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[Vider id=24 ][Music] hey guys I’m gonna back this up Nicole and today I’m gonna show you guys a secret method for you to make over $40.00 in a single day with only five minutes of work and this is no joke this is not clickbait you’re gonna see as we go along in this video how easy it is to do this and if you have only five minutes a day this is something you can get into right now and start doing this method and of course you can do this every five minutes of the day and make even much more money so definitely stick around to the end of this video so you can find out exactly how to do this of course it’s really easy to do it’s not complicated at all you can do this from whatever country you live in and some of you guys always ask me in the comments section is this method accepted in India can I do this from Switzerland can I do this from Nigeria it doesn’t matter guys this particular method you’re gonna see that it doesn’t really matter where you live there are even offers inside of this method there are specific to certain countries so you can find offers for your own country that aren’t even available for other countries so that is not a problem at all with this method I hope you guys are gonna enjoy this because everyone can get into it and no one is exempted you’re gonna need a couple of things though first of all you gotta have that five minutes per day to get into this of course you need to put in the time and the work just five minutes of work if you want to spend even more time that’s fine you need at least five minutes of work to start you need a smartphone or if you have a laptop or a computer of some sort that’s even better and you’re gonna need a PayPal account so you can collect your earnings at the end of the day so if you got all that that’s awesome now I need you to do one more thing I need is a nice like button is super duper hard and let’s get right into the video so here’s the website we’re going to use for this method today this is called you I’ve showed you guys some similar websites like this before in the past but this one takes it to a whole different level because now you get to do satisfying work that doesn’t take up a lot of time you only need to spend at least five minutes of work on this website to make about ten to forty dollars per day and if you have more than five minutes of course you can do this over and over it again and keep making even more money and as we go along in this video you’re gonna find out how easy it is to do this so on the home page here you can see how clean the whole thing looks it looks really well design it one thing I always do on this channel is that I always scrutinize the websites I talk about so I don’t just go about picking these random scammy websites and post it on my channel I actually have to go and do research about the website so I can find out if it’s gonna be helpful for you guys or not and this website is absolutely crushing it it has a really nice design and it has a lot of proof that people are actually using this because it has a whole community built around it which is really really awesome so their slogan is get paid to shape the digital landscape that’ll let you know what this whole website is about because on here they pay people like you and me so we can go out and shape the digital landscape or in other words we can go out and help other businesses build their e-commerce businesses so this website is made by a company called applause and like it says here they are the number one destination for freelance software testing and feedback so what those website basically does is find people like you to go out here and help most of these companies who have software that they need a test and they’re gonna pay people to do that for them again I’ve talked about those before many of these companies they really really want people to test and review their websites because they want to find people who are genuine users of their website to point out the problems with their software so they can make them better for their other customers it just makes sense to do that because even if they have a team of engineers working for them those people can’t find out the problem because they’re not unique users they need unique people to come on here and give their honest opinions about their website so that’s basically how it works and if you scroll down on the website here you can see a bunch of offers and a bunch of tests that are currently ongoing on this website here you have a mobile food ordering app and it’s specifically for people living in Singapore so like I said early on in this video you’re gonna see a lot of testing a lot of offers in here there are specific to a lot of different countries so if you live in Singapore for instance you can go ahead and apply to this test and you can get invited to the project install testing immediately so you can get paid as soon as possible next you have a company looking for testers with specific Smart TVs this is a project going on right now in India it was actually just posted yesterday there are a lot of offers being posted every day on this website guys it’s a really popular website again this is like the number one website you want to use if you want to go out and test all these companies from websites and software you’re gonna get really far really quick because it’s really popular and a lot of companies are always posting tests on here so you won’t even find difficult to go ahead and find the test that you’re willing to take on and that the company is willing to pay you for you can get your test devices like this test right here device testing 101 it’s not yours but it’s yours to test so you can test new devices that companies produce or manufacture and even though you don’t get to keep it you get to use it and get paid for it it just it’s just really nice how all of this works and they don’t charge you any money to get started or buy a membership plan or nothing like that it’s completely free no credit card required and you can get started with this as soon as possible and as I scroll down here on the website you can see their community and people posting inside our community talking about how their experience is using this website and you can see that it’s completely legit that they have a lot of people using this service and most of these guys in here always update their profile and if you want to find out how much people are earning on this website this is the easiest way to do this it’s just to go down here and keep scrolling until you find someone posting about today’s earning someone posting about their leveling up like this guy here posting about his Bronze level and up that is like the best place to be on this I’m gonna website because they’re gonna keep paying you a lot more if you get to the Bronze level so definitely work your way towards that and it’s really nice they have this little community built around them because everyone gets to interact with each other and everyone gets to help each other get forward if someone stuck somewhere you have people in here that are willing to help you if you’re not getting any jobs or any tests you can easily type something in here and everyone’s gonna try to help you as much as they can it’s basically their own little community so definitely go ahead enjoy because of course there’s people down here who are doing this for the first time just like you so if you have a lot of questions you can easily go ahead and type them in here and post it in the community feed and someone is going to respond to you if you had any such question and here’s your wondering how easy it is to find and review these websites inside this website here is someone who closes something about how many reports and how many tests he’s done so far so as you can see inside of here he’s done about a hundred and two tests inside his account and if he calculated that he’s made a lot of money from this because on an average of ten to twenty dollars per test he’s made like hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of dollars from all of those tests so this is really really nice guys you don’t even have to spend so much time on it like I said before if you have just five minutes per day you can go ahead and get into this and start making money just like all these other guys are doing and as you can also see down here in the community all these guys posting these comments are from countries all over the world is people from Brazil there’s people from India there’s people from Nigeria people from all over the world are inside this community and no one is exempted so your country again doesn’t matter as long as you’re willing to put in the work and get started they’re gonna accept you really really fast and you can get started with the community and start going out there and testing out these services from these companies so now as we go ahead and find out how to join and how to get started with this website if you scroll all the way up here where it says join you test you get taken to this page where you can sign up and fill in your information so they can actually improve you so just go ahead and fill in your first name your last name email address and everything like that it’s not gonna take much of your time as soon as you’re done with this page it goes ahead to ask you a bunch of other information and then you can put in your payment details so they can actually pay you when you earnings are due and your thing if that’s done you can easily go ahead and get started there’s really not much they can send you these tests or you can go ahead and apply to them on your own and if you level up to the point where you’re on the bronze level for instance you get stand these tests all the time it’s gonna go straight to your email and and at some point it’s even gonna get too much for you because all these companies want to the best in the top three or freelancers inside the website so here we are at the project’s board so we can find out exactly the kind of projects you can expect to work on inside of this website so there’s a lot of different tests you can go on here and apply for and a nice touch they did here is that you can actually filter this results to either countries so you can only see your results that are accepted in your country so some ongoing projects or like this one in home smart speaker testing if you want to test out that product you can go ahead and click on it and go ahead and apply you also have a TV testing on-demand service so if you want to test out that service maybe if you’re in a Netflix and stuff you don’t want to test out these similar shows like that you can go ahead and plant it that it’s just a bunch of different tests down here because all this is paid and there are price payouts inside all of these tests and as soon as you complete them they will get paid and sent straight to your PayPal account and although some of these tests are specific to some countries as you can see here there are some offers there are worldwide so they are open to everyone all over the world doesn’t matter where you live anyone anywhere can go ahead and sign up to this project and get invited and just want to go ahead and keep on sending proposals to all these projects because the more you send the more your chances are of finding a project that’s willing to invite you to get started with them so go ahead and send as many as you can there is no limit to how many you can send you can send to as many as you want and as soon as you get invited a project it’s only gonna take you a couple of minutes to go ahead and test their service so you can get paid it’s really really that simple there isn’t much to this I find it really interesting and you guys should go ahead and try this again the website is you test comm so hopefully you found this video helpful if you did be sure to hit the like button to pick up your hard so I can continue making more videos like these for you guys I make videos three times a week so if you don’t miss out on the next one when it does drop be sure to smash that subscribe button if you’re new here I also have a bail notification icon so you can be the first to watch it when it does come out and I will send you a notification so you can be the first to walk back and I will catch you guys in the next video peace out