Best Way To Make Money Online As A Broke Beginner In 2020! ($10k/Month PROOF)

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[Vider id=84 ]what’s going on guys welcome back to another video I’m super excited for this one guys I’m about to show you how to make money online and the best part about this method it’s really simple for beginners to get started and understand this myth that it’s not complicated at all and I’m currently making over ten thousand dollars per month with this method and I’m going to show you some real live results in a second so you can see that I’m actually making this money now in this video I’m gonna take you through exactly how this works I’m gonna show you exactly how I’m doing this so make sure you stay all the way to the end so you understand how this works I’m gonna show you my real live business and show you exactly how I’m making this money now I’ve been making money online for quite a long time now a lot of years and this is one of the best strategies that I’ve been doing over this time and I’ve perfected it and it works really really well I’m literally going to be showing you a business that’s making me over six figures per year on this video I’m literally gonna be showing you everything so make sure you smash that like button because not many people show you everything online they don’t show you the actual real business that’s making the money and I’m gonna show you that exactly in this video but before we jump in I know you guys want to see some results so let’s go and have a look at some results and I’ll show you this right here so this is over ten thousand dollars in the last 30 days I’m actually gonna refresh this so you can see so I just refreshed them we’ll do it again and it just refreshed again as well over one hundred and ninety four thousand dollars and over ten thousand dollars in the last 30 days and over two thousand dollars in seven days now how did I do this I’m gonna show you exactly how I’m doing this and how you can do it as well keep this in mind a bit of a disclaimer I have experience doing this this will take you some time to do but once you understand it and you put in the work and take the action you can go out and make some money online with this particular method so what I’m talking about guys in this myth that is a strategy that I’ve been using for a long time to make the money online how this works is I go out and find products online in this case it’s a product called click funnels and we’ll talk about that in a second I send traffic to these products I get a commission every time someone buys the product use free traffic to do this in this particular video admitted that I’m going to show you so this is the product guys that I actually go out and promote it’s called clickfunnels I promote other products as well but for this particular video the ten thousand dollars a month I promote this product called click funnels now if you’ve ever wanted to promote click funnels make sure you watch this video guys because there’s no one else doing this type of strategy I’m gonna be sharing everything that I do click funnels is a program where people build sales funnels webinars they collect emails they can create online memberships it’s something that most people online trying to start a business need and we can get a commission for promoting this particular product now the commission structure works like this so this is called a Follette marketing and this is how the commission structure works so you can get paid up to 40% monthly recurring commissions now you’ll get 30% first and when you hit a specific number of active members they will then pay you 40% now click funnels cost around about I think it cost $97 per month and three hundred dollars per month so you can get 40% of that every single month if sub from from every single person you get on this program if they stay so they can stay for quite a long time and that’s why you’ll see that you know ten thousand dollars that builds up and it becomes recurring now you can also win that what we call a dreamcast so let me explain that on the actual affiliate page so we can get some more information i have over 300 active members if you get over a hundred active members they’ll give you an extra five hundred dollars per month and if you can get over two hundred active members they’ll give you an extra thousand dollars per month and that’s not all you can also so you can promote just click funnels but you can also promote other things this is called the one funnel away challenge but you get a hundred dollars commission for each person that purchases this is called the dot-com secrets book they have lots of upsells and you can make money with this as well then they have another book and they have other programs as well so let me explain to you how you can make money with this and how i make money what i do guys is i go out and i use the power of search engine optimization so I go and do articles based on specific keywords and here is one of my websites here v final comm this is a real website I own this website this is mine and I do content based on specific keywords but very very easy keywords let me explain to you how it works let’s say John goes and puts into Google click funnels verse MailChimp click funnels verse Katra click funnels verse leadpages I have these simple little articles that go over so if we click on this one here I have a simple article that’s only about 1500 words long and I compare both products and then people will click on the affiliate link so what happens is I put links in these articles and people will click on those and then I will get a commission when someone actually goes and gets on click funnels or zipper fie as well which is what I am promoting as well in this particular website so here’s a breakdown of how you can even make even more money you could do a and by the way this is things that people were actually searching in Google right now people are searching this all the time so I’ve done one here click funnels verse zipper 5 you can make money from click funnels and zipper Phi you can make money from both these programs because they both have affiliate marketing programs the first step to doing this guy’s is understanding a few things first of all you’re going to need a website to do this ok now I recommend using Bluehost I’ll leave a link below I’ll get an affiliate Commission if you do go through that link but you can sign up for 2 dollars and 95 per month and you’ll get your own website I’ll also leave a video below on how to create a website I’m not going to do that in this particular training then what you want to do is you want to go to click funnels and you want to sign up as an affiliate okay so just go into Google and put in clickfunnels Affiliate and you’ll be able to sign up as an affiliate it’s completely free now once you do that guys I use a little secret location to go out and find particular keywords and things that people are searching on Google right now so for example this is the website I’m about to show you I put in click funnels and it gives me all of this information that I can then go and write content about so let me show you exactly how this works this is called answer the public comm and if I put in clickfunnels you can put in all sorts of stuff right there’s lots of software’s that you can promote and you can go and make money from but if I put in clickfunnels it’s just taken a little bit of time to populate right now but it gives me all of these questions that people have asked and Google now stay with me guys a lot of you guys have probably seen this before two of my subscribers but I’m going to explain to you how this works in the sense of volume I’ll tell you exactly how I make a lot of money because a lot of you guys might be thinking well how many articles do you do and you know how does the traffic come how much traffic do you get I’ll explain that in a second but we have all of these keyword ideas okay that people are searching and here’s some examples clickfunnels verse zipper fire clickfunnels very simplified it’s one that I found inside answer the public we have sales funnels verse wicks are they’re supposed to say click funnels verse Whitsett that’s a mistake I do have an article on it as well and this is click funnels verse wicks then this one here can I use click funnels with Squarespace and it says can I use click funnels with Squarespace now a lot of people always question me and say hey but there’s not a lot of traffic coming to these particular keywords right and a lot of a lot of the time those people are right there isn’t always a lot of traffic to these keywords but this is how it works I go for volume I focus on volume I write content on you know some of these keywords get ten views a day fifteen views a day eleven views a day four views a day five views a day you might be wondering well why are you doing it how do you even make money with such low traffic well it’s a volume game and what I mean by that is it simple I want to go out and create a lot of articles we actually stopped creating articles for this website four months ago we just started up again we’re doing another batch of 200 but this site at the moment has around about a hundred and forty articles if each article got just one view per day that’s a hundred and forty daily visits to that website now all of these articles are getting at least one visit per day so straight off the bat I’m getting 140 views per day if article got around about three views per day that’s 420 views per day based off the articles that I have now if each article gets five views per day that’s 700 views okay so that’s 700 people with eyeballs on your website and affiliate links every single day and then obviously X scales up now some of the main articles here are getting ten fifteen eleven views per day so you could imagine there’s quite a bit of traffic coming to this website but that’s how it works it’s a volume game now I’m going to show you a little secret in a second that gets me even more money with this method so make sure you keep watching okay it’s very very important but what I want to explain to you is these steps of how to actually get the content up so once you’ve created a website once you sign up to Bluehost they’ll take you through the instructions and how to start a website and I’ll leave a link below to a tutorial on how to start a website once that started guys you can actually go and create a post it’s very very simple you just go to post and add new and you can put in a title you can so just go to the answer the questions answer the public comm and I just take something so I’ll just take something like clickfunnels verse Unbounce and I’ll do an article based on that and here’s an example will click panels versus of a file I’ll put in the title I’ll put clickfunnels versus zip of Phi in the URL here and then I’ll put some content which is completely free for you to write it’s not very hard you can just go and kind of like see what I’ve done and then here’s some more content and then here’s some more content and I just write content and then install a plug-in which is called a SEO plugin and at the bottom you can edit what shows up in Google ok so if I take this here clickfunnels versus zipper fire and I put this into Google you’ll see here that there’s some websites and this what this is what shows up when you actually edit this section here so whatever you init here will show up in Google and that’s what helps your page get seen on Google when people search things so it’s very important to install a search engine optimization plugin so you can get your article in Google now it doesn’t have to be at the top I just like to get on the front page even the second page will get you traffic okay but it’s so simple so simple this right content like Google gives you all of the ideas answer the public comm gives you all the ideas that you need to write if we go back to here and I put in another thing here let’s put an get response which is another platform kind of like clickfunnels okay we put in we put in get response and it’s literally given me more content ideas for another program that I could promote is get response down that’s that’s the question payments for get responses so you can do best payment platforms to get respond so you can there’s literally there’s no boundaries you can keep scaling keep scanning can you click bundles and other products answer the public gives you everything you need then you can go and create the content for the website now here’s a little secret to get you even more affiliate commissions click funnels has a function called share funnels so you can create a funnel and you can share it with somebody one of the biggest problems online is people don’t know how to create funnels so you can do it for them and let me show you one of the best examples of how I’ve implemented this into my website so five funnel calm I’ve got a article on how to create a sales funnels for real estate agents I can create a funnel myself so I could go on signup to click funnels it’s very simple I can just go to click funnels com I have my own account I can go and create a funnel for real estate agents and I can share it on that article okay I can do something like click here to get this funnel and I can give people the funnel for free and I’ll get affiliate marketing commissions however if they sign up to unclick tunnels however another way of doing this is I also give away a free five day training course on how to use funnels so I’m educating people on how to build funnels for their business and things like that so they’re gonna stay on the platform for longer that’s why I like promoting click funnels because they give you their share funnels and then I also give them a free little training course on how to use click funnels so they stay on for a very long time I’ve had people on my click funnels under me for over a year so as you can imagine when these people stand on for a year I’m getting 40% every single month from these guys as long as they stay on the program and then here I have how to create a sales funnel for lawyers and you’ve got how to create a sales funnels for plumbers for builders for coaches for golf I don’t know but you’ve got all of these ideas and you can go and create little funnels and you can share them with people and it gives you more gives you more quality people that are going to stay under you for longer on click funnels so that is the secret give value to receive commissions in return give people a free share funnel go into click funnels gear own account if you want create funnels to share with people this is a secret this is how I’m getting really really good commissions from my websites ok and then give them a free mini course as well to educate them so they stay on click funnels for longer now if you learn more about this guys I will leave a link to my training below that takes you through step by step how to do this but if you want some more training on click funnels and how I’ve made commissions I will leave a video up on the screen that takes you through step by step it’s completely free for you to watch right now and I’ll show you how I’ve made more Commission’s with click funnels and other affiliate marketing programs I’ll also leave a playlist on the right that you can click right now as well don’t forget to subscribe smash that like button guys leave a comment below if you have any questions ok and I’ll see you on one of the videos on the screen