7 Ways To Make Extra Money From Home (Make $100+ Per Day!)

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[Vider id=67 ]hey what’s up life masters this is Stefan James from project life mastery to day I’m gonna share to you seven ways that you can start making money from home right now today in fact a lot of these ways than what I’m going to share with you are pretty fast easy and simple in the sense that almost anyone can do them and they don’t require that much time so even if right now you’ve already got a job but you’re looking for a way to make some side income this could be great for you or if you don’t have a job and you’re looking to make a full-time income then some of these could be great options for you that you can start making money from today so with that being said let’s dive right into it okay so the first way that you can start making money from home is by being a beta tester a beta tester what this means is that you get paid for testing other companies products services their app and it’s basically giving them feedback you just reviewing things because these big companies when they launch a new product a new app a new website they’re looking for people that can test it so you get paid to test products websites apps all that sort of stuff so it’s fairly simple anyone can do this so here’s one website that can allow you to do this I’m going to share with you a few right now and a lengthiest below one is called user testing com okay so they’re basically a website where they work with some of the biggest companies and if you click up here get paid to test they have a section where you can apply you can sign up for it so you can earn up to sixty dollars per test okay so you got to visit a website or an app and then all you got to do is just complete a set of tasks that they have for you so you complete the tasks that they have you speak your thoughts out loud and they pay you for that okay so again there is looking for feedback and as many people as possible to provide this feedback and to test for them so it says here you get paid ten dollars via PayPal for every twenty minute video that you complete and user testing pays you to visit websites or apps complete a set tasks speak your thoughts out loud very very simple okay I’ll link this below so that you can check check this one out but here’s another one called try my UI calm okay so similar kind of concepts they have a section here says get paid to test and they pay ten dollars for every test that you take okay so typical test lasts approximately twenty minutes and here you can go sign up and start testing things for designers and coders this is what this website is mostly for another great one is called user Linux com okay so similar concept they have a tester sign-up area here as well so if I click here it says get paid to test websites and apps register and earn money by completing the short and easy form on this page okay interact with web or mobile app and you get paid by paypal and it says you get paid five to five dollars ten dollars fifteen twenty dollars or other amounts some of the projects pay as much as 90 dollars for having fun expressing opinions while navigating the web so how cool is that another one real quick and again I’ll link this below I’m gonna go a little bit quick just could have got so much awesome stuff to share with you guys in this video by the way if you already love this first one give this video a thumbs up I think this first way to make money is great anyone can do it whether you’re a mom a student whatever it is it’s a great way to make some extra money the next one is called respondent IO so this is a similar thing where you’re basically they’re looking they’re paying for research so these ones you have to kind of fill out a form and everything for them as well they have more of a stricter signup process with this one but they paid over 2.3 million to respondents you do an interview 30 minutes and one thing I’ll mention about responded some of the things they have you actually have to meet up in person but you want to make sure that when you go here and you become a respondent you’re looking for remote jobs so the remote jobs are the ones that can allow you to actually work from home and then it says here 140 dollars is the average hourly payment which is pretty awesome so they do have a bit more of a process because you got to get verified and they match you up to different research studies that fit your profile and then they invite you can participate and get invited to different studies and then you get paid by PayPal as well and they collect a 5% fulfillment fee and you can also refer your friends also to it so that’s the first way okay just basically being a beta tester such a great in the easy way that you can start making some extra money the second way that you can start making money from home is by being a freelancer on a website called fiver okay fiverr.com link that below for you guys as well but fibers a website where companies businesses they come to hire freelancers that could do work for them so some of the things that you can do for people you get paid as low as five dollars to do it and as much as hundred dollars or more depending on what that task is so if you come here to fiver you’re gonna browse around on some of the different categories and some of them require a bit of a skill set and some expertise to be able to do but others you don’t so for example if we come here to writing a translation there’s a lot of different subcategories available here as well but let’s say you want to you’re great at writing there’s a lot of companies that have blogs and they’re looking for content writers so there’d be a lot of jobs available they’re a simple one that most people can do is beta reading or proofreading and editing or even like transcript so basically just watching a video listening to an audio you get paid to transcribe that research and summarizing things too so some of these things are just you know people are looking to pay someone like you just to do research for them transcribe edit proofread here’s beta reading so pretty much you can get paid these are all other sellers that are here on Fiverr but this one here says I will beta read provide feedback and critique your documents so if we click here this guy’s his listing here it starts at $10 okay for up to every 10,000 words he’ll deliver it within seven days but he also has different packages so this one is for 25,000 words and he’s asking for $40 this one’s $70 and it’s for 80,000 words so he’s got 124 reviews he’s got great feedback rating and everything and you can read more about his gig so this is something that almost anybody could do if we come here to a different category proofreading and editing so here’s a girl that says I’ll prove I’ll professionally proofread and edit your document so for her $5.00 for a thousand words but it looks like you could have you can you know you can do a lot more than that it says all gigs apply for every thousand words so you know if it’s ten thousand words then it’s gonna be a lot more money that she can make from that and even just kind of coming here and see what people are doing will give you ideas so if the examples I’m providing for you maybe you don’t really resonate with that you can’t see yourself doing it then just look around look around here hunt fiver here’s another girl I’ll proofread and edit books transcripts and novels and depend on the number of words 20 bucks she’s got an $80 package and a $200 package right so there’s some people they’ll probably take that and she can make some great money and really what it comes down to is just doing the math so yes there might be things that you’re doing that you’re only getting paid five dollars to do or ten dollars to do but if you could do it fast if you could do it efficiently if you can do many different gigs in an hour then the amount of money that you make every hour can actually really add up but yeah I mean transcripts so you can transcribe things for people that’s pretty simple to do all you got to do is watch or listen to something and then just type it out for them and send it so if you’re a fast typer obviously you can get through a lot more a lot faster and make more money from that so fiber is a great website highly recommend it you just come here to on the website click on become a seller and you could sign up for it and you’d have to create your own gig you’d want to really make sure you’ve got a great image a great description and just kind of test it out and fiber is like a search engine where people come they type in keywords you you’d want to make sure they’re listed in different categories and obviously get great reviews and the more that you build yourself up the more money that you’ll be making the third way that you can start making money from home is by being a freelancer on websites like up were calm or freelance or calm so this is similar to Fiverr but there’s more potential more opportunity for you to make more money as a freelancer on these websites and I love these websites because I actually use up work to hire freelancers in my business project life mastery so some of these areas and topics and categories can require a bit of a skill set obviously the more skills that you have the more value that you can provide the more money that you can make but there’s a lot of opportunity here if you have no skills okay so for example let me just kind of go to all categories let’s say you wanted to be customer support be a customer support rep and that gives you the freedom to work from home maybe you’re not going to make as much money as some other opportunities other skills but it’s still a great way that you can start making money from home so if I scroll down here and by the way a lot of these categories and topics you can see whether you’ve got design skills writing skills editing proofreading translation legal you know IT web design development and you know again some of those things you might have to develop your skill set with those areas but certain things almost anyone can do our customers customer support data entry right so basically it’s just more labor-intensive workers kind of filling out forms and spreadsheets for people and just kind of compiling a bunch of data for them being a virtual or personal assistant being maybe a project manager there’s just a whole variety of things here that don’t really require that much skill even doing research so for example my company I hire someone of an assistant virtual assistant that researches my travel right and so I pay her pretty well to basically research every time I travel to a place I want to know everything that I can about it about the currency the weather research Airbnb is for me make sure it’s got good enough Wi-Fi find health food places the gym all of that so that person gets paid working from home to do research for me so something that you could do here through up work so here’s customer support reps so everybody again anyone can set up their own profile you know here’s just some examples and this is just within the United States so up work is great if you live anywhere in the world if you live in the Philippines in India if you live in Australia Europe Brazil anywhere in the world Bangladesh you can be a freelancer on up work and you actually have a bit of an advantage by the way being outside of the US because there’s a lot of US companies looking to hire people overseas that are a lot cheaper than hiring people in the US so there’s actually an opportunity there for you but here we can see people’s profiles so this person is charging $35 an hour here’s kind of the the topics and things that are good at 37 dollars now or $100 an hour these aren’t all customer support because sometimes these people their profile they do multiple things so this person is like a consultant as well project management consultant 69 dollars an hour here’s a writer project manager customer support $17 an hour so some of you know honestly are a little bit high but there’s people you know that you know this person $15 now are a community manager right so that’s not that hard work to maybe do and that person can make $15 an hour doing that so you just want to kind of browse through here and just see what people have in their profiles and really what you’d want to do when creating your own profile is to make sure it’s really good I always recommend have like a great video image of yourself video by the way is really powerful because it makes you stand out so you’d want to set up a great profile and really kind of stand out from everyone else and differentiate yourself but $12 an hour customer service rep $11 an hour ten dollars an hour so obviously it varies depending on your skill and what the company is looking for and what they’re willing to pay here was data entry so again it’s just kind of doing data entry for people here at category of virtual assistants and so I’d recommend to spend a bit of time browsing around seeing what people are doing find people that you know are doing things really well successfully you can tell an up work because people also they get reviews from people they’ve worked with in the past and they build up their profile so obviously the better profile that you have and the more established the more money you can make and that’s why it’s great to model and learn from other people and just browse around to find maybe that category is right for you that you can start making money from and then here was freelancer comm which works almost an identical way as upwork does I haven’t used freelancer before I stick with up work but it could be another great option for you as well to start making money from home the fourth way that you can start making money from home is by teaching English being an English tutor now you might be thinking well I’m not even the best at speaking English that’s okay you don’t have to be in fact there’s a lot of people out there and there’s a lot of kids out there they’re more looking for someone just to talk to because the more that they can speak English to someone just talk over Skype or zoom or some sort of virtual online call then that helps them improve their English and you can give them feedback on their English so here’s two websites that can recommend you for this one is called cambly okay cambly and here on the website they actually have a section for tutors so you can be a tutor with cambly you get paid to chat with people from all around the world it says tutoring with Campbell is fun and rewarding no experience necessary that’s always a plus it says you get paid to chat with students we automatically track the time that you tutor we pay 1717 u.s. dollar cents per minute which ends up being about 10 dollars and 20 cents per hour and they deliver your earnings every Monday by a Pay Pal you can do it anytime and anywhere and you also meet some interesting people so pretty cool second website is called cue kids okay cue kids I’ll link that below and by the way I’m just kind of giving you a few websites for each of these different ways but obviously there’s more that are available so I’ll link below the ones that I’m providing for you here but if you do research you can find many other websites that are just like this but q-kidz is mainly for actually Chinese young learners between the ages of 4 and 12 years old here on the website they have a place where you can be a q-kidz online English teacher and you could work from home teach online from anywhere in the US or Canada get flexible hours and you get paid sixteen to twenty to twenty US dollars an hour each in lesson time is 30 minutes ok so that’s a pretty good income that you can make fun and rewarding and yeah it can be another great way for someone to get started making money from home so check out these ones I’ll link to them below the next way that you can start making money from home is by flipping things on eBay so for example here’s what you’d want to do you’d come to a website like Craigslist and most websites like this which are classified websites they have a free section so here I’m in Los Angeles I’m going to click on free these are all products that people are just giving away for free there’s a lot of people out there that actually have a lot of valuable products and items they have lying around their house there look just looking to get rid of them because it’s taking up a lot of space for them and they don’t have the time they don’t want to worry about trying to list it and charge money for it and so there’s a lot of things like this that you can see as an opportunity to come in and just kind of browse around here on Craigslist find something that you can get in go and flip on eBay and on eBay you can actually go and look and see how much you know how much you can actually charge for some of these items and what the potential would be so here real quick I just found free Xbox games so here’s a listing that someone posted it says roommate moved out and left some stuff need gone ASAP pick up only will delete add when they are gone so this person here has all of these Xbox games they’re just looking to get rid of so here you can come and grab all these games you can keep them for yourself or you can start selling them on eBay which is probably the better idea because you make money from that and that’s gonna be able to support yourself so you would find products like this I mean I’m not sure that and this looks like a pretty amazing steal but you could find something like this just as an example ideally things that are smaller easy to ship not that expensive to ship and then you’ve come here to eBay you type in whatever those games were and you would set up your own listing you set up your own account here on eBay to sell and people pay you just gonna ship it to them and you can make money doing that in fact I know a lot of people that just do that full-time it’s called a retail arbitrage they don’t just go to Craigslist but they also go to like thrift stores antique stores and they’re always just trying to find products that they could get at either for free or at a really cheap price and then resell it either on eBay or Amazon or web sites like that so that’s another great way to start making money from home can provide some freedom for you depending on where you’re maybe finding the products of course you might have to actually go out physically and get them and then come from home and then do everything else from there on eBay and shipping the products the next way that you can start making money from home is by selling your expertise giving people advice because there’s many people out there they’re looking for advice and they’re willing to pay for it so a great website for that it’s called clarity fm clarity fm so this is a website where you can find experts so obviously you have to have some level of expertise on certain subjects but if you do have something like that you can start making money from it so here on this website if I come down I can click on find your expert but pretty much the way it works is people browse through the community of experts so you again have your own profile your own listing there and they request a call with you so if I click here on the different categories you can see these are a lot of things that are available but here is people that are charging 8 dollars and 33 cents per minute $1 per minute 2 dollars per minute 5 dollars a minute and obviously depending on how you know good your expertise is or advice and even building up your a profile the more money that you can charge so you know here’s people here this person is providing expertise on narcistic personality disorder abuse this one says get top tier PR media exposure for your company for free how to grow a profitable ecommerce business business and marketing strategy health care right so there’s a whole variety of different areas of expertise even journalism for example but yeah you know if you have some experience in some of these areas then you can just make yourself available for that people just click on request a call they already have an account set up the odd you know bills them automatically and you get paid for every minute that you spend with that person so clarity dot FM is another great way that you can make money from home and last but not least one of my favorite ways of making money from home and online is through affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is the process of you promoting someone else’s product or service through your affiliate link okay so you get a link people click on the link when they go and buy that product or service you earn an affiliate commission from it so it’s one of my favorite ways of making money online and it’s one of the easiest because you don’t have to create the product and come up with the idea all you got to do is sign up for the affiliate program find the great product send it to people when they click on it and they buy it you earn a commission so a few websites you can do this from is one is called Clickbank comm Clickbank has a lot of digital products courses ebooks but also a lot of physical products as well like supplements so here’s a variety of different categories of products here’s just some examples of products that you could promote as an affiliate now if I come up here to the affiliate marketplace here I can browse more categories so let’s go to health and fitness and let’s go to maybe nutrition so here is a variety of nutrition products that you can promote you just click on promote you get an affiliate link and again when people click on that link through you and they buy the product you earn a commission so here’s a variety of different products that are available this one is like a let’s just pull up one just as an example this is like a tumeric supplements that looks like and this is like their sales page and everything of what people would go to to buy it but with this product you earn on average twenty seven dollars for every sales so when someone clicks on through and buys it on average around twenty seven dollars most often they have upsells as well that you can also earn affiliate Commission’s from two so there’s tons of categories and products here on Clickbank and this is great that if you already have friends family people you might know you can share it with them earn a commission from it even better if they’re products that you use and benefit from right like there’s supplements products that I use and benefit from the have affiliate programs that I can share and promote so a simple example of this and this is a great option for a lot of you too is by creating content here on YouTube because a lot of people before they buy a product they want to go to YouTube they want to go to Google they want to go online to see what other people are saying about the product they want to see people’s reviews so an example of this is a Vitamix blender I love Vitamix I’ve been using them for many many years and they have an affiliate program so I joined their affiliate program they pay like $75 every commission like a commission that I get for every person that buys through my link and people that search for a review on it there are very targeted people because they’re already on the fence they already know about it and they’re just want to see people’s experiences from it so they’re very targeted buyers they’re like warm and hot leads and so you know here all of these youtubers they pretty much put up videos just sharing their experience with Vitamix something that anybody can do and funny enough and you type this in I got my video here from over 6 years ago ok don’t judge me this is a video I did back when I had hair just pull it up real quick and basically what I did was I just recorded a video myself talking about my Vitamix sharing my experience with it so it’s a younger version of myself and just basically sharing with people I made like a smoothie in the video and then I had to call to action at the end if you want to buy the Vitamix click the link below and this is my affiliate link okay so this is a link when people click on it and then go and buy the Vitamix blender I earn a $75 Commission on that sale so pretty incredible so you could do this on YouTube okay it’s one of the easiest ways to do an affiliate marketing is just reviewing products or you can do a blog post so if you don’t want to do YouTube video you can set up your own blog and you can create your own blog posts and just learn some search engine optimization so that you can rank it and get traffic to it online so here’s my website this is the review that I did for that Vitamix I do have my video there but you don’t really need the video there but it’s basically a piece of content it shares the benefits of blending you know just kind of shares information around it and then here’s my affiliate link so when people click on it and they buy the Vitamix I earn a commission on it so pretty cool this is something that has a lot of potential to make you a lot of money over time because when you create content in this way it can become passive right because you have blog posts and videos that consistently get views so for example this YouTube video that I did here took me it’s a 12-minute video took me like less than an hour to actually film it but this video has been up on YouTube for over six years it’s got 45,000 views it gues views every month and that means it’s consistently bringing an income and revenue for me so the more videos that I put out there the more affiliate links I put out there the more money that I make and you know this video like that’s all I had to do I didn’t have to do anything else from it I just move on to other videos or I can you know travel the world to make passive income just by creating more content and promoting and sharing different products so affiliate marketing is great love it highly recommend it and by the way those many affiliate programs out there so for example Amazon has their affiliate program called Amazon Associates so you could promote any product on Amazon and earn a commission from it okay up to ten percent commission is what you can make by promoting products on Amazon so I’m gonna link clickbank amazon associates I’ll link those for you guys below this video and there you have it those are seven ways that you can get star to make money from home and as you can tell a lot of them are pretty simple pretty fast and pretty easy I mean almost anyone can do some of the things that I mentioned here for you so I really hope that you got benefit and value from this video if you did please give it a thumbs up here on YouTube so I can do more videos like this for you and I want to make sure that you take action that this is just not another video that you watch and you move on to the next video you know some of these ways that I shared with you are pretty simple and fast for you to set up so again I linked everything below for you make sure that you take action and start making some extra money now if you’re looking to build an online business to create passive income and financial freedom then I’d love to share with you more about that because that’s really what I specialize in is building a sustainable business that can not just you know you work from home but also to travel the world to create financial abundance and freedom and one of my favorite ways of doing that like I said is affiliate marketing I actually created a free training that I’d love to invite you to that goes more in depth into affiliate marketing and how I make money online doing that so if you go to WWF elite marketing mastery comm you can register for free from my upcoming live masterclass or click on through below and head on over to that website and register for it so affiliate marketing is great there’s many other online opportunities as well that I can also share with you and if you want more from me of course subscribe here to my project life mastery YouTube channel click on the subscribe button turn on notifications for more videos I do a lot of videos and content on building your online business whether that’s on Amazon or affiliate marketing or publishing books but also mindset and how to really improve and master every other area of your life so I’m into life mastery self-development and I’d love to share with you more about that too so subscribe for that otherwise thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again in the next video take care you