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[Vider id=19 ]what if you could earn 22 cents every single click that you made on Google and like you’re seeing on the screen right now using a software that automates all of your searches well you can and you can start today with no experience in a second you’ll hear about three different websites you can use so literally there isn’t a single country that isn’t supported anywhere this is worldwide keep in mind that these are not low-paying survey sites paying point zero zero zero zero zero two cents to complete a click no like these are real websites willing to pay people like you and me to complete these Google searches oh and honestly this is totally up to you on top of Google at the very end of this video I’m gonna be sharing one website I used to make a little over three thousand dollars in two days this week so stick around if you’d like to see that in order to really make money online you need options so on top of the websites you can get paid to search on Google here are a few others fifty bucks an hour your time hundred dollars an hour your time there’s a reason this started trending so many people are making money online with this but before we get ahead of ourselves here if you would like to make a full-time income from your couch and you’re interested in videos about making money on the internet and building an online business consider clicking the subscribe button below and turning on notifications a really quick you may be familiar with some of these first few sites but stick around because in a minute I’ll be getting into how to make money with Google and this software but on average you’ll get paid about $100 an hour the issue is that this isn’t ongoing like you’re not going to be able to do this 40 hours a week and it’s not in every location which brings me to the next two websites that are a bit more consistent the Google search method is the best out of all of them but yeah this one though is respondent I Oh next website is earned are sorry game GG where you can earn money watching videos completing offers etc as you see here people on the daily are getting paid hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars in total doing simple simple tasks so that’s the second one game Gigi you can earn simply just doing these offer walls any feature of and then hideout TV make sure that you do sign in so here’s hideout TV if you do start trying to make money watching videos it’s great passive like it’s not again not gonna break the bank the google searching pays way higher but let’s say you do this because it’s passive make sure you’re logged in to hideout TV when you do because it doesn’t auto log you in and with game GG you get paid via PayPal so it’s super easy you can get paid via Bitcoin as well so if you are let’s say in a country where that’s not supported you’re pretty much set next site is gg to you org now these aren’t required by any means but these are very high paying so things like this like right you could sign up for a free trial for Hulu and get paid $11 it’s that simple that’s why the reason they payout so high is because you do assume that risk of forgetting like let’s say you do do this but you forget to cancel that’s why they incentivize this so highly it’s because a lot of people don’t want to take that risk so if you’re somebody that is like on the ball will know to cancel it’s perfect for you but this is the site GGT GGT to you dot org and you can go on here and sign in once you do you can check out all these different offers very similar to game GG except there’s a different variety of offers that you can complete gaming get paid to get played video games surveys videos and then all these third-party networks same thing though you get paid same with game GG you can withdraw via PayPal no fee to do so or you can withdraw the bitcoin it’s a seven dollar minimum in order for you to withdraw which you get a dollar just to sign up so shouldn’t take you long again not gonna break the bank but now on to the Google method this is arguably the most important part of this process so just so that you understand what you’re doing go to Google type in one stock 360 Roofing Stamford CT you’ll understand why I’m doing this in a second but type that out exactly on Google itself hit Enter or just go to it now click on google reviews scroll here for a second doesn’t have to be long and bear with me you’ll get why in a second scroll it it’s super easy scroll there click off now click on the website so you saw we did we searched we went over to this website now just scroll around for I would say about 15 to 20 seconds doesn’t have to be super long but don’t just immediately exit just act like a natural user like you’re just clicking around scroll around go to the bottom of the page etc and then close the entire window don’t just go back to Google close it out what you just did was what you’re getting paid to do but the manual way now here is the automated way to do it depending on where you’re located you get paid 10 cents for every single click so let me just log in here show you how the software itself work so you’re gonna strictly you’re gonna have to use Firefox and then they have an auto extension and for our Firefox add-on that you install so here’s he what you’re gonna do once you have the add-on you click on the admin login and you’ll get prompted to this so this is the keyword so here they already had this all prompted up so it makes it super super easy sometimes they automated other times it depends on the company that pays for this other times you have to specifically do it and you’re gonna look for this website and Coyle net typically it’s highlighted and it may take some time to find it so for this example here we go American hemp oil so we click on this we’re gonna hover here until this timer counts down to zero so if you can try to just scroll around what they’re doing I’ve talked about this in a previous video but they’re manipulating the CTR on Google to make it seem like there is a larger interest in this website than there actually is to increase their rankings on Google so being that you do get graded as someone who works for SERP clicks you want to do everything you can to actually provide a well so good service and to do that make it look natural Google is aware that these types of exist but if you make it seem like you’re a regular person just just do what you would normally do right scroll around quickly highlight so if you make it seem like you’re a normal person not a bot they will actually get a benefit from this so now you wait 30 seconds and you get paid it’s very very simple now a lot of these websites they work but the problem is that you need to really juggle 10 to 20 of them just to make even like a part-time income there is one website that I would choose that I recommend to everyone that I meet that is looking to make money online there’s one that I would choose if I had to start all over again and I was looking for the fastest way to go from zero to $10,000 per month this is the website and I’m gonna be sharing with that with you in a second but before before that before I got to the point of having my own office being where I am today working on hours I was working a nine-to-five right I in the Florida heat like I live in Florida and I was working in the heat in a Thai vex suit doing manual labor working with fiberglass I hated it hated it hated it not only was I just like physically hating it right coming home covered in fiberglass dust but I every day all right Sunday nights were the worst thinking about waking up and every day waking up the repetition it was just my numbing it went on and that that same thing went on for so long you know if I just look back and wish I could just shake myself it went on for so long until I finally tried to make some money online where I went to give it a shot well I wound up failing over and over over and over and I thought really everybody was lying there’s no way that this actually works I was at my wit’s end and I just I didn’t think this worked thought everybody was renting stuff and faked it all but when I finally met a few of the guys who I consider some of my closest friends today that is when everything changed since then I wake up when I want not covered in fiber we live in a condo right on the beach and I could spend as much time with my family as I want and again that changed when I finally started listening to people who had what I wanted years ago though before this I was spending we were spending entire year we were renting a room in a house with three other roommates they’re a bit older they’ve loved to drink and smoke quite a bit which attracted a very shady audience it just made life difficult right all those people there going in my kitchen in the morning was just uncomfortable and obviously sleeping normal hours was out so with that negative experience before I got to where I am today we spoke we had a conversation I spoke to my wife and asked her now that I’m at the point of making this full-time passive income thing now that I’m here where would you want to live if you could pick anywhere and she picked the beach and that’s where we’re living now we went from that tiny apartment to living in a part a condo that is literally four times the size of that full thing just for us at this point right where I am today I can honestly say that I’m I’m in a mindset and every day has been millions in leap in lightyears ahead of anywhere where I’ve ever been in my life right I’m at a point where I feel free I don’t feel anxiety like I did I obviously not every day is just the you know sunshine daisies but for the most part when you look at it compared to my previous it’s incredible I’m living a life where I can literally just grab my laptop work from wherever I want whenever I want and so that’s what I want to share with you right if you want to learn how to create a full time passive income online I know this sounds buzz wordy but just don’t let that don’t tune it out because of that where you can make money literally while you sleep while you travel or whatever you want to do alright play video games I don’t I don’t care whatever you want to do if you would like to do that check out the link below in the video description I’ll be sharing with you exactly how you can do that but if you like just stick to the simplicity of it all feel free huh no pressure check out my free youtube videos consider clicking that subscribe button below like this video if you got any value from it and let me know in the comments what you thought