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[Vider id=53 ]making money on YouTube is not what you think most RV YouTube stars are broke and in this video we’re gonna share our secret to having our first $12,000 month on YouTube welcome back to the RV Odd Couple my name is John and I’m Mercedes we are be pursuing freedom independence and adventure cuz life is so short guys it is and in this video we are going to talk about making money on YouTube a topic that not enough people are forthcoming about since we started our YouTube channel a little over a year ago we have shared all of it with you the good the bad in the ugly we have a lot of members of the RV odd squad who lived this lifestyle and are looking for ways to make additional income on the road right well in this video we’re gonna share about how we had our first $12,000 month we’re gonna share with you our 10k blueprint against warnings from our consultant saying don’t give away your secrets but as always Mercedes and I am believing giving more than you take and we believe that the more people we help the mall will be lifted up yeah and if you’re one of those people that you’re like oh I definitely don’t want to do a YouTube channel you should still stick around to find out how these youtubers are really getting paid because it’s not what you think yeah most youtubers are freaking broke and believe us we see them we meet them all the time yeah their YouTube stars and yes they can be recognized out in the road but they’re not making money on YouTube and one of the things that blows us away is why more of them don’t share the truth about this and how to make money because it just like everything else it will help people know the truth and help them also to make an educated decision on whether they want to do this or not so before we get to the breakdown let’s talk a little bit about what the twelve thousand dollars really cost right because everything in this life cost there is no such thing as a free lunch alright and it was pretty much blood sweat and tears we put in 7080 hours a week to be able to keep up with our growth on YouTube so when we started our YouTube channel a little bit over a year ago when we first jumped in we thought to ourselves how hard can this be right shoot some videos posted on YouTube and these other youtubers must be making a kick right we were wrong this has been the harvest work that Mercedes and I have ever done in our life we cannot count how many times we have stayed up until 4:00 in the morning editing a video that was going to be published at nine o’clock the next morning exactly and remember we had to learn a whole new skill set I mean Joey Sadie’s was a banker so we need to learn about video about audio about editing about lighting about shooting all of it so many things and when you first start anything that learning curve is gonna be rough we had our learning curve cut in half and we still had our tail end handed to us all right so could you imagine if we had started this not knowing yeah eventually you’ll figure it out right but it’ll take so much longer and by that time will we still be doing this because the reality is this is too much work to do it just because like if we were retired or independently wealthy I don’t know that we would be posting once a week and that we would be doing this Mercedes and I saw the value in creating that shortcut by hiring professionals to show us what to do the others big sacrifice that we made when our YouTube channel took office because we didn’t realize it was gonna be this much work was we sacrificed the RVing experience right so we didn’t get to see all the things that we would have liked to have seen now we have accepted that trade-off and we still now are kind of finding that balance remember we’re only a year into the skies I mean so we’re still learning how to find that work-life balance when our being we are getting better at it but it certainly was a big cost to our RVing adventure yeah there were plenty of times we were in gorgeous places and we would have loved to have spend hours on end in those gorgeous places but we had to limit our time because we had to work exactly so just know guys if you’re gonna start a YouTube channel while you are Vita it’s a great way to make a little bit of extra money even possibly a lot of money just remember that it’s not easy don’t let anybody tell you this that it’s easy there’s no silver bullet there’s no magic bullet now the $12,000 did not all come from one stream of income and this is before tax this is before the expenses the business expenses software this is our gross income but it’s interesting to know like the park that we’re the biggest are not necessarily where you think would make the most money so let’s start off with merch this was by far our status cat in that month we made $10 right which was maybe one or two shorts or some stickers we’re not exactly sure but there’s only about maybe 15 to 22 percent markup depending on you know what people purchase and a lot of people think that when you sell a twenty dollar shirt that you’re making $18 because the shirt only costs $2 to make it’s actually the opposite the next category is free product and we did pretty good that month three thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars in free products and one of the coolest things about becoming an YouTube influencer is a lot of companies offer you free products and in this case it was an e-bike but not all that glitters is gold okay this bike is a freaking nightmare you guys it broke we couldn’t get it fixed they try to help us fix it but I’m not a bike mechanic so I couldn’t put a new engine in all the wires were fried then they come back and they threatened that they were gonna be sue us if we didn’t do a video when we said okay yeah we’ll do a video tell them how cruddy it was how much it broke and then they were trying to convince us that if we would just sell bikes we can make $300 to sell each one of these bikes the RB odd squad why in the hell would we ever want to sell the RB on squad a product that doesn’t work to make the whole bike Fiasco worse it the tandem bicycle and it didn’t fold so we have this like 12 foot thing it was wider than the back of the RV 12 foot from the front toe the front tire to the back tire and I had to do all this stuff with all these straps to get this thing to move we end up carrying it around with us for 1500 miles and it weighed almost 200 pounds so it was a nightmare guys yeah so we learned that lesson the hard way that turns into the next income stream which is affiliate marketing now in affiliate commissions we earned four thousand four hundred and sixty dollars that month and that was really good no affiliate marketing was our best source of revenue you know we sold a lot of burpees we sold a lot of thousand trails memberships we sold a lot of different things but we would never sell products that we don’t believe in so some affiliate relationships are good some not so good some have integrity some don’t some don’t like to pay even though you should get credits for it but affiliate marketing was hands-down the biggest portion of our income in that month and for the whole year and I think the biggest thing that makes me mad about affiliate marketing is those people that are affiliates for things that they don’t own themselves right how do you create relationship and community and trust by doing that right YouTube and Adsense is probably one of the most misunderstood streams of income you see so many people think that you make $1.00 per subscriber or $1.00 per like couldn’t be further from the truth you make money on YouTube by getting views it’s all about the views guys and the percentage that you get is very very small so our YouTube income actually accounted for I think about twenty five percent of our revenue revenue in the first year but it’s not that much you will never get rich on Adsense with YouTube one of the biggest lies people think when theirs a YouTube channel is that they’re gonna make tons of money on the Adsense that all they have to do is just get monetized get those commercials and they’ll be millionaires the reality is very different not in a good example of this is our best video last year which is coming up near 900,000 views has made us around $3,700 yeah and just to give you an idea guys do the math do the math so our total YouTube was thirty five hundred twenty six dollars so of that thirty five hundred dollars seven hundred of it came from our classes and this is probably the most exciting part it was a lot of work for seventy dollars but we knew we were investing in the future so one of the things that Mercedes and I noticed since we jumped in this lifestyle a lot of families sell everything and they jump into the RV lifestyle with this idea that they’re gonna make a lot of money on YouTube and nothing could be further from the truth we have seen firsthand families devastated there’s nothing worse than hitting the road full-time our being in thinking or having to make your monthly not every single month that is not the way it’ll try to live this lifestyle and the fact is very few actually accomplish anything on YouTube it’s really sad but these families they sell they’re appreciating asset the house for the depreciating offset the RV and then they think oh I’ll just make a video about my kids going to Disney and I’ll right off Disney and it’ll be great and millions of people will watch it but they’re going at it all wrong because nobody knows your kids and they don’t really care about your family vacation and so one of the things that we want to do is like get the right information out there so that people don’t put their family in harm’s way because it really sad when you see a family that has to stop our beam because they can’t afford to travel anymore and around six months and Mercedes and I started building our 10k blueprint and now we have actually created a class that helps other youtubers build their channel the same way that we did in that 10k blueprint we’re putting it out to the public now we’re actually gonna leave a link below this video that’s gonna show you exactly what we use on every single video that we do now we took about 15 people six months ago out of those 15 people four of them actually took our system use it implemented it inconsistently posted videos every single one of those people that have done that are now monetized and having fantastic growth we’re really really proud of that so the system that we put together we know works a hundred percent of the time if you work it but it’s not easy one of the really cool things about what we’re doing is that those that actually take the course and learn the blueprint and the system are going to be our affiliates so they can help coach others teach them the blueprint but they can also make money doing this because we know how hard it is make money online we have gone in with the attitude and so should anyone else looking to get into a YouTube channel a bringing value of helping other people to go in with that attitude the rest takes care of itself guys we have one consultant says don’t do that don’t share your best stuff and but they don’t understand Mercedes and I we believe that if we help other people God will take care of us that’s it that’s how it works we think that’s the biggest reason our Channel has had great success this year we had an idea six months ago that we were gonna build a community that we craved right the community that we weren’t getting when we reached out to other bigger youtubers to help us understand what was going on and how you know we were asking for help and we weren’t yet that’s big chip on our shoulder and we decided at that point we were gonna start our own community we’re gonna teach people what we had learned from the consultants that we had paid and so the link below is gonna take you to a free video that gives you an outline of the whole blueprint if this is something that’s up your alley if you’re interested in more great sign up for the course if not enjoy the free training I like it some people are curious you want more information maybe that video is a good starting point in your process of like should I start a YouTube channel or should I not start to eat right and take that video guys our 10k blueprint and watch that video 50 times if you have yeah I really wanna think yeah and if you apply that to every video that you make we promise you’re gonna have results why because all of our students who have applied the 10k blueprint have had incredible success all of them are monetized now but it’s not gonna work for you if you don’t work it so if you don’t have the time or you don’t have the money don’t buy it we know this class is gonna fill up super super fast we have been so blessed in our first year of starting our our YouTube channel we are a very very – small portion of people who actually make quite a bit of money doing YouTube if you’re interested in joining our class we’d love to have you or only taking 20 people because we know that that’s what we can handle with the time we have available we have a four year old and we still do RV odd couple so we’re pretty confident we can take 20 people and get them to where they need to be if they won’t want to do the work go ahead and study the blueprint this is the what we use in every single video that we do and we know that if you apply it to your videos it’s gonna work don’t take our word for it hear from some of our students they’ll share with you their experiences what they like from the course what some of their concerns were and ultimately the results that they got ya because remember guys we only collaborate now with our students do you struggle with the success of your YouTube channel boy do we have the answer for you so norm tell me what brings you to counselling today well doc I started a YouTube channel awhile back and I just don’t know how to go about attracting viewers oh that’s frustrating it is I feel I have a colleague the RV odd couple they’re going to be able to help you I’m writing your prescription two times a week for six weeks and then you come back and visit me Oh Thank You doc norm I’m glad to see you back for your follow-up visit tell me how things have been going well doc I followed your prescription exactly I’ve been meeting with the RV odd couple for twice a week for the last six weeks and the results have been amazing I can’t believe it it is our subscriptions are up or followers are up or we get tons of comments and I’m just really having a great time interacting with our viewers that is wonderful is except that John keeps texting me at all hours of the night telling me I’m not responding to the comments fast enough I feel oh my hi and welcome back I’m normal and I’m Tim and we’re living our dream to discover new adventures because tomorrow is never promised so we’re living for today and we just wanted to take a minute and thank John Mercedes of the RV odd couple thanks Mercedes and John you have been so much helps they both have and they’re Oh bliss program that we’ve been a part of their blueprint that they have shared with us on how to succeed with a YouTube channel and the steps that they’ve learned and that they’ve now shared with us and other youtubers we just wanted to thank them and share with you then it works yep sure with you a little bit of our success so we’ve been with them watch her couple of months month to month step and we started out with them at about five hundred subscribers and now we’re at what almost twenty two hundred which is fantastic we’ve caught more than quadrupled in two months by following their blueprint and we just want to give a testimonial that it works it works you know I had just a tiny bit of concern when we were first starting because I didn’t want to be the RV Odd Couple wannabes look like copycats right I mean they had such wonderful information to share with us but I was concerned because I want to be us and let them be them and we’re finding that by following the blueprint we can be us and as we move forward on producing more videos will become more and more exactly who we are but the blueprint works if you take the blueprint and implement it it works it does it does and we just have to give a shout out and a thank you we love you guys yep we really do and all of the time we spent lots of time on the phone sending there our work to them they would tweak us if you’re going to go with them you have to be prepared for honesty they don’t but it’s kind is it’s it’s constructive criticism they’re never mean but it’s spot-on right one thing you’re gonna hear is your viewers do not care about you and that is a hard lesson to learn and it took us a while but a little bit I think we’re finally starting to grasp that and it’s true so long story short as Mercedes would say thank you so much and give it a try yeah thanks guys so if you like this video you’re really gonna love the next video that you produce using this blueprint I’m Liz amazing and I just want to thank Mercedes and John of the RV Odd Couple for being so generous by sharing how they grew their YouTube channel and sharing the secrets as to how I could grow my channel when I first started the obelus group that they were offering my channel was just two weeks old I had by 23 subscribers and I thought how am I gonna get to a hundred let alone a thousand subscribers well they really broke it down they offered so many tools and so many resources one of the things they helped me decide is what is my niche how can I target my viewers and how can I give my viewers value that that was number one to really serve the viewer another tool that they gave me was the ten thousand dollar blueprint this is an outline that helps me structure every video is really a success plan for organizing a video that will attract viewers and keep them tuned in all the way through the video and I really love the Oh bliss Facebook page this is a private group where I can post a video before I publish it to get critiques not just from Mercedes and John but other people in the group this has been invaluable I cannot tell you how many times I’ve revamp the video just because of some very very important advice it may be a little tweaking or it may have been a lot of tweaking but it really helped improve my video and really helped me up my game and then finally I absolutely love how Mercedes and John stress that if you want to make money on YouTube by gosh you have to work it like a job you have to work it like a business and that means being serious about it being consistent putting the time in I actually track how many hours I work every single week to make sure that I am putting in the time that I need and being serious about it and that also means publishing videos on a consistent regular basis I put out a video every week so thank you again Mercedes and John for being so generous with your knowledge for sharing how you got to be successful and then helping other people on the way so I started out with 23 subscribers and less than five months later I hit a thousand thank you guys so much for your help and support