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[Vider id=8 ]you guys can see right here $500 guaranteed prize $500 guaranteed prize and for once this literally is as easy as it seems it’s not some crazy thing it’s not rocket science you don’t need a website you don’t need any money to get started if you can type with your fingers on a keyboard you can make $500 today and literally the only thing you need to know to make this work is you have fingers you have a keyboard and you type with your fingers if so then this video might be perfect for you in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you how you can make $500 or more simply by typing name and I know that might sound crazy but I’m going to prove it to you in this video that you from anywhere in the world with absolutely no money to get started from a computer or a smartphone or literally anything that can connect to the Internet now the reason that I’m doing this video today is because I get comments all the time saying Kevin give me something that I can do from anywhere in the world Kevin give me something that I can do it takes zero money to get started Kevin give me a way to make money that I can literally do from my smartphone and so as always guys I have answered the people’s request and so I’ve put together this video to show you guys just how crazy and ridiculous this opportunity is it’s probably the best single method that I’ve found to make you guys money with zero money to get started and no type of skills and no type of foreign investment you don’t even need a computer to do this one so make sure you stick around for the full video because I’m going to be showing you some very fun hacks that actually make you more money during the strategy and near the end I’m actually gonna reveal a very ultra top secret strategy that is going to make you the most possible money in the fastest possible time leveraging this strategy and let’s face it if you can’t even watch a ten minute video that’s literally going to lay out step by step by step how to make five hundred dollars per day online with zero skills or money then you probably aren’t ready to start earning that type of money so stick around through this video we’re gonna jump into my computer right now I’m gonna show you guys exactly how you can start to make $500 or more per day with literally zero money to get started let’s go so this is actually inside of my squad hub account you can right here that there’s a number of different things we’re gonna walk through all of these one by one but really quick we’re actually going to go to winners and then we’re gonna do leaderboard by contest one right and we can see right last month this user actually lido dino won ten different contests and one forty dot forty-nine thousand four hundred and thirty-four dollars right the person in second one eight contest they want eight thousand four hundred and forty three dollars all designs one forty seven thousand one hundred and fifty three dollars and the reason that you see these big differences is sometimes they have you know huge contests where they give significantly more than five hundred dollars i’m from these like mega companies and these funded software companies that have essentially infinite pockets from venture capitalists and things like that but you can see right here right even eight thousand dollars in a single month nine thousand dollars in a single month thirteen thousand dollars in a single month all of these different people right are making a significant amount of money using squad help i’m gonna be going over exactly how they did that step by step by step and before we actually get into how to start earning that type of money using squad help it’s important to understand exactly what squad help is because it’s actually a really good idea and when you have really good ideas and businesses that capitalize on them that is when the opportunity that you can make a significant amount of money becomes much more realistic so how does squad help actually work well basically there’s thousands of companies all around the world that need help naming their business the perfect name is hard think about how you feel when you hear Nike and Google or Amazon and they seem like they’ve always been a part of our everyday life but at one point someone somewhere had to come up with that perfect name and companies are willing to pay a lot of money for that perfect name if you’re thinking yourself Kevin are there really businesses out there that are willing to pay for someone to come in and literally type a name for them the answer is absolutely yes and I understand it can be hard to kind of think from scratch and try to come up with the perfect name and so a little trick that I like to do when I’m doing this is to alleviate that writer’s block because you know everybody knows that if you sit down to write a paper you sit down to try to think of something from scratch it’s much more difficult to do it then if you have something ample so look at so what I like to do is come over here to winners and go to recent winners and the cool thing is you can literally see the winning designs the winning names the winning everything of these people and you can literally see the exact prize they won all from you know yesterday you can see the winning design think Lee right it was just a great name for a website you know I’m actually kind of mad that I didn’t think of that choose wisely choose Higgins right tagline for an injury lawyer we can see you know all types of different examples here at tagline for a real estate agency the flexibility you want the experience you need $300 I could have thought of that literally in like two seconds this is actually making me mad that I didn’t think of these need a logo for a social on brand right we can see the logo right here if you do have graphic artistry skills you can also you know design logos as well magazine name for a biotech community good genes right spelled GE NES that’s a $300 winner right there brand name for a casual dining business serve well and the thing is guys there’s a lot of different ways that you can maximize your chances of your company or business name actually having a higher probability of winning which we’re going to get into in a second but before we actually get into how to maximize your probability of winning so you can make the most possible money in the least amount of time and the least amount of effort I want to show you guys kind of how the website works so that you feel very comfortable you know once you actually sign in create your free account so that you’re not you know overwhelmed or feeling confused once you actually log in so once you log in you’re gonna come to your dashboard view which we can see right here we can see the active contest you can see explorer names tag lines logos the marketplace right they also sell premium domain names we’re not going to be talking about in this particular video you can see winners right which is very important you can see what types of designs what types of brand names what types of tag lines are actually being chosen by people you know the simplicity look for patterns things like that when I was first starting right I looked at all the recent winners I looked at all of the leaderboards for the contest won the leaderboards for ratings the rising stars all of those right I scroll through every single one cuz you can see that there’s some things that really have commonalities right taglines are generally not you know longer than four or five words most brand names are company names are kind of a pun or a play on words like you saw think Lee was spelled instead of think with an eye it was spelled with a Y and it looked really cool and it was a very short little URL and things like that which is another little hack that we’re gonna talk about later on you always want to make sure that the name you submit as your contest entry is available from a URL perspective because think about it like this these companies are looking for an overall brand they’re gonna want to buy the domain they’re gonna want to get the Instagram the Facebook the social media presence so before you actually submit your name one of the little hacks and we’re gonna go over a few more in a second but one of the little hacks I like to use is making sure that the domain and things like that are actually available because you know that people are gonna want that when they actually choose your winning name and so the first thing that we’re gonna do once we actually come in here is go to active contest right we’re gonna go to all but you know what we’re gonna focus on for this particular video is actually naming but like I said before you can also submit logos and you can also submit tag lines and tag lines are just as easy as naming but instead of actually thinking of a brand or a company name like Apple you would think of a tag line like think different right so it’s basically the same thing and so what we’re gonna focus on in this video is naming but tag line is also a very easy very reasonable way to make money that works in the exact same way but instead of just a brand name like Nike you think of the tagline like just do it and so the first thing that we’re gonna do is actually come into naming here instead we’re gonna actually reset the filter take off a sign to me we’re gonna look for things that have guaranteed prizes right and we can actually sort these by newest because you want to make sure that when you actually sign up for squad help that you are applying to every single one of these right product name for a health and wellness business there’s only a hundred and twenty three entries which is crazy right so if I applied right now even if nothing else happened I would have like a five or a four or five percent chance of winning just because there’s so few people actually in here ninety-one entries right a hundred dollar grand prize which is not as big as I’m the five hundred dollar one that we looked at but like I said we can actually go to a ward amount here and we can see that there’s five hundred dollars here five hundred dollars here five hundred five hundred three hundred 300 300 300 right a lot of different ways to actually make money but I like to look by newest instead of award amount necessarily because you know how squad help works is all the people are concentrating on the 500 are ones which means that people are leaving out right the $100 ones the $200 ones the 150s the 300s and I’d rather apply for all of those low competition ones then be one of a thousand entries for the 500 dollar ones it gives you a much higher likelihood of actually being selected and winning the overall contest and then getting paid so let’s actually click into one of these and see a little bit more details about this particular contest what is your business or brand about we’re automating and simplifying the way green offices are run right so you know that they’re not only interested in businesses you know that they’re not only interested in technology but they’re also interested in automation and they’re and they’re interested in about creating green offices right so you want to make sure that your actual brand name that you submit sounds green it sounds environmentally friendly right you might call it something like eco office automation right and I just thought of that in one second but that’s actually not a bad it’s not a bad name so do you want a.com URL right so like I said before most of these businesses do want things that are available and so we’re gonna use a couple of tools that’s gonna make this way easier right so let’s just identify first a couple of words that really say what this company’s about automation green offices right technology so we’re just gonna choose automation green and offices right because that’s kind of what their business is about you always want to kind of look for things in the first sentence or two because companies generally put what they’re mainly concerned with at the beginning of what their brand is about and then they kind of you know move on to things that are less and less important right I’m it’s aiming to make a sustainable behavior a new normality in every office so we’re gonna go to a website called named licks comm and what this does is it actually generates business names for you based on artificial intelligence and an algorithm they created right so we’re gonna do office or we’re gonna do green automation office right and we’re gonna generate some names and we’re gonna do short names medium names long names I think short names generally look a little bit better select the name style brandable names right like Google and Trulia that aren’t necessarily like real words foreign words misspellings right I actually generally like to do brandable names but a lot of times people really like foreign words I’ve found as well and we’re gonna generate right and what nameless is gonna do is they’re gonna go out and find all these different things that people might be interested in right up zone Mike let what wat cog I’m like office but teef is key crow em link right there’s all these different words here that they’re actually doing I really like bro text pay ticks see mm mine right all these different words that they’re going out and actually finding um and then we can see whether or not they’re available right so there’s a bunch of different stuff here again we can go back to nameless we can do it one more time let’s do automation Eco office right generate let’s do a medium name here I’m and then it’s going to go back out look through all these different names I like to skip the premium ones cuz they’re generally really expensive like we can see that this one’s 2150 but this one is you know only the normal cost of a domain which is like ten dollars robots see cyber pack you know edge labs all of these different things grub tech right just gives us ideas about what we could actually you know look for that might be available that might be you know inexpensive kind of gets our our brain moving at least you can see that some of these premium ones we’re probably gonna want to skip but again like I said there’s lots of different things to take a look at another way that you can actually look to generate the perfect URL and remember people always want the dot-com URL almost always so this is a good way to kind of get ideas without having to think too much on your own and the next little trick that I’m gonna show you is actually called named mesh and we can see here we’re gonna type in automation Eco actually automation office eco right and we’re gonna generate and what’s gonna happen is named mesh is going to go out and it’s gonna look at a bunch of different available actually domains here and then we can also look at things where they mix things up like fun ones right like auto automate if Asst automation ice autumn office right lots of different ones right here that you can like take a look at you can also see the ones that are available from a common perspective automation office eco org automation office eco us automation office eco comm all these different URLs that are actually available you can look through all of these and then see kind of what strikes your fancy and then you can check to see what’s actually available from a calm perspective and that can be your submission and that can be your way of really kind of getting inside of people’s heads looking at the keywords that they’re interested in and then actually creating something knowing that the dot-com domain is available already which is definitely going to be a consideration that they have for they actually choose the winning name and the cool thing about squad help guys is you really only have to get one or two wins to actually earn a full-time wage and if you get more than that right or you actually win one of the larger contests you can actually make significantly more doing this and you can do a lot of different things to actually increase the likelihood of you winning right you can make multiple squad help accounts if you make ten account and you have ten different submissions with ten different names that gives you a ten times higher probability of actually winning each contest and if you’re applying to every single contest you have a very very high probability of actually winning some of these especially if you have multiple entries and the thing is like always guys 99% of people are not going to actually take any action watching this video so be the 1% of people who actually takes action and if you enjoyed this video be the 1% of people who actually taps on that like button and leave a comment down below letting me know a strategy or a tip or a trick that you’ve learned from me or anywhere online that has actually made you money leave a comment down below and let me know and one more little quick note when you are setting up your account there is a $5 fully refundable fee and the reason that they do that and the reason that they refund it to you is just to keep people out who are just gonna waste time and not actually take it seriously not actually submit good high-quality brand names and really not be serious about it so they have a one-time $5 completely 100% refundable charge just to keep people out who are not serious just to let people in who are actually going to you know put for some effort create some awesome brand names and make a bunch of money doing this and guys this is a great place to start but if you’re really looking for something where you can make you know $1,000 $2,000 even $5,000 or more every single month my number one recommendation for you to check out if you want to start a business for less than a hundred dollars total check out the link down in the description want map comm where I teach you how you can create a full time business making five thousand dollars or more every single month for less than $100 total to get started want math calm down in the description guys or if you want to learn an even better way to make money online check out this video right here where I teach you how you can make $1,000 per week with no job I promise you it’s gonna be a good one see you there yo what’s up you want to learn how to make $1,000 per week with no job even better yet zero money to start in a vehicle