Make $500 PER WEEK With NO Website OR Money! (Make Money Online In 2020)

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[Vider id=78 ]what’s going on guys in today’s video I’m going to show you exactly how I make another five hundred dollars per week with this particular method and more importantly I’m going to show you exactly how you can do this yourself without any money or any websites I know you guys want to start making money online without having a website and without money to start so I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it in this video but more importantly you need to stay all the way to the end because if you don’t you won’t understand how this works and if you stay to the end I’m gonna have some extra tips that are going to help you make even more money with this particular method so I’ve been using this method to make money online and this jump into my computer and I’m going to show you exactly how you can do this yourself and make over $500 per week and I’m going to show the proof right now so let’s jump into my computer and get started alright guys so as you know I like to do everything step by step so in this video what can you expect what are you going to learn I’m going to show you exactly how this works I’m going to show you how you can get started and how you can start for free yes this won’t cost you any money for this particular method and you don’t need a website I know that that’s a major roadblock for a lot of people I’m not really sure why because a website doesn’t cost that much money but either way you won’t need a website in this particular tutorial this also works worldwide but it’s important that you watch all the way to the end so you know exactly how this works and at the end of this video guys I have two secret little tips that are going to help you make even more money with this particular method so let’s jump into this but first of all there’s a few things you need to actually understand before we jump into the main part of this method and that is supply and demand and let me explain to you what that means and how that works so for example there’s a huge trend online right now everybody’s searching how to make money online that’s probably how you found my video everyone searching how to start a business and the thing is everyone that’s trying to make money online or trying to start a business they need one thing that we can help them with okay so step one is finding something people need that’s in demand and I’ve gone out and found something for you okay and you’ve got to realize that literally every single business online needs this to succeed I use this myself as well so what am I talking about it’s simple when a someone tries to start a business online or make money and most cases am I saying all cases but in most cases they’re going to need to run email marketing campaigns they’re going to need to collect emails and they’re going to need to send emails whether they are affiliate marketers whether they have an e-commerce store whether they have a blog whether they have a funnel they will need to collect emails so what we can do is we can go in basically recommend email platforms to these guys and I’m going to show you proof that this works in a second real proof so what happens is we recommend these products to these people and as long as they keep using the product we can make around about 33 percent per month of whatever they spend depending on what kind of email platform we recommend to them you’ve got to understand that most businesses need email marketing so there is a huge demand for it especially now in 2019 and Beyond there’s a lot of people trying to start a business and to kind of put this into perspective this is called affiliate marketing so essentially we get a percentage by providing something to somebody and they make a purchase okay but the most important thing is finding something that people actually need and to prove this works okay and this does make people quite good money so basically I signed up to this program called get response like five years ago right and then over the last three years thirty six months I’ve been on their big plan because I have an email list over a hundred thousand people I use an email list every single day I spend one thousand one hundred ninety nine dollars per month I signed up under someone else’s affiliate link that person makes three hundred and ninety five dollars per month from me because I signed up under them for the last four are sorry three years and and I was and they’ve actually made more money from me as well because I was on the lower plans when I signed up so they’ve made more money but over the last three years they’ve made fourteen thousand two hundred and twenty dollars from me being signed up to this particular platform no quick disclaimer I’m not sure if you’re gonna find people were going to sign up for that long but I’ve been on line in line for a long time and this person makes quite a bit of money from me 33% because I use this platform now here’s some results from me I’m actually an affiliate marketer for get response as well the program they were going to be talking about we’re also going to talk about some other programs as well in fact let me give you a big list at the end so make sure you stay to the end the best email marketing platforms to promote but if we’re going to get response here you’ll see that they offer a 33% recurring Commission don’t go for the $100 bounty that it’s not that great it doesn’t really work out it works out with a lot less you want to go for the recurring commissions and I have been using this so if we go down these are real commissions if i refresh this page and I’ve made up to $2,000 per month with this I actually make a lot more because I do promote other email marketing platforms as well it works out to be over 5,000 I think per month but as you can see $2,000 $2,000 already in December this month have been eight hundred dollars in commissions the best part these are recurring commissions and people stay on for a very long time as I mentioned I’ve stayed on for three years just on the big plan but how can you make money from this who cares about me who cares about me making someone else money how can you make money from this okay it’s simple actually has some people that have been signed up to me so I get quite a lot every single day but how do you actually make this work how do you make money from this it’s simple think about this for a second what do you do before you buy a product studies show that something like 90% of people buy based off reviews or research that they do so for example if say yeah you selling a product someone might go and look at reviews online or they might go and try and get more information on that particular product so me Franklin I want to start a business online and I need an email marketing software to do that I’m going to go on research online what is the best email marketing software to use and this brings us to the next step in this okay step number one is going out and basically finding a product that people need and product is going to be email marketing platform now in this case the email marketing platform that I talked about is called get response but there are other ones out there as well you can make money from and I will leave a listed below that you can go and check out ok but in this particular case I’m gonna talk about get response ok you basically go and promote this product you recommend it to people and you get paid a commission for doing that ok every single month as long as someone stays on after you have referred them to them now let’s go back to the question I was talking about we need to now go to step number two the traffic how do you get traffic to this offer every single day people are online searching things like get response verse active campaign which is another email software get response verse click funnels get response verse MailChimp get response verse a weaver get response tutorial get response auto funnel get response webinar best email marketing application for Shopify best email marketing plugin for WordPress get response has all these things best email marketing service 2019 people are literally searching the stuff every single day if you have your affiliate link out there you can get commissions for these particular products from people going out and searching but how do you do that what you’ve really got to understand is you’re not going to make any money at least you get content out there that people can see and view and go and click your affiliate link and there’s also the power of retargeting if they click your link and they don’t buy those platforms going to retarget them and they might buy two weeks later three weeks later four weeks later so what you want to be doing guys is going to places like YouTube and doing content based on what people are searching so for example get response versus active campaign what you can go and do is you can sign up on 30 day trials on these products and you can go and compare them and you can put up a video on YouTube these three videos here the people don’t show their face all they do is go over the platforms all they do is show people what they do all they do is show people with the pros and cons let me show an example right here this one right here is a review based so get response review if we play this or she does this is a voiceover I assume is basically go in there and do zoom in zoom out pictures doesn’t show their face or anything and you can go and get a 30 day trial to go and get the content to do this it’s very very simple to understand and then down at the bottom here they have their affiliate link if someone clicks on this and goes to get response they’re now in the cookie and if they purchase get response what’ll happen is I’ll give them a 30-day trial if they stay on the trail and then in the 30 days they took over to them to the money you will get a commission and you’ll get a commission every single month while that person is on that on that platform and some people might do to 24 months and get a discount and they will pay for 24 months worth which you might get a big commission from that okay a bigger Commission that’s how this works but the most important thing is you need to focus on products that people need anyone that’s trying to start a business needs an email marketing system I’ve even done this before I did a video how to build an email as fast and profitable step-by-step now some people going to be like over you have subscribers you already have an audience I started with 0 subscribers just like anybody else you don’t need to have subscribers you just need to keep putting out content look at all of these videos like video ideas there’s one two three four five six seven eight nine video ideas just in this one little section here then there’s one there’s four video ideas there there’s another three video ideas they’re just off the top of my head of doing a simple search in YouTube okay and then yeah people go and click the affiliate link and then you get a commission ok this affiliate marketing 101 is very simple but really what it comes down to if the affiliate marketing is the product that you choose to promote okay and I love software’s and stuff because people stay on there for a very long time now the best thing about get response guys is it’s not just an email marketing software if we go to get response right here they do our email marketing landing pages automated funnels they do a lot of stuff so it’s an all-in-one business solution so you’re not just limited to email marketing right they’ve got all of this stuff landing pages store product thingamajig things that or not that is complete customer journeys everything you need so you could do videos on things like best landing page creator creator okay this landing page creator you literally like not even stuck into one specific niche you could branch out I think these guys do webinars as well so if we go to the pricing and all list everything kit does and down here it does sales funnels webinar funnels you can do all sorts of things so you can do another one is best webinar creator oh I spelled that wrong but best webinar software this webinar creator go it okay this is affiliate marketing in a nutshell you’re not going to make any money at least you have content out there you need to get content out there and this is completely free for you to do you can go and use the free trials to get the content okay eventually you’re probably not just using the platforms anyway because you’re gonna want to collect emails for your own business go and get the content out there and you’re not going to start making money straight away this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme you’re not going to make money tomorrow it’s going to take a while to build up if we look at my results here it took a while to build up we go back to 2018 it takes a while to build up it comes in a very gradual state but it becomes very passive as time goes on okay it becomes very pest of as time goes on it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme however if you want to make more money from this and you want to jump on an opportunity that’s coming up right now you want to go and do things like best email marketing software and twenty20 how to create a webinar in 2020 how did create a landing page in 2020 what happens in 2022 things happen first of all everybody wants to go out and start a business so that’s one thing it’s the new year new year’s resolutions second not many people are ranking for these keywords 2020 so you can go and do that now what I want to do is at the bottom of this video guys there’ll be a link I want to go out and give you a full list of the best email marketing soft that you can make Commission’s from that pay the best and convert the best I’ve been in this business for a long time I know what affiliate marketing programs when it comes to email marketing software’s that convert the best so click that link below sit you’ve got to send me a message on facebook okay click that link send me a message on facebook now if you want to learn more about how to make money with affiliate marketing guys I have a full training that will take you through step by step on how to start your own affiliate marketing business I take you through everything my case studies my failures my successes I show you step by step how to do this there will be a link on the screen that you can check out to get into this training alternatively if you want some free training click the videos up on the screen I will leave some videos that are completely free that will show you how to make money online