Tulpas: One Experience

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Look I don’t know whats happening to me right now but I need help. If anyone out there can tell me how to get rid of this horrid thing please explain to me how I do this. I was experimenting with tulpas, it sounds stupid I know imaginary friends for adults, but I couldn’t help myself when I made her she was just empty thought I that was made in complete boredom.  I looked up a way to make a tulpa for myself because I was curious, and I came across a website that was well buiy step of the way of lt and it made sense every detail so vivid. So I made every detail about her was to a T, I made a girl in hopes of controlling my own thoughts. I was horribly mistaken.
She was tall, had blonde hair, blue eyes, mole on the side of her cheek and an hourglass shape body. She wore a blue dress and I called her Tiffany. I don’t know why she seemed so real after what seemed like a dumb joke turned bad.
I could swear if I turned my head I would see her sitting next to me. I would turn my head but see nothing. It started feeling ominous in my room, and as I was sitting on my bed I couldn’t help but look in the mirror, regardless of my closet mirrors. I was looking in the mirror and I didn’t see myself, it sounds crazy but I wasn’t looking at me in the mirror. I saw someone sitting behind me. A girl.
I turned my head, but nothing was there. I blurted out for what seemed like no apparent reason; “Who’s there?” and I know what I heard is true and from what I know I’m not crazy, I don’t imagine shit that comes in my head for no reason.
I heard this voice and I am still haunted by it, but there was something else disturbing about the imaginary friend I created. She had black hair black eyes just a face no body but it seemed like she was bleed profusely but I don’t know where from. If I try thinking about her now I just see black she just disappeared from my memories I mean I remember what she used to look like before she went all fucked up but it’s not detailed enough it’s just a vague dream or memory or whatever the hell happened to me.
Now in my house I turn my back for only one second and I hear more voices. Ominous, brooding, hateful I’ve heard things like, “Kill me” and “Stop” and negative spiteful things. I’m having recurring nightmares of me waking up for no reason in sweat. I hate it if anyone can tell me how to get rid of a tulpa for good please for god sake I feel like I’m being watched as I write this I need someone to help me.

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it’s because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it’s because of the “incident” at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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