8 APPS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE UK – How to make money from your phone in 2020 (Jobs and Money Rebates)

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[Vider id=68 ]can you actually make money from your phone so today’s video I’m gonna concentrate on eight apps that you can use to make money in 2020 either welcome back to my channel today my name is Jennifer from AFRICOM I make videos on personal finance investing and success makes it here in the UK today I wants to give you a little bit of a video with a twist as you know I’m very passionate about actually finding ways to bring more money into our life now four of these apps have to do with you physically doing something to get that money and four apps are actually a way for you to make money in your normal everyday life if you’re brand new to my channel to do be sure to hit subscribe though because I have a whole host of videos we talk about the stock market we talk about investing we talk about using our money this marketer to ultimately get financial and time freedom but that sounds exactly the channel you’ve been looking for hit subscribe and then what’s available so you never miss any of my videos so as I said the first four apps I’m going to recommend to you are all to do with actually doing something to essentially having like a mini job for the moments that you’re using the app now I’m going to share with you what’s actually involved with using each of these four apps rough idea of how much money you can expect to me and also how easy it is probably to make some money from them so the first one I’m going to recommend for you it’s called job spotter and this app missing I want you to go and look for job advertisements in your local area take a picture and upload to the app points are then awarded to the job you complete depending on how difficult it is and also what how uncommon it would be to actually find that advertisement so for example finding a smaller business job advertisement would obviously be worth a lot more points and perhaps a bigger organization points are they in exchange for Amazon vouchers which you can obviously spend and on an average people are making between 20 to 50 pounds a month by doing a few jobs every week now as you can tell with us up it will require you to obviously have some way to actually transport yourself around it will depend on how easy you find that within your weekly life but obviously is an opportunity to get out in a boat and also make some money the next app is called walks pop me and it’s actually an app that wants your opinion via video for a range of subjects it’s very similar to in our way that survey sites work online basically it’s going to ask you a couple of questions Astrid opinion in a 1-minute video clip like to be uploaded onto there generally you and 25 pence per video do the great thing about this app of course is it’s relatively easy to do you can do in the comfort of your home perhaps in your commute perhaps even on your lunch break if you fancied filling up the time and making some money another positive aspect is those PayPal payments for when you hit 10 pounds or more with your voxpop me now on average people have suggested it can take up to a month to hit that tempo mark so it’s really the key so if you want to commit to making that 2025 videos a month to actually get the ten pounds to your PayPal account it’s really whether you want to put in that time factor generally I’ve heard a lot of good feedback thought on this particular app but seems really good fun to actually answer these questions give your honest opinion and then simply get the money in exchange the only caveat as I said is it does require your time it will probably take you at least 20 to 30 minutes every single month to achieve that tempo minimum barrier but once you get there obviously it’s simply a case of getting into the habit checking me out and seeing if you could do a couple of those quick survey’s the next app again gets you out of the house and this is called be my I know be my I actually pays you for carrying out simple market research in your local area the great thing about this app is that actually works with a lot of the mean of big brands that you’ve heard of such as Heineken Nestle and coca-cola be my I offers your journaling between 1 and 10 pounds depending on how difficult the task is that will allow you to perform it usually involves going into a shop or a business perhaps asking the manager or the staff some questions and your feedback tasks could be simply taking a photograph in the business or it could even be giving an interview as I said with the manager or the staff perhaps asking a full range of questions in some cases you might even be asked to buy a product in a business and which case make sure you keep your receipts so it can get fully reimbursed now this particular app is very much in high demand jobs get snapped up very quickly so I would recommend if you consider doing it have those notifications on so that you can get notified as soon as jobs become available in your area the great thing is the money that you’re awarded for each of these tasks completed is then turned straight into your PayPal account now the final app for completing tasks is called swag box now you may have heard of swag box before essentially they pay you for doing online tasks that probably you be doing anyway after using internet your errand points or spike box as they call it by simply watching videos perhaps doing web searches are even filling out simple questionnaires the quickest weeks to actually make points with swagbucks tends to be if you want to actually fill out surveys rather than complete smaller tasks such as watching videos or do searches nowhere surveys in particular you have to fit their criteria for actually being eligible to take part in this survey so often this can be harder to actually achieve those points on average you can expect to earn between 5 and 10 points through using out perhaps for 5 or 10 minutes every single day now we’ve talked about for apps obviously you can make money when you’re doing additional tasks but these next four apps are very much getting money back in your pocket after you’ve spent it on your normal everyday shopping so the first two are ideal if you’re just simply out and about using your supermarkets normally so the first one is shop Miam and shot my own works by basically giving you promotions and vouchers direct to their app when you’re out and about shopping it allows brands to send you targeted coupons so that you would hopefully use them when you’re next doing your shop how it works is sánchez by giving your rebate on your shopping once you’ve made the purchase so you simply scan the receipt once you’ve made that purchase they will then give you the money back from the voucher or the coupon or the promotion donate to your account it really just as simple as downloading the app and you can start right away and that even as promotions if you refer a friend on average people are saving between five and ten pounds on their typical shopping every single month so if you’re going to be buying these products anyway you’re enticed by some of the promotion’s are really fantastic we are actually using your phone to get a little bit of money back in your pocket now in a similar way if you’re an Android phone user there’s an app called shopper eyes and they work in a similar way how they work again is by scanning that receipt for promotions you can get points that ultimately could be used for Amazon vouchers once you want to cash out or even to enter a daily prizes you only like to put through five receipts ID so that is that limit but it’s a really easy way to actually build up those points you can be used for Amazon vouchers for Christmas or other events v-not i want to talk about are your typical cash back sites and these are top cashback and quick cool very similar way to the previous two shopping apps I like to check them before I actually go and do my shopping because often though they were also include not only your online purchases using your phone you can go through them but they also tend to include vouchers or promotions in a similar way to the previous apps that you can take advantage of Soho top cashback and quite cool work essentially it’s a rebate site for when you’re making your normal online purchases particularly with your phone so for example if there was a retailer that you wanted to shop online using your phone you would simply use the app first of all you go into top cashback search for that retailer and use their app to then click on to that particular website your IP addresses then logged and tracked so that they know you’ve used their cash back site before going to that retailer often as I new customers a lot of promotions to get your business so for example you may get five ten twenty pounds by being a new customer with a site but traditionally these are really fantastic we’re using a percentage at rebate so that means if you’re doing for example your food shop with scenes bees they might give you one or two percent back on your food shop if you use top cashback or a quick call a lot of money can be made when you use these to cash back sites particular when you do those larger yearly bills you may have seen the video where I actually talked about how we saved thousands off our budget very simply and using these cash back sites in particular one absolutely we generally save between 150 and 200 points a year through using them by doing my normal annual bills and my purchases online and I simply add that up every single year keep it stored their cash out when it’s Christmas or birthdays and use vouchers or even the cash to use for our present budgets the great thing about quite cool top cashback is they allow you the option tab both cash and Amazon and various other cards it can even have it on prepaid mastercard if you wish so it’s super easy to use very much getting the money back in your hands so that you can actually use on things that matter to you so as well as having on your phone of course really recommend actually using these by default whenever you’re online on your PC Israel to actually do any form of online shopping make the first step of actually checking those two sites in particular is there any extra money if it gets a rebate really great habit to put more money in your pocket so hopefully these eight apps have inspired you to maybe try some of these job apps out there too in a little bit to cash or if you fancy dishes in the rebate sites when you’re doing your normal everyday shopping often with the job apps in particular there’s usually a bit of legwork involved they will make sure they’re getting value for your time but if you’re consistent you look to do a couple of jobs every single week it could be a really nice little side hustle something you can do in your spare time and really enjoy so if you’ve enjoyed today’s video be sure to give it a thumbs up I’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve got any other job apps that you are particular for don’t let me know I’d love to try them out and as always if you’ve got any topic suggestions you’d love to see me cover on my channel be sure to leave them in the comments I love your suggestions there’s always some great ideas and try and do them as quickly as I can I really appreciate you being with me on this channel I try and give you lots of different ideas really how to bring money into your life and then you can use it to actually design the life that you want so thank you so much for watching I’ll see you fairly soon