10 Uncommon Side Hustles To Make Money (2020)

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[Vider id=20 ]hey so in this video I’m gonna show you 10 different side hustles that you can get started with in 2019 to make some extra cash and this isn’t going to be that typical video that you see people talking about swag bucks and online surveys and babysitting for extra money those are all very common strategies for making extra money and doing those side hustles but I think you’re gonna find some value in this video you’re not gonna hear of some of these ever and anywhere else because I probably only myself was doing some of these when I was younger but they were great ways to make an extra hundred dollars a day or more in some cases for some of these different strategies so if you’re new here to the channel make sure you drop a like subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already we help people make more money save more money and build a better financial future for themselves and we’re not selling online courses here this is totally free information so let’s just get into it now the first one is something that I was doing when I was younger 15 and 16 and that is by painting homes this is especially great in the summer months or the warmer months but I found that a lot of people don’t want to get up on a ladder even if it’s a small ladder painting the interior of their home they want to paint a room their bedroom and if they’re getting older 45 50 60 maybe 45 is not that old but either way a lot of people don’t want to get up on ladders or stand up on the roof and paint their homes so they’re willing to pay people to do it you can take advantage of that do this on the weekends do this as a side hustle I was getting a lot of people through my church who I would paint their homes for them the inside of her homes and make a decent amount of money the way to do this you just charge upfront for the cost of the paint and then charge them an hourly rate on top of that so I was charging $20 an hour for myself to do this you can set your own rate I would not shortchange yourself make sure you set it at a decent rate a lot of people are willing to pay for this service the next one is for people who maybe don’t want to get some hands-on they want to do something from their home and you could consider helping people creating resumes now this is especially profitable in college campuses on college campuses you can post your advertisements to those college bulletins you see outside of classrooms and out outside of common areas but if you think about the investment behind this a lot of people are going to pay 50 or $100 or more for somebody to help them create a resume there’s a lot of terrible resumes out there so imagine if you could somebody $50 and they could critique your resume help you build your resume and that resume can then land you an $80,000 a year job give me a great investment for a lot of college kids and plus a lot of college kids they’ll just get their parents to pay for it because I guess that’s what happens so you can make a decent amount of money from this by helping people create those resumes critiquing those resumes you can advertise it to those college campuses or on Craigslist I see some advertisements for that on Craigslist or even through something like up work or Fiverr but it’s a great way to make some money by just working on your on your computer so the next one is something that the concept behind it I want you to remember this concept it’s pretty basic but if you can apply this to your everyday life and use this everyday when you’re buying different products you’re gonna find that it can actually make you a lot of money and that’s by simply buying bulk buying wholesale and then selling retail now let me give you a great example this when I was in probably sixth or seventh grade I was a very strange kid but I would buy a hundred pounds of these World foreign coins and then I would split them up into one or two pound packages and sell them on eBay and make a profit on them and I was making at least four $5 profit per package that I was selling that I was basically just buying something bulk and then splitting it up in and selling it retail right this this is what Walmart does this is what the grocery store does they’ll buy things on pallets and then split them up and sell them individual for larger amounts of money so when you add up those it adds up to a lot more and you get a nice profit on it so think about what you’re buying in your life maybe you bought something on Amazon today maybe you bought something on eBay today right think about how much that costs and then run the numbers and see how much would it cost you to buy a hundred of those how much would it cost you to buy a thousand of those and how much money could you make if you were selling those sometimes you’ll run these numbers and find that maybe it’s not that profitable but other times you’ll find that you can make a lot of money maybe 40 50 % margins profit margins on some of these products they can sell on eBay or Amazon and I love selling on eBay or Amazon because what’s great about them is that they already or a search engine in themselves so if you have a product and you want to sell it and you create your own website you have to get people to come to your website it’s hard to do that especially ranking on Google is very difficult to do that to get people to come to your website but if you post a product to eBay people can just search within eBay and it’ll get found and you know if the market that product nearly as much as you would have to do otherwise with something like Shopify drop shipping can be a lot more difficult if you have your own website you’ve to drive traffic to it and run ads for it but that’s one that I did when I was younger and it worked out quite well for myself right so number seven is to take advantage of tourism now when I say take advantage I’m not saying exploit people like selling them a bottle of water for eight dollars like they did at Woodstock 99 we’re talking about finding large groups of people and then seeing what it is that they won so let me give you some examples of this last week I was at a Penn State spring football game right and there’s about forty fifty thousand people plus tailgating outside of the stadium and there’s there’s just kid probably ten eleven years old with candy bar selling for two dollars per candy bar with a massive jug of money like a at least a few hundred dollars and he’s just raking in the cash from all these people I bought like three or four candy bars but he was seeing that look a lot of people are hungry he can make a lot of money off of this now the legalities of this you want to be careful you don’t want to do something that you’re not allowed to do if you’re not allowed to sell something in that particular area you probably shouldn’t but you want to find large crowds of people and see what they want if it’s really hot out and people are on the beach and they want some ice cream it just works out perfectly if you’re selling ice cream so fine when people want if it’s super cold out and you’re selling really warm hats you can make a lot of money off that supply and demand large crowds of people but like I said make sure that you’re allowed to do it in your municipality or your city you don’t want to be doing something that’s not allowed so be careful on that make sure you’re doing only legal things now another one that I want bring to your attention here is something you could do while laying in bed right or lying in bed and and it’s it can be a little bit more difficult to build up over time but once you build this up I know people who are making 5,000 10,000 dollars or more per month by doing this and that’s by running your own Instagram niche pages right so I’ll give you some examples here Ryan Scribner has a page is at least over a quarter million followers now it’s called investing simple and he makes I don’t know the exact numbers on it and I probably shouldn’t tell you the exact numbers anyway if I did but he’s making at least a couple thousand dollars per month from this Instagram page by selling products to people I know some other people who have pages that they started back in September that have over 50 60 70 thousand followers on Instagram and what’s great about this is that really having influence can almost directly correlate with making money it really can because if you have a lot of eyes on something like your Instagram page you can find ways to sell them different products you can find ways to make money through affiliate marketing I don’t really sell products on this channel I don’t have any online courses that I sell but but you know building an audience can really help make money in the future maybe that’s farther down the road but it’s something that takes patience but if you can really be patient about it and build that following up over a long time you can find yourself making some nice cash on the side as a side hustle you can be taking a dump and posting on Instagram for your Instagram page and doing quite well now the next one it’s it’s not online surveys but it is of taking part in research studies especially through something like your local university now I used to do this in college my freshman year of college take part in some of these studies and sometimes you’ll find yourself doing some very strange things like drinking cranberry juice for three weeks while they take your blood pressure or something weird like that not that I did that one I did but I I would also get paid five dollars to eat burgers and I basically get a free lunch and get five dollars from the food science department at Penn State so if you can find a local university great one to look for you don’t want to be careful on how much of a like a lab rat you become you don’t want to be like taking all these weird pills that they might be paying you to take be careful on that make sure you can draw the line in the sand I wasn’t taking weird pills but some people do do some of those more clinical research studies that you can get paid thousands of dollars for but you might end up with some serious side effects so be careful with that only do the ones that you’re comfortable with doing but like I said universities are a great way to do this look at your local universities website somewhere there should be a tab somewhere if the research university that will have these opportunities and some of them you can get paid a few hundred dollars even a few thousand dollars to take part in some of these research studies so not online surveys online surveys you’re gonna make like 42 cents a day don’t waste your time with that so this next one is not so much of a side hustle but more so of a job but I still find it to be important to put on this list and that is by becoming a bartender now especially if you’re good-looking if you’re attractive just become a bartender you’re gonna make a lot of money by doing this I friends who will do this over the summer between years in college at the beach Jersey Shore and make a lot of money couple hundred dollars per night on the really peak nights by bartending it’s not something you just walk into you’re going to have to build up and kind of work your way up to become a bartender but once you do that you can make a nice amount of money by doing something that maybe the hours aren’t perfect but it could be part-time I know people who do it part-time or it could be a full-time job as well I don’t want to downplay it it’s not really easy but once you get into it you can build up that skill and make money off of it okay now the next one is by creating healthy dog treats or or treats for different types of pets people spend a lot of money on their animals especially maybe if they don’t have kids and maybe they’re dogs or they’re kids in a lot of ways that they kind of think of it so they end up spending a lot of money on them they’ve like pet insurance and they’re willing to buy like organic food gluten free food for the pets and whatnot and spending thousands of dollars on their pet which for good reason you know dogs are man’s best friend right so people pay a lot of money for it and there’s a way to tap into this market by selling us specific dog treats to people and you can make a pretty decent amount of money from this selling these kind of expensive treats to people just look into this and there’s some different blog posts on this on some people who started these different companies tapping into the pet industry and the dog industry especially for people who are willing to pay a lot of money for their pets but you could bake dog treats literally in your kitchen and then sell them to your local pet stores and then maybe start selling them online maybe build an Instagram page maybe start to market them online and build your brand that way and I think it’s just a great opportunity that I want to throw out there the pet industry as a whole look into it and think about some ways you can make money off of it so the next one is one that you’ve I’m sure never heard of before I was quite strange when I was younger and in in my middle school year of like seventh-grade or whatnot I started to sell mealworms and the reason why I’m putting us on this list is not telling you to go out and start like breeding worms and selling them because it was quite strange but the idea here goes back to what I mentioned earlier which is if you can find something that people are paying money for that’s not really an industry that’s very well tapped into because maybe it’s just strange like selling mealworms to people who have like pet lizards and like iguanas and whatnot that eat those types of worms but I would have thousands of them and I would kind of like take out a scooper pick up a bunch of worms put them in a box and ship them out that I was selling them on eBay and a couple of other websites and like I said it was quite strange but sometimes you need to think about those ones that nobody else thinks about like I know somebody who has a mushroom farm in his basement and he’s selling them to tons of local restaurants but you would never think about that because you don’t see that on these blog posts and these different lists of side hustles and ways to make money you don’t see those types of things like selling worms or having a mushroom farm in your basement you don’t see those and so if you can think outside of the box and find an industry that and how many people are in those are the ones you can make a nice amount of money as a side hustle from if you’re going with the basics and going with the ones that everybody’s trying to do it could be a little bit more flooded a little bit more difficult to start making money in those specific areas and the last one is for a lot of younger maybe teenagers out there but it’s it’s becoming a golf caddy now what’s great about this is that you can make $40 $50 per bag carry two bags and walk away with well over $100 after a day of spending it out on the golf course with golfers networking and making money in the meantime great for the summer I know summers coming up really excited for a warm weather especially in the Northeast so cold all winter long so finally it’s gonna be warm golf caddying look into it I think it’s a great option for a lot of younger people a lot of teenagers I get some DMS on Instagram if you’re not following me on Instagram follow me on Instagram right there or something or a link down below I don’t know but a lot of people are dealing me asking like how can I make money I’m 15 I’m looking for some ways to make money think about becoming a golf caddy go to your local golf course your local Country Club especially you can find big tippers sometimes they’re not always big tippers but in some cases they are and you can make like I said forty fifty dollars per bag depending on where you live or maybe even more by helping people carry bags as a golf caddy so if you found value in this video make sure you drop a like subscribe to the channel if you’re not subscribed yet and you’re not the end of this video I don’t know why but thank you for watching this video and I’ll see everybody next time see ya