Why Your Money Geek is Perfect for Geek Culture, Zombie & Sci-Fi Fans

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The Perfect Place for Money Nerds, Geek Culture Junkies, & Sci-Fi Fans

Like it or not the world of personal finance is boring. Dealing with budgets and crunching numbers isn’t much fun. At times it can be as horrifying as a horde of Zombies trying to catch you and eat your flesh one piece at a time…while you are still alive! 

It can also be as complicated as the computations calculated by the navicomputer on the Millennium Falcon which allowed Han Solo to pilot “the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.” On a Star Wars side note, of course, we all know that a parsec is a unit of distance, not a unit of time.

Handling our personal finances can be just as difficult. We probably understand the basics, but there is sure to be one term or calculation, or a dozen, that we might not understand completely. Your Money Geek can help with that.


What The Z Are You Doing?

Several of my Z Nation, Zombies and Horror friends have asked, and I am sure many others have wondered, why have I teamed up with Michael from personal finance? “Aren’t you the Zombie Z Nation Freak? Why are you tweeting and retweeting about personal finances and money stuff?”

At first, I started to because Michael is a fan of Z Nation. He suggested I write a blog about Z Nation to try to encourage others to start watching the show. So, I did. The blog post did fairly well. I enjoyed writing it, and I think the blog attracted a few new Z Nation fans. Or at least it didn’t scare any current fans away…that I know of.

Then I started to learn more about what Michael was doing and what his motivation was. It honestly has inspired me.


Your Money Geek

Michael is different folks. First, there is his blogger name. What legitimate financial blogger wants to have “Geek” in the name? Not many, if any at all. But Michael does. The truth is, personal finance stuff can be as dry as a year old Zombie in Arizona. Michael does his best, and rather successfully in my opinion, to interject real-life humor and Geek Culture nuggets into his writing.

Michael blogs about personal finance stuff to not only help himself but to sincerely help others. And he makes it fun.

Just as he was mentored when he started out, Michael assists, supports and mentors other new financial bloggers. He is doing the same for me. I don’t have any intentions of becoming a full-time money blogger. Ick!! lol  I will contribute one from time to time though.

Easy Peasy

Blogging looks easy, but it is not. I am a very slow writer and I do many rewrites trying to put my thoughts into the right words to convey exactly what I want to share. While doing that I am also relearning, or learning for the first time, all the grammar rules I was taught (read this as ignored) in high school and college. My blogs certainly prove that this is a work in progress,


Prolific Prose

In contrast, Michael has cranked out over 200 blogs throughout one year. 200 blogs! That is more than one every other day. I struggle to do one a week that I feel is worthy of posting and being read. Over 200 blogs in one year indicates that Michael is dedicated and are a sign of his commitment to educate others about their personal finances..

Variety Is In The Spice And The Spice Must Flow

In the blogs at YourMoneyGeek.com, you will find references to Dune, Star Wars, Star Trek, Zombie shows, science fiction and many other geek culture references. Michael also does interviews with actors, directors, producers, writers and others focusing on the reasons for their success and what advice they are willing to share.


Dirty, Evil Money

We all have to deal with the evil that is called money. We work for it, spend it, pay taxes on it, save it and squander it. Why not spend 5-10 minutes a day reading an interesting blog while also learning how to handle your money better? Afterward, you can read some of the Geek stuff which I and others contribute to his platform under the Geek category.


Give Geek a Chance

So, now you know a little about why I chose this path. Try reading some of the blogs. Keep an open mind. I guarantee you will learn something. And you can also Geek out with us.


A Goodbye for Now, Hopefully Not Forever

I am using my recently acquired “WordPress author” superpowers to post this without Michael reading it first. Yes, I am a Rebel! If this is my last blog for Your Money Geek because of this, at least it has been fun! But, I am fairly certain he will keep me around for a while. Right Michael? Right?!?!


Either way, this is BrianZFandom hitting you up with some blogging reading advice while I continue to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

Don’t forget to watch all five seasons of Z Nation on Netflix.

You can follow me on Twitter: BrianZFandom 

Thank you, Brian, this post was an unexpected and pleasant surprise! 

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it’s because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it’s because of the “incident” at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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