I told him to calm down, and I asked him what he was talking about.

He said just laughed and told me he would give me the game tomorrow and never talk to or look at him again. I was stunned.

From all the times I talked to him, I’ve never heard his voice have so much…terror.

The next day at school, he gave me the P.S.P back, and I asked him, “Did you play the game?”

He just stared at me. He then jerked me forward, like he was hugging me, and whispered in my ear, “Don’t trust it.”

Now it is time for the real story to begin.

I hope that you can trust me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you still didn’t. But even if you still don’t trust me, please, I beg of you, DONT. TRUST. IT.

If you can’t handle what you are about to read, STOP. Just trust me.

When I got home from school, I immediately went to my room and turned on the game. I was still thinking about what Scott said. But I was too excited to play the game, so I assumed he was trying to play a joke on me.

I was wrong. I was so freaking wrong!

I got to the title screen of the game and thought about what character I was going to play as first. I chose Terra because he was the lowest level character in my saved files.

The loading screen came on, and soon, I was on the world map. I started to fly around to find the removed world.

I couldn’t find anything.

I then thought Scott was bullshitting me, so I called him. He didn’t answer. I tried again, and he still didn’t pick up.

So I texted him, asking him where the world was and if he was lying to me. He never answered me back.

An hour later, I had no hope that he was ever going to answer me back, so I just started to fly around again.

I checked each world, looking all around to see if there was any extra door.

I flew around the edges of the world map to see if there was any breach in the barriers that kept me inside the actual game.

I found nothing. I went to Aqua’s story and did the same thing. I found nothing.

But then I went to Ventus’s story and there it was.

The Jungle Book world was in plain sight in the middle of the map.

I was confused as to why it wasn’t in the two other characters’ world maps since they all have the same worlds to go to.

I realized something was wrong when I went up to look at the world stats. Instead of the name saying something that had to do with the Jungle Book, all it said was “Trust” I was still on the idea that Scott had just messed with the coding himself.

I entered the world and waited to see what was inside.

I was hoping Scott didn’t mess anything else up in the coding.

The loading screen was different. It was just a dark, blank screen. No little heart turning to show you that it is loading.

After waiting for 2 minutes, I thought that the game had frozen up. But I didn’t want to turn the game off just in case it was loading. So I put my P.S.P aside and started on some homework.

Biology was my worst subject.

“Question #16: What are the four bases in a D.N.A strand?”

I had no idea what the answer was. I gave up and went to look at my P.S.P.

I was in the world. I was confused. I turned the game volume up too high, so I would have heard the usual music start playing when you enter a world. But there was no audio.

There also wasn’t an opening cut scene either.

I started to walk around the jungle a bit to see if I could trigger a cut scene.

Nothing happened.

There were no enemies to fight either.

Now I thought my friend was lying to me about this world. There were no enemies, characters, or even a finished sky.

It was just a white sky with nothing in it.

I walked through a door to another area of the world. It was a little river with giant flowers on it.

I was meant to jump on the flowers to get to the other side. I jumped on the first flower, and Ventus stopped moving.

Suddenly he stood up straight, and his keyblade burst into flames, and he screamed as his hands became flames just as his keyblade did.

I was back in control of Ventus, and I did the first thing I could think of. I jumped into the river.

The fire did go out, but it left Ventus crying. I had never heard him cry before.

And then I realized, this is the only audio I can hear in the game right now.

I didn’t know what to do, so I tried jumping on the flowers again. But when I got on the flowers, I was pushed off by some force I couldn’t see.

After the fifth try at the flowers, I gave up and started to swim back to the shore where I began.

As I started swimming, my P.S.P started to vibrate.

It was only little taps at first. A couple of seconds of nothing separating each vibrate. But then they became more prolonged vibrations. And the flowers behind Ventus started to move.

I didn’t know what was going on, so I kept swimming towards the shore. I should have been at the shore by now. But when I looked back, the shore was as far away as it had been when I first got in the water.

I turned around again to see if the flowers were still moving. But the way they were moving made it seem like something was pushing them aside.

  • Something was trying to get to me.
  • Something I couldn’t see.

I turned back towards the shore and tried to make Ventus swim faster. He was still crying.

As he got closer to the shore, the vibrations were so long I thought my P.S.P was going to break in half. And Ventus crying grew louder every stroke he took.

“A little bit closer, a little bit closer.”- I was thinking.

The shore was literally two strokes away when the screen went black again. The vibrations stopped too. But Ventus’s crying changed to screaming.

Horrible, heart-wrenching scream.

Like he was witnessing his organs being torn out of his body. I just sat there.

I was shocked at what I was hearing. Ventus wouldn’t stop screaming.

Soon I became aggravated and screamed at the game to shut up! The moment I said that Ventus stopped crying.

The game screen turned on again, but this time I was in a room. Like the inside of a temple. Behind bars.

I was in some temple dungeon cell. Ventus’ keyblade was still gone, and his hands still seemed burned.

When I pressed the start button to open the title screen, all that came up was the pause screen as if you are in a battle. But I wasn’t fighting any unversed. The pause screen also has a little hint on it.

It said, “Trust me, and you will escape this nightmare.”

It was almost midnight by now, and I had grown tired and a little scared.

I tried to shut the game off, but the power switch didn’t seem to work. There was still no audio, so I decided to put the P.S.P face down and get some sleep.

I needed to talk to Scott about what I had just played even if I had to force him to speak to me.

I woke up the next morning normally. My alarm clock went off at 6:00 a.m. I got out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, and had breakfast.

I still had time to waste before the school bus came. So I decided to check on the game. As I was walking to my room, I realized that the battery should be dead by now.

I was surprised when I turned the screen back over, and the game was still on. I checked the battery level, and it said it was completely dead.

This didn’t make any sense to me.

I un-paused the game, and I walked around the cell I was in. The game was playing entirely normally. Like it had a fully charged battery.

By now I had no time left because my bus was outside my house. I still couldn’t turn the game off, so I just put it down and ran out to my bus.

While I was running, I could have sworn that I heard Ventus start to cry again while the game was paused.

I didn’t think about it too much. I needed to think about what I was going to say to Scott.

By the time I got to school, I knew what to say to him. I would accuse him of messing up my game and force him to make it normal again.

I thought of threats too. To make sure he would fix it. I didn’t see him at first. I thought he was trying to avoid me. But it didn’t matter. I would be able to see him 2nd period, Gym class.

I could confront him there. But alas! 2nd period came and went, and he wasn’t there.

I had to assume he was absent now.

I asked some of his friends if they knew where he was, by they told me they haven’t seen or talked to him since yesterday in school.

I decided to go to his house after school. I was determined to get answers out of him.

So the minute school ended, I skipped the bus and walked to his house. When I got there, he had two cars in his driveway, so someone had to be home.

I rang his doorbell. No answer.

I rang it again and again. But no one came to answer.

I started to knock and yelled, “I know you’re home, Scott! Answer the door!”

But still no answer. Out of anger, I decided to try the doorknob.

It was unlocked.

I hesitated at the offer of going into the house unwelcomed, but I decided to go in and stand close to the door and ask if anyone was home again.

When I entered the house, I was slammed with a horrible stench that is still unexplainable to me.

When I looked around, the walls were covered in red, and the stench forced me to wrap my nose and mouth. I was horrified.

When I finally looked down, I couldn’t even hold my lunch or breakfast inside me.

There, lying on the ground, were three bloody bodies. All of which were sliced up and almost indescribable.

The bodies were of Scott, his mother, and father.

His parents were in positions that no normal human could be able to get into. Scott, he was on his knees, bent back, looking at the ceiling with his mouth open. Both his wrists were cut, and a knife was inserted into his neck.

It looked like he did this himself. I couldn’t stay in that house anymore.

I scanned the room one more time and ran out. I’m not sure since the lights were turned off, but I thought I saw the word “trust” carved on both of Scott’s arms.

I ran home.

I was trying to take in what I just saw.

I couldn’t believe it.

I still don’t want to believe it.

I called 911 and told them there was a murder. What else was I to say?

I couldn’t find any clues to know what exactly happened. After I called the police, I had to process what had happened.

So I went to my room. I thought about what Scott said to me the day before.

When he said, “Don’t trust it.”

It was something with the game. But what I witnessed in the game didn’t destroy my mind and hardly scared me.

The next day, word got out around school that Scott was dead. Details were not known.

The police interrogated me, but what I said didn’t help them that much.

I left out the last thing he said to me. They wouldn’t believe a child’s game could have caused this.

I couldn’t tell anyone what he aid to me.

When I was finally able to go home, my parents wanted to talk to me about what I saw. I lied to them and said I was okay.

I had to get back to the game. It was the only way I could figure out what happened to Scott. I had to. I owed it to him for getting the world that had made him do what he did.

I went to my room, checked the game, which I wasn’t surprised to see it was still on the pause screen with the hint still there. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for what was to come. But I wasn’t prepared! I should have stopped.


But alas! I played. I started walking around the cell I was in. There was no audio again.

The cell wasn’t even that big of a room — just bars on one side and a small closed window on the other.

I couldn’t find any way to escape. But I knew there was something that I needed to do in this room. After what seemed like hours of just walking around the cell, I heard footsteps.

I stopped moving, and I heard breathing. But it was like wheezing more than breathing.

The footsteps were getting louder. But the angle Ventus was in didn’t allow me to look outside the cell.  Finally, the footsteps stopped, and the cell door opened.

I lost control of Ventus, and he ran to the back corner of the room and stared into the wall. I was annoyed because I couldn’t do anything. None of the buttons worked.

Then I heard a female voice, “Come on, Ven, we need to get out of here!”

It was Aqua’s voice.

Ventus turned around and started to cry again. But it was happy crying.

I finally got control of Ventus again, and I ran towards Aqua. She looked horrible. Her clothes were ripped, and she had blood and scratches all over her.

No Kingdom Hearts game ever showed real blood. Some of her perfectly blue hair were ripped out, and her eyes were completely white.

She started to run to the left, and I followed. There was no mini-map, so I didn’t know how long it was until I got to another door to a different area.

But the texture looked wrong. I have never seen this room in The Jungle Book movie. And it looked like each cell was the same as mine. Just repeated copies of the same cell.

All of them had their doors open. About after 5 minutes of running, Ventus said to Aqua, “Where’s Terra?”

She responded by saying, “Down here. Trust me”

When she said that, I stopped Ventus. After a few more steps, she also stopped and turned around.

Then she just started repeatedly saying, “Trust me.” Over and over again, in the same voice.

I didn’t know what to do.

Scott told me not to “trust it” But she wasn’t an “it.”

She was a girl. So after some hesitation, I started following her again — a couple more minutes passed with just the two of us running.

Nothing changed.

It was getting late again, and I thought about putting the P.S.P down. The moment I tried to set it down, Aqua screamed.

It was the type of scream you would hear in a horror movie when the killer is chasing a girl.

We both stopped running. Aqua started crying and saying, “You can trust me. Just trust me, Ven. Trust me, Conner.”

I couldn’t speak. The game had said my name.

I thought I was hearing things until Aqua spoke again. “Don’t be surprised, Conner. Don’t be scared. We have been watching you throughout our years together. We want you with us, Conner. Please. Don’t run, don’t resist. Trust me, Conner.”

I was stunned; I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t apprehend what I was hearing. This was impossible!

Even if Scott messed with the coding, he couldn’t do this!

I couldn’t trust her. I tried to make Ventus run. He wouldn’t move again. He was crying again.

Aqua was laughing and crying at the same time. I couldn’t move from where I sat. Everything felt like it stopped.

  • The audio of the game.
  • The sound of my heartbeat.
  • The wind outside.
  • Everything felt like it froze.

Then someone else started to cry. I looked around my room.

The crying wasn’t coming from the game. It was coming from me. I couldn’t stop.

I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know what to do until Aqua made a heart-wrenching scream as Ventus did on the river with flowers. I looked at the screen again to see a keyblade pierce through Aqua’s heart.

The blood squirted out of her and onto the screen. She kept screaming until the keyblade flew up and sliced her head in half.

She fell to the floor with a horrible thud. Blood flowing out of her wounds like jets.

This blood didn’t look animated either.

It was real.

It started to leak out of my device.

All Ventus did was stare at Aqua’s twitching body as the form that ended her life came into view. It was Terra. His eyes were black and bleeding.

He looked like a savage animal wanting to kill just for the fun of it. He was now staring at me.

Not Aqua, not Ventus, but ME!

His non-blinking eyes were staring into my soul. He lunged at Ventus, but his gaze did not leave my eyes. I still wasn’t in control of Ventus, but he jumped out of the way just as Terra’s blade hit the earth.

Terra kept trying to kill Ventus, but Ventus was too fast for him. Eventually, Terra made a misstep, and Ventus elbowed him in the nose.

Terra dropped his Keyblade and fell to the ground by Aqua. Ventus grabbed Terra’s keyblade and lunged at Terra with all his might.

He sliced through Terra’s heart. He kept slicing up Terra until he was almost indescribable.

Ventus just stood there for what seemed like an eternity.

I couldn’t move or even stare in another direction. I was in horrible shock at what I had just witnessed.

But finally, Ventus moved. He went over to the two dead clumps of meat that were his best friends. He got on his knees, used the keyblade to slice the words, trust onto both his arms, looked up to the ceiling, and said, “Trust me Conner” as he slid the keyblade through his throat, gurgling the word, “trust,” as he slowly died.

The screen turned black. And my P.S.P turned off. The position that Terra, Aqua, and Ventus were in were the EXACT same positions as I had found Scott and his parents.

It was at least an hour until I was able to move again. When I looked up, I almost wanted to die.

Right there, in front of my bed, were my parents on the ground in the exact same position as Scott’s parents and Terra and Aqua.

They were almost indescribable. And there I was. On my knees with a kitchen knife carving the words trust onto my arms.

It felt like a dream. I stared at myself. Whatever it was that was supposed to be me stared back. And it said the words “Trust me.” I blacked out.

When I awoke, I was kneeling on the ground with both my hands holding a knife about to stab it through my neck. I quickly dropped the knife.

I looked around the room and realized that what I was dreaming was real. My only two parents were dead and cut up in front of me.

“What have I done?” was all I could think and say.

Then I started to scream just as Ventus and Aqua had. A heart-wrenching scream that could probably be heard throughout the neighborhood.

I wanted to die. I wanted to leave behind the horrible crime I just committed.

But alas! I kept myself alive. I ran away and had been living on my own for the past three months. The police thought I had murdered my parents.

I couldn’t leave this world without someone knowing my story.  So I write to you this, my dear reader, so that you may know not to trust it. Because if I did, well, I’d probably be dead by now.

Don’t come looking for me because, by the time you read this, I will be dead.

“Trust me.”

Credit To – James Hoban

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