Does a laundromat make money?

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[Vider id=55 ]this is week 15 of my laundromat we’ll see how we did if we made money if we lost money if I should be depressed you guys tell me [Music] okay coins all right my camera stopped we’re headed into the laundromat see if I’m any quicker than the last time you watched me collect money these are my newer washers I spent several thousand several several thousand on them ones actually down today it’s the first time they’ve ever gone down some will put a bunch of Tide Pods in it [Applause] like I said this one’s down so it probably won’t be too good yeah that’s fine like this one I’ll come back later just for expediency sake I’ll come back and put all these coin hoppers back in the machine here’s where we’re at with vending for the most part here’s the other one I upgraded from my pilot cup to a rat poison bucket I tried to find the biggest container I had these are my large format washers they tend to do pretty well not too bad [Music] alright planning on using the GoPro today but the image stabilization on it sucks and I don’t know about you guys but I can get sick from watching youtube videos and I don’t want anybody to be sick alright here’s my second large format watcher not too bad not as good as the first all right I’m gonna put that in since level with the keys nearly as much this is a collection from part of Friday all of Saturday all of Sunday all of Monday so we’ve been in operation for about four days what I’m doing is I am taking the quarters out of the machines okay we’ll get that one alright got these two my cleaning person obviously needs to come in we’ve had customers spill stuff and it just hasn’t going too well no money in there which is fine check in this one little bit of money on this one I’ve had a couple people call and say this one was eating quarters kind of my guys have to check it out we did have an out-of-service tag on it and of course somebody ripped it off this is my chain my snack machine that has been thoroughly wiped out so that’s good i restocked it last Wednesday ok drop my keys okay there’s definitely some money in here not too bad probably about 10 or 15 bucks in there some quarters not too bad not nearly as good as the Coke machine outside but buckets getting more and more full so that’s good after I’m done shooting this video and sending it off to my one of my editors I will be restocking this machine it’s hard to sell food when there’s no food all right these are out of order so in a situation like this they send me a text message and they say hey we lost some money can you give me a refund and then I mail them a check so not that I expected much to be in either of these washers because just simply with them being out of order I think that bucket holds 600 I’m pretty sure my bucket holds 600 dollars worth of quarters all right pop these keys out all right my bucket is getting more and more full it is getting very heavy at this point all right last one on this not too bad back all right key change probably 30 or 40 bucks in there so that’s cool set that on top of there come down here all right I’m going to skip some of these because there’s very likely not quarters in them these are my absolute worst performers they break down all the time I issue refunds all the time and I hate it but till I get new machines I’m kind of just stuck with this situation ain’t no money in there let’s go skip to the end over here this one usually does pretty good yeah not too bad alright so I’m gonna go through I’m gonna pull these dryers out so you don’t actually have to watch me unlock every single one all right so I have unlocked all the quarter hoppers these are my bigger dryers the other ones are the smaller dryers so everybody empty those into the bucket two three they’re all very full of money or at least Depot’s full of money so that means all my dryers are working as they’re supposed to I’ve actually gone two weeks which is a first without a single call on the wallet on the dry breakdowns I’ve had some complaints about my washers but not my dryers last one you see where we’re at man we’re getting close to being full I can have a soap machine here and here I want to get those unlocked and show you guys how much they made okay so here is the money that was made off of the bet the bag machine fabric softener machine in the soap machine now I’m willing to go get my tools out and open up my change exchanger for hopefully the waterfall of money got it unlocked I got my trusty goldfish box and a whole bunch of money in here so I am going to take this gigantic ball wad oh my goodness it’s falling I want to take it over to my office we’re going through the coins through the coin counter I’m a nice stack of bills for everybody to look at and we’ll want to see how much money the washers made washers and vending and everything and then if there’s a difference it means that it will very likely go to that quarter pusher machine meaning people took money out of my changing machine and they spent it on the quarter machine over there all right so this is our hole as it stands there’s the quarters from the washers dryers vending machines things like that there’s our money from the quarter exchanger most of the people they get the money out of most of that money will be profit and I’ll dump that back in the machine but we’ll calculate the difference these are one dollar bills just from our Coke machine and our snack machine inside the laundromat and we’ll run it through the coin sorter here real quick we’ll do an abbreviated coin sort and then talk the numbers all right I already see a problem my hoppers completely full this thing will Jam most likely but I’ll run it real quick let me grab a cup and put it up this is my other coin we’ll start it and see if it jams it probably will number zero power start yep damned crap all right I’ll have to fix it try to start it again I don’t work all right attempt number three [Music] it’s jammed sometimes I’m sure that’s not safe alright we’re almost at the thousand mark alright we hit the thousand mark that’s $250 don’t try this at home kids we’re gonna pretend I’m a professional all right so I had more quarters in the hopper can hold were at 1343 quarters and I still have this Hardee’s / Karl jr. cup part of the way full and if you guys want to take a bet how many quarters are in here real quick before I throw him in there we had a little over 1,300 all right cool there’s our dimes there’s our quarters 1775 quarters in there I’ll post on the screen what the math is since I don’t feel like calculating it in my head so that’s how much is on there I did have a golden dollar that’s cool all right so we are going to stack the bills here and see how much money the coin exchanger or the build according exchanger brought in okay guys so I’ve got it all sorted and counted this is washer and dryer money 1 2 3 4 vase Plus these as 500 there’s 105 in money from the pop machines or the snack machines pop machine so there’s 605 here we said there’s 1775 which I was real disappointed we weren’t at 7 1776 quarters and I found one on the floor that skipped out on me so we had 1776 quarters from all the machines which is four hundred forty-four dollars so there’s only discrepancy of $56 that’s either gone on the coin pusher or it’s just walked out of the laundromat so I’m gonna go dump this quarter in thank you guys for subscribing I am so thankful that and happy that the videos have done so well we got recommended by YouTube what was it when’s Doc’s last Wednesday so almost a week my main videos got 1.6 million views something that’s interesting to me and I want you guys really think about how many negative comments I’ve got on that video I mean I would say like 90% of them are in our good comments but then there’s 10% that say that the laundromat will never make money I should quit things like that and you know my opinion we’re doing pretty good now $600 in just essentially like three full days over this last weekend it was pretty busy but one thing I want you know you guys to think about is you know how many times people say just give up just give up you don’t know what you’re doing now I don’t expect to make money off this laundromat for a while it’s an investment it’s not so much a job I know that I do have to do a little bit of work I’ve been here for maybe 30 45 and it’s cleaning stuff up and doing work but you know $600 that’s not too bad this is all revenue not profit we have will do a video at the end of the month well first part of November on exactly how much money the laundromat made will show you our utility bills our expenses all that stuff so you can guys can see exactly how much the laundromat made both for the month of September and October if you have any questions feel free to add me on Instagram and send me a message my email address is on the page but I guess a lot of people can’t see it at least if you’re on mobile and I read most of my comments so if you want to get a hold of me there that’s fine too once again thanks for liking the video subscribing and have a good day