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[Vider id=75 ]I’m going to show you exactly how to earn 500 dollars per day by typing names all you have to do is follow these three simple steps I’m about to show you right now all right so here are the three key steps to make 500 dollars per day consistently typing names okay number one I’m going to show you where to login to set up your free account number two I’m going to show you which tools you will need to help you type the names of the fastest and number three I’m going to show you how to automate this 500 dollars into your bank account now to set up your account all you have to do is go to www.skybanditz.com okay squad help calm so you’re gonna come to this site right and this is where companies need help coming up with names and logos and they’re willing to pay hundreds of dollars for you to do that for them okay so when you come over to this site you’re going to scroll all the way down okay scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see a little portion of the site that says become a creative right here on resources so you’re gonna click on become a creative and it’s gonna take you to this right here okay so think you are creative join our community and participate in branding contests so these are actually contests where these companies will say hey we’re going to give away $100 $500 $1000 to the winner of the contest just for coming up with a brand name so it’s really by random so they might like yours they might like someone else’s but it’s really cool because you can join all of these different contests and you might win a handful of them and that’s easy money to your bank account okay so all you’re gonna do is submit your ideas in naming slogan and logo contests number two contest holders are gonna rate your ideas and provide feedback in the number-three you’re gonna earn cash awards if your idea is selected by the company okay so you’re gonna earn badges and points and bragging rights when your ideas are liked so you’re gonna come here to this site and then you are going to go ahead and scroll down and click join now now when you click this button join now it’s gonna take you to your dashboard now this dashboard is exactly where you can see all the contests you can you know hook up your bank account hook up your PayPal account whatever you’d like to get paid out in and this is where we will come so we’re gonna go to contest right here and we’re gonna click on active contest obviously we want to participate in something that is going live right now businesses are you know paying money right now to people like you and me for doing these contests so we’re gonna click this it’s going to come over to this page right here where there are 289 contests now there might be something that populates right here that says for me you’re gonna exit out of that and it’s gonna populate all of these contests okay so as you can see we can scroll down and we can kind of compare how many entries like this one brand name for an entertainment and arts business now you’re probably thinking yourself Ryan I don’t know how to come up with the name that’s totally fine I’m going to show you a tool that will come up with the name for you and you could just submit that one so this one’s nice because there’s only 67 entries so not many not much competition there right where if we scroll down we see this one has four hundred nine entries this one might be a little bit harder to win so and we can scroll down and just see why there are more entries as well so this one pays out three hundred dollars to the winner that’s probably why there’s more entries so you might as well do a hundred dollar payout or a two hundred dollar payout and just do more of those because you’re more likely to win those like this one only pays out a hundred but there’s only 67 people competing so you’re probably going to win these more often than not because everyone’s going over the biggest pay out right everyone is going after that pay out so you can scroll down and kind of see what’s out there like this one has 622 entries pays out 200 bucks this one has 1149 entries and the reason that is because it pays out 500 dollars guaranteed prize so you know you can enter these as well and this this will give you a good chance to win $500 now we’re gonna go ahead and click on this one right here brand name for an entertainment and arts business this was posted 43 minutes ago 4 days left to win $100 and we can do multiple of these but I’m gonna show you for example this one we’re gonna click on this and it’s gonna take you here and this is where you’re going to see what they’re actually offering like what is it about what is their business about because you’re gonna you have to know a little bit about their business to come up with a good brand name right so they’re they want a brand name and they want it to have to do with entertainment and arts ok and we can scroll down primary country for the brand our business is India try to incorporate these keywords in your ideas in the name goofy so you’re gonna want to write that down because goofy is something that they want incorporated into the brand name ok maximum number of words three words maximum number of letters they prefer a short name okay and preferred type of name made-up blends compound plan words open to all ideas okay so what we’re gonna do now is go to this site right here this is named licks com name licks com now this is a business name generator so you’re gonna type in what I’m typing in is goofy because they wanted that incorporate it and then entertainment arts because that’s the type of business I’m gonna click on generate and then they want it a short name so we’re gonna click on short name and we’re gonna go ahead and generate right here so as you can see it’s initializing and it’s generating so there are lots of different names here right crafty culture Alliant erotic aunt tale okay Hugh more I like that one that’s actually a pretty good one this one right here I would probably pick that just off the top of my head just looking around this one kind of make sense okay and it has to deal with like goofy right so you can kind of scroll down and see there’s geeky art art too and you know I’ll actually like this one right here that Hugh Moore so you can go ahead and get this literally for free that’s a brand name right there generated for you and submit that okay now to even go further to make sure that you win the contest it’s probably best that you create a logo for them as well so what we’re gonna do is go to this site right here called free logo design and we’re gonna enter the company name that we came up with which was Hugh Moore okay and we’re going to see that it already comes up with logos right here very simple logos okay right here he more you more so and these are logos that you can take and you could submit as well to the company okay so you can go ahead and submit those to the company and potentially win the hundred dollars now you will need to do at least 10 to 20 of these every single day to ensure that you are making 500 dollars per day okay now the issue with that is you’re always gonna have to show up okay so what if I told you there’s a way where you can automate this process you can automate $500 profits into your bank account without having to show up every single day and figure out names and figure out logos okay because that is exactly what I was doing here at this job handing out milkshakes and washing dishes okay sure I was making $500 not per day but I was making $500 maybe per week at best but the issue was that I had to show up every single day and I had a boss breathing over my shoulder I didn’t enjoy what I was doing and I knew that that wasn’t going to get me out of my credit card debt or get me to financial freedom now you can probably relate with me I can tell you right now you’re not going to get rich from creating these brand names and entering contests right because you might not win all of them so what helped me leave this job was I met a mentor this guy was making hundreds of millions of dollars online and he showed me exactly how to generate passive income okay now Warren Buffett says if you don’t learn how to make money while you sleep then you’ll work until the day you die and I took that into heart and this mentor showed me how to create a business that sells products online while I’m sleeping okay and within the first six months I was able to generate these types of numbers right here as you can see three hundred fifty five thousand dollars in my bank account I was able to quit that job I was able to pay off my credit card debt and start enjoying life okay I was able to start enjoying the freedoms of making great money okay in fact I was able to go on this vacation right here and I want you to experience the same type of vacations with me okay I want you to be able to sit by a pool and start generating passive income while you’re relaxing all right I know it sounds kind of too good to be true but if you click the first link down below this video it’s gonna walk you through the same training that I went through in fact my mentor is going to walk you through a 15 day challenge from day one not knowing anything about earning money online or earning passive income to day 15 being able to generate your first dollars online okay so go ahead and click the first link down below this video enter the business builder challenge and schedule a call with your coach on the first day okay you get a free one-on-one business coach that you’re going to be able to contact at any time but you have to schedule your call in the first day or you will not be able to do that okay so schedule your call click the first link in the description or go ahead and watch one of these two videos that I’m going to link right up here which shows you additional ways to make money online take care