How To Make Money On Instagram in 2020

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[Vider id=58 ]in this video I’m gonna show you an awesome way that you can use to make money on Instagram today even if you’ve got no followers and no one will need to start wave hi guys welcome back to this channel if you new here my name is Liam James Kay and this channel is all about entrepreneurship making money online and marketing and I am super super excited because today’s video is gonna be amazing honestly I’m going to share with you an incredible way that you can make money using Instagram even if you don’t have any followers on Instagram even if you don’t have your own products to promote you don’t need anything like that and you can even do it if you’ve got no money to start with now this isn’t one of those click Bakey videos where i’m going to show you a strategy that doesn’t really work or that I’ve never tried myself this is a strategy a way that I’m making money on Instagram at the moment and you can do this strategy today if you follow these steps there’s no reason why you can’t make money on Instagram at the end of this video so before I dive in and show you the strategy I just want to show you my phone so you can see that this way of making money really works I’m just gonna show you my stripe notifications so these are payments that come in fruit from this very strategy that anglers share of you today and you can see there’s lots of payments coming through to my phone obviously there’s a lot of $1.00 payments there’s some free dollars then there’s some more like $17 payments and I’m gonna explain the whole strategy so in this video I’m gonna explain the whole strategy to show you how I’m making those sales and I don’t need to use my followers don’t have any products that I’m promoting of my own but I’m going to explain everything I’m actually going to show you on the whiteboard Bahamut a breakdown of how I’m making this money and then I’m gonna dive into my laptop and I’m going to show you exactly how it works but I think it’s best if either to explain it on here so you get the concept of it because this is a proper way of making money and I want you to by the end of it know exactly how to do it I was actually considering like a genuinely it was planning on like creating this as a paid like training a paid course but I thought Noli and just put out on your video you want to be good content on your YouTube channel so I decided to just to do this video and put it on YouTube but what I’m going to teach you in this video is a solid way of making money I was gonna charge for it’s just bear that in mind and make sure you’re paying attention so I created the name for a call this it so it’s called the $1 cash machine now you’ll find out why it’s called the $1 cash machine in a moment but I’m going to explain basically how it works so what we actually do is we’re going to leverage the followers of other people so we’re actually leveraging the followers of Instagram influencers so people that have already got massive followings on Instagram and we’re actually going to leverage their followers so we don’t need our own followers and we’re gonna get these people these influences to share a link on their stories are on their Instagram feed to their audience and that’s going to lead fro to our page so this is a page that we own and we’re going to get these influences to share our page now there’s two ways of doing this there’s a paid way so we can just pay them to share it which is the paid way of doing it there’s also a way that we can do it for free which I’m going to reveal a little bit later in this video so make sure you stay tuned for that but basically we we get these people to share a link to our page and on that page we are selling some kind of digital product I didn’t need to write that on but some kind of digital product like an e-book or it could even be a course or like a fitness guide or something like that that’s what’s gonna be for sale on this page now we haven’t got to create that product that’s the key part of this we’re not creating the product we didn’t have to learn how to write an e-book and create that and pull out for sale that’s not what we’re doing that’s a different strategy in this we’re actually going to be using products that other people have created and selling them but this isn’t affiliate marketing so we’re not going to get a commission we’re actually gonna get the rights to products like ebooks or video training courses where we can have the full rights to them and we can sell it as many times as we want for whatever price we want and that’s key to this it’s called PLR or something like that but I’m going to show you where the websites where we get these from in this video and you can actually get them for free so you can get the right to a product that someone else has created for free and you can sell it for a profit as well so I’m going to show you how to do that but it’s not just a case of selling someone else’s ebooks and things like that the way this worked so well is we actually sell it for $1 that’s why it’s called the $1 cash machine so we sell some kind of high quality ish high quality product like an e-book and we sell it for a dollar and we get this influencer to promote it for us and send their traffic care now this converts really really well because we’re not just getting any influencer we’re gonna find an influencer or an Instagram page in a very specific niche it could be like a specific diet or it could be a way of making money online or it could be something like that we found an influencer in that specific niche we then get the e-book or the digital product in that specific niche so we’re teaming up the the product with the the perfect audience and we’re giving them a crazy deal because it’s only going to be $1 which means the conversions on this page is very very high now there’s another thing that we actually do on this page which I’m gonna show you when I jump on my laptop in a minute which makes the conversions of this page go even crazy it’s not just about selling an e-book for a dollar there’s more to it is one more step one more thing that you do which makes people pull out their credit cards and snap it off straight away which I’m going to show you it in a moment but you might be watching this thinking well you’re not going to become rich just by selling $1 products and obviously you’re not gonna become rich by selling $1 products but this is just the star I don’t really care about this $1 this $1 is just the star for us so then what we do is we actually then upsell these people to another page and on this page it says we know you’ve purchased this $1 ebook about a certain diet but would you like to have would you like to cut the learning curve in half and learn via video because we’ve got this special video training which is going to teach you more than what that ebook was gonna teach you and because you already purchased our ebook we’re gonna give you a crazy deal on it so what you do is you give them like a mid ticket upsell of around about 17 dollars and it’s a no-brainer and the key with both of these things is we’re making them both irresistible offers they’re super irresistible so it’s it’s almost the one dollar here with this little trick which I’m going to show you in a minute he’s an irresistible offer they then think that’s art I’m not gonna faint I’m not gonna buy anything else today they get to this page and it’s like do you want to learn ten times quicker you can have this video course which usually cost $300 but I’m gonna give it you for $17 and because they already entered their bank details and on this page if you haven’t got to enter them again they just got a click a button so we get a lot of people actually purchasing this upsell and that’s when we start making the money we don’t really care about this this product this is just to get people in get them interested and get them pulling out their credit card and then they come to this stage they purchase the upsell then what we do is we can actually send them to another product oh yeah I forgot to say so this this course that we’re selling here you can also get them from the same website that I got this this ebook from and where we own the rights to it we can sell it as many times as we want and we can put whatever price we want on it so we add that in there and then what you can do is you can go well if this is a diet product this is going to teach you about nutrition say and then we’ve got a course about nutrition you can actually get an novel product from the website where I’m going to show you a minute and oh yeah and you can you can say well you wanna buy this fitness ebook which is actually gonna teach you about weight training to complement the product they’ve already bought and that’s going to be ten dollars say just for instance and what you can see you can start to sell them more and more products in this same funnel and then what we all should do is it doesn’t end there there’s another way of making money we then because there’s only so many info products we can promote to them you can’t just keep saying you’re on about an offer you booked wanna buy another cost want to buy another ebook join a band of a course because they’re they’re gonna get overloaded but if saying this example they want to get fit there might be some supplements out there that we could promote and we don’t own them and you can’t get the rights to them but you can become an affiliate for supplements and things like that so you could say you could have on this page I’m going to show you my example of this in a minute so you can see all working and you can see what what I mean but we can then forward them on to a supplement which helps them achieve their goal which is why they opted in for this ebook at the beginning a lot quicker now we might get 50% Commission for sending them to that supplement so there’s multiple ways of making money and all we’ve done is we’ve just got an influencer in a specific niche to promote was a $1 ebook that’s it and the rest is just done this is all automated inside the sales for which you’re created but it’s just in there because when they bought this first product they would have entered their email address so then what we can do is we can email these people and they’re supposed to be envelopes by the way we can email these people with even if they don’t buy this affiliate product we can send that to them or we could send over affiliate products to them that are about their niche or we could even sell over ebooks and things which we’ve got the right term and the great thing about this and why this is a goldmine but because this is super super concentrated people on your email list so if you manage to sell hundred ebooks that means you’ve got you’re gonna make some profit from these upsells but you’re also got hundred people on your email list that you know are definitely interested in a specific niche and that’s what’s key to this it’s all about finding a specific niche you don’t just want to be generic I’m gonna find a really specific niche you’ve got these people on your email list that are definitely interested in that but not only the interested they didn’t just enter their email address to say they were interested they pulled out their credit card and they purchased even if they only bought the front offer for $1 you’ve still got people that are serious and definitely interested which means they’re way more valuable to sell products to in the future and that is how it worked and you can keep sending them emails for a year as you want and other products but that’s how it worked and that’s the strategy I’m actually going to show you my live example on my computer now and show you it in action so you can see how it works and this little secret that I’ve got at the front of the funnel which explodes conversions plus I’m going to show you how we can do this bit for free as well okay so let’s dive into it when I jump onto my computer now and show you everything okay so we’re just on my computer now and I’m gonna walk you through kind of everything step by step and I’ll show you one of my examples one of the ways that I’ve been using to make money so first thing you want to do is you need to find a niche a specific niche now this is really really important for this to work you can’t try and be generic you need to find your target audience before you start finding the product before you start building the sales for them and that target audience needs to have big Instagram pages and big influencers in that niche so the one that I went for in this example which I’m gonna show you today is keto so it’s a keto diet so you all you do is you want to look at it’s just going to the explore page on Instagram look at all of the top categories that’s a good way to start try and find one which is in hell wealth and relationships one of those phrase of good category to go with because you can make a lot of money either probably be ebooks in them categories and then you want to niche down even more so obviously keto diet falls into health because it’s about health and fitness but I didn’t just want to create a funnel and promote products about health and fitness I went down even further and I found keto because I don’t a keto diet before so as you can see here that the hashtag keto has got 14 million posts but there’s lots more different variations of it there and there’s a lot of people posting in it there’s a lot of theme pages in this and there’s a lot of influences in this so once you kind of have an idea of what you want to focus on then you need to go and find and see these actually pre pre-made products in that niche which we can get the rights to resell so the website which I’ll use is ID PLR now I’ll leave a link to it in the description my affiliate link and you want to check this out you can join this for free and you can actually get the right two products for free so you sign up I think they give you like two access to two hundred of their products and you can you can resell them for free and they also give you some other things as well some of bonuses I upgrade it it’s only like a hundred dollars for lifetime access to all which is what I did but you can do it for friends gonna login I’ll show you kind of how it works where I found the products so here they’ve got all of these products ebooks software videos templates graphics now a lot of them are some of them are a little bit shoddy and they’re not great so you have got to kind of find high-quality ones in here so the main one I focus on for the front end is an e-book because you can just sell it for a dollar and then you have the opportunity to upsell to that videos and stuff later on so I’ll click on this master resell rights which means that we can we can sell it we can’t change it but I don’t really need to change it I just want to sell stuff which is ready to go to be honest and then you can see all of these ebooks down here and you just want to find a high-quality one so this is this one about fruit vegetables this one’s about vlogging this one’s about Amazon FBA you’ve got one about memory hacks positive thinking and basically you can take any of these and sell them that’s basically it even with a free account they give you a couple of these that you can sell but I just went on here and searched Quito and then you can see down here all of the key till ones so the one that I went with which I thought was look to the highest quality is this the bulletproof keto diet which is basically an e-book kind of guide thing which teaches you about the keto diet and plus points and minuses and all this thing and it basics and the keto diet and he says product terms it can be sold it can be packing over all the products we can change the sales lab we can offer as a bonus we can do loads of things to it we just can’t edit it basically but the other reason why I chose this is because go back is if you look here the bulletproof keto diet video upgrade so they’ve got a little video course as well which I can get the rights to and that means that I can upsell to the video course and it matches so it is part of the same brand and got edit anything so got the e-book on the front and I can already got a product so I can upsell straight away I also did use this keto diet book as well on a another little upsell which I’ll show you in a minute so they were the free main products that I used for this and then I’m gonna show you the actual form now so this is the basic sales page I created to promote this ebook so basically I just use the image that I got from ID PLR added in a little title it’s only made for people on Instagram so it’s just quick straight to the point people have not got a lot of time few bullet points about what it is and then get their copy there I have got more information down here but it again it is quite basic straight to the point and it works and so this is the sales page I created a cartridge you can use whichever kind of sales funnel builder that you like I use Cartwright if you want to check it out you can sign up for a trial in the description below and a little bit later on in the video I’ll show you where you can actually get this done for you sales funnel for free as well but yeah so basically that’s the sale that the sales page that I created I also created the upsell pages as well which I talked about in here and I’m going to go through the funnel step-by-step in a moment like a customer to show you how it all works but once we’ve got that side we actually need to send it to an influencer so they can share it with their audience so what why here’s I just found influencers using this hashtag Kito finding people that were getting a lot of engagement on their posts clicking on them double checking that they match my audience and then you just follow them send them a little DM explaining that you’re promoting an e-book about keto your interesting their diet and you can ask them how much they charge to promote it I will show you how you can get to get them to Moorea for free as well in this video but that’s the quickest way to to get results and it’s just to pay them and get them to share it and hopefully we’ll start to make our money back if we pay say fifty dollars for someone to share it on their store err we might not make all of our money back right at the start from the $1 sales we might just make a good chunk of it but then we only need one or two upsells we made our money back and we’re in profit and we’re building our email list and we’re sending them to affiliate products as well so yeah it does work great so what we do is we we find the influencers go for a list of them because what I found as well as loads of them don’t get back to you it’s really annoying it’s because of the Instagram inbox they don’t put it straight in their main inbox so you have to inbox lots of them or you can try and email them as well if their email details are there get a list of loads of people you gotta ask them their prices so then what we do when you find someone you’ve agreed that you can promote to I’m gonna show you my story that I was using for this one it’s just here so as you can see this is it’s pretty basic who wants this amazing awesome $29 keto guide for just $1 use coupon code key toh VIP and instantly save $28 swipe up now one thing you’re going to notice about this is it’s pretty basic and it looks quite like amateur that’s the angle that you go for so I didn’t create this in canva I didn’t create this trying to be out in Photoshop and get them to share it like a real actor I actually created it on my phone using Instagram stories typing out and adding an image because the key to this is you want it to look like the person the influencer that you’re using are the page that you’re using he’s just suggesting it to their followers and they’ve just created themselves because they want to help their followers out so you kind of want to make you look quite amateur in a way yeah that’s so that works really well but the over bit the bit that I mentioned earlier this secret sauce is this bit here use coupon code key to VIP so what we do is this is what makes the conversions work so well because we give the influencer that’s promoting it a specific coupon code that they can share with their followers so I’ll just show you it now on this funnel so this is the funnel which I would get the influencer to share and then they click get copy now and as you can see the checkout page it says that the product is $29 but because they’ve got a coupon code from that influencer they type in the coupon code Kito VIP click apply and bam to get it for $1 now that is so much better than just saying who wants this ebook for a dollar because if you say who wants this ebook for a dollar people will just think it’s not even worth it it’s a crappy little ebook it only cost a dollar they don’t really care about it but if you make it more like it’s a special deal for their followers and you need to use a coupon code so they can see the price actually coming off before their eyes the conversion just go through the roof and that’s why it worked so well because we’re not selling cheap products we’re selling high quality products that happen to have a discount code now discount coupons is included in Carter which is another reason why I use it it’s just included in the plan for frame you can just add coupon codes to any of your any of your products which is pretty cool but yeah so you want to use coupon codes that is the key to making this work oh and another thing that I like to say is you can also add order pumps as well so this is how we start to call back even more money straight away so even though they get in this ebook for $1 and you can see that they’re once they fill in their details let’s put it in here now Liam okay and then when they enter their credit card details just below you can see that there’s another little upsell before it’s called an audible where we’re giving away a keto cookbook which should cost $17.99 but they can get it for $4 again it’s another no-brainer offer so in total they’re actually going to be spending $5 if they go for that and that is another ebook which we got from ID PLR as well so you can start to make even more money back straightaway before we even got into the upsells so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to put it into test mode and then I’m going to go through the upsells as well so you can see how the funnel works from start to finish how we also introduce the affiliate product and I’m going to show you how you can get the influencers for free as well so make sure you keep watch him okay so just put it into test mode now so I’ll just go through the funnel now it shows us $29 just because the coupon codes don’t work in test mode but we don’t need to enter any bank details or anything it’s just so we can see how the funnel works so when a submit payment now redirects straight for it to this page so this is just a basic text based sales load really quick and it’s basically just says it skating the off or the bulletproof diet I just went with Katie because I feel like it’s more aimed at like a female audience I’m gonna say well done for governed the bulletproof keto diet guide the guides awesome but reading slow Christmas around the car leaning to be taking action now it imagine if you could learn the secrets 10 times faster because I’ve got a solution we’ve put together a temper no bulletproof Quito video coaching designed to skyrocket your success in time in record time and we sell it usually sells for this price but because you invested in our $30 guide so I’m still making sure they think the product they’ve just purchased is worth $30 rather than $1 you can have like some access for the groundbreaking price of $17 and then you keep going down and then we take them through to this little thing which again is a product which we got from ID PLR I didn’t create this I’ve got the rights to it I can make as much money as I want from this it’s full 60 day money back guarantee just seventeen dollars and there’s a little timer here and they can click yes I want this on no I don’t want it if you click yes I want it it starts to take payment again in the background without them entering their bank details and then it takes them through to this page so they’ve just purchased the 17 dollar product and now I’ve taken them through to this which says your purchases have been sent to your email so they will be sent automatically via Katra but we’ve got one more secret weapon imagine if you could take an ultra-fast shock up to ketosis imagine if you could boost your fat burning while still consuming cars carbs well now you can with keto body tone and there’s a little image here which basically is a supplement which I’m promoting as an affiliate so I don’t own this product this product I just signed up as an affiliate it’s actually on Macs bounty and if someone purchases one of these bottles of this supplement using my link I make I think it’s like $80 they click on this and it redirects them through to this affiliate page and as you can see that’s the sales page I don’t actually own this page so this is an affiliate page but there’s another opportunity for me to make money now I’ve also sent them the products that they purchased via email and I actually started have a conversation with them via email and get them to know me via email so and then I can start to sell other products to them that are going to help them achieve their goals quicker so that’s kind of how it works I’ll just show you here now the types of products as well so on max bounty if you just go into Quito and you can see all of these products where they pay you out eighty five dollars eighty five dollars eighty two dollars sixty eight dollars if you get someone to sign up so there’s loads of opportunities for you to sell other people’s products as well as well as making the money on the front end which we’re making there’s lots of Clickbank products as well which we can promote as an affiliate so yeah and like I said we’re building a really concentrated email list which we can keep in contact with and say send emails to forever basically you can keep on doing that so this is a great really valuable way of making money on Instagram but also building your email list so I’m going to show you now how you can actually do this for free if you’re starting out and you haven’t got the budget to pay for influences at the start and you haven’t got $50 or $100 to be painter influencers I’m going to show you how you can actually do this for free before I do if you do want to get this funnel I’ve created this done for you sales funnel with all of the information in and the upsells are pre-made to save you time you just want to access that so you can edit it yourself and replace the products with your own product it’s just say below the time it’s hosted on cara so if you sign up to cart row with my link below for a $1 trial i’ll send you a copy of this editable funnel so you can you can edit it yourself as much as you like with your own product just save your bit of time rather than start from scratch and i’ve got loads of other bonuses as well if you use my link to sign up to carter as well so that’s in the description but now i’m going to show you how we can actually get influences chests of for free now the way we do it is with an affiliate program so you can actually create an affiliate program for your own products and because this ebook is our own product we can actually create an affiliate program for it now it’s not as complicated or as tricky as it sounds because inside of cart drop you can do this for free it’s included in the car trip kitch so when you actually add a product you can listen you to click a few buttons and you can add an affiliate program so and then what you can do is you can give you you’ve got contact influencers and you can say hi I’ve got I’m promoting this ebook on keto or whatever it is you’re doing it on I’m wondering if you’re interested in sharing it to your ears and what I’ll do is every sale that you make I will give you the one dollar every ebook that you sell you can you can have the $1 I’ll give you a specific affiliate link or you give them 50% throughout the whole funnel it depends on what you want to do but you can give them the $1.00 because you would end up spending $50 in the first place anyway so you let them have that one dollar for every ebook they sell and then you just keep the profit on the upsells and that means they’re going to share it with their audience it’s not costing you a penny upfront they get the money for the dollars which you can pay them by paypal for the one dollar ebook and then you keep all of the profit and I’ll just show you did quickly how you can add this in into cart row so it’s just inside products when you add a product just go through here all the way down to affiliates at the end and this here you so you literally just click change here so I just did this earlier and you can say I want to give the this is the first product so just the e-book on the front and I’m gonna give the any affiliates 100% commission or you can do 50% if you were to given 50 P 50 cents per per book that they sell click Save and then you save all I gives you a little link which you can give them to sign up as an affiliate so it creates your a little signup page like this and all you do that’s you just contact them influencers and said you want to be an affiliate I’ll give you $1 per sale all you have to do is do a quick 24 hours story shout out they sign up to this they’ll get their own unique link and the rest is taking care of it or track their sales and you can pay them out after people have already purchased them so it doesn’t cost you any money but that’s all in there these training videos on how to set up if you are worried about setting it up but it’s really really straightforward so that is the video I hope you found it valuable it is a really good strategy and if you do follow it you can make money on Instagram today so yeah I hoped you enjoyed it if you did please give the video a thumbs up because it really helps me out hit the subscribe button if you’re not subscribed so you get notified when I post other videos like this and hit their Bell notifications as well and also let me know in the comments below what you thought at this video and if you watched it till the end and that’s everything thanks for watching cheers guys you