Make Money Downloading Subtitles?! Earn on Fiverr with this YouTube Trick!

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[Vider id=3 ]hey this is Fefferman influencer and chain in today’s quick video I’m gonna be showing you a cool and easy way to make money by literally downloading subtitles by utilizing an often-overlooked youtube functionality now this is not going to be YouTube money and you don’t have to create any videos because we’re simply using their tools to help make us money I’ll show you step by step how to do a professionals work in just a few clicks and in minutes and before we start I like to first congratulate the winner of our first PayPal money giveaway Rachael Buckley and if you didn’t win this time do stay tuned because there will be many more coming up in the near future and as of now your odds should be pretty good since for example for a last giveaway there are only about 40 entries so subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications so that you’ll know right away you want to do my next giveaway also if you haven’t done so already after watching this video if you’re interested in creating your own online business consider checking out the first link in the description box for my top recommended resources and course for doing so and with that let’s get started with the video [Music] starting off on I actually quite frequently check for new beginner finding gigs to report them back to you guys and so while I was doing that one that really caught my attention was this one for subtitles and captions specifically we’re actually looking at subtitles are a sync to a video so that the spoken words and the subs show up at the same time and this actually requires a special type of file separate from the video now in the past you would not only have to transcribe the text but also synchronize it with the video probably using some kind of professional software or tools however now with the power of YouTube you can actually do this effortlessly for pretty much any language as long as you’re not translating the videos original language into another one although that would be a plus if you know how to do it but before we dive into the actual process of doing everything on YouTube let me first open up an example popular gig to show you what some of the requirements might be so for instance let me open up this one on the right here by desse delivers called I will create perfectly sync to caption subtitles for your videos here as you can see on the right this person charges $5 for subtitling videos that are 5 minutes or shorter and that’s only the basic package so be moved to the standard package this is instead $25 for videos of up to Toni actually 30 minutes rather in length and they even got a premium bundle where they charge $50 for videos of up to 60 minutes and judging from this if you’re able to get traffic and traction to your gig there’s definitely some potential of this but now let me scroll down a bit to check out some of the other details of this gig and the main takeaway from this is that he will provide a srt file which is a closed caption file for any video subtitle requests and again I’ll show you exactly how you can generate one completely synchronized using the power of YouTube and even how you can edit their contents or convert them to a different file types such as sec v TT and SBB also i just want to really quickly mention that you may be able to find other opportunities on different websites besides fiber so for example up work here i’ve searched up synced subtitles and over here we have the first search result says sync text to audio right so this could be a potential a job that you could apply for and besides this there are also other websites like SEO clicks which is very similar to Fiverr albeit a bit lesser-known but you can also list your gigs on here or there could be a bit less competition but anyway for the moment we’ve all been waiting for let’s not go through the exact process at first how you’ll be able to receive a video from your client to how you can create subtitles for it and to even editing it if need be first starting with how you’ll be able to receive their video you want to make sure that your customer actually send you a video to be able to do this method and to do so you can just use something like Google Drive so for instance you can request for your customer to just easily create a Google account or just upload to an existing one and every Google account should come with 15 gigabytes of free storage all you need to do is to go over to and sign in with your Google account and again this is one of the methods your customers can use to get their video to you so once they’ve uploaded their video onto their Google Drive for example they can then right-click on that file and then click on get shareable link to then give you the rights to access that file not to edit it but you can download it for example right here I have one of my videos from my Drive and if I just get the shareable link I’ll be able to download it using the download button on the top right here and once you’ve downloaded the video you can then head over to YouTube or you can quickly create a channel if you haven’t yet done so and just click on this little button here that says create a video or a post and hit upload video again we’re now going to have to put any videos on our channel our purpose for the upload is just to have YouTube ponents automatic subtitling for our video which means you don’t have to add any sort of title or descriptions just make sure when you’re uploading the video to change the visibility option to private instead of public because I get our purpose for uploading the video is not to have the video on our channel but rather to just have YouTube but it’s automatic subtitling so all you have to do is to upload the video change it to private then just wait a few minutes for the uploading to complete and then with an additional 10 to 15 minutes in my experience at least for the system to generate the subtitles and after everything’s done processing you can then head over to your videos options by first heading to your channels video tab then clicking on the details link here and once you’re in you wanna again head to the left and scroll until you see the subtitles link let me move myself first here it is gonna be a link for subtitles so I’m just gonna click on this and assuming the subtitles have already been processed again in any language YouTube detects the video to be in you can then open up the options by clicking on the 3 dots on the right here to then download your subtitle file by default it’s gonna be a VTT file but to download in different formats you can actually up again open up the options to then click on edit on a classic studio to come over to this page where on the left here you’ll actually be able to download in different formats so as you can see me Abby TTS RT and SBV just know that there seems to be a slight bug with this where you can only download one type of file per loading of the page and refreshing this page doesn’t even seem to work for me at least so for example if you want to download an additional file type you would have to come back over to this page refresh this link real quick by just clicking and just go over to edit with classic studio again to open a new instance of this page that seems to be the only way I can get it to work but it’s not too bad now if you’re familiar with YouTube’s captions although your timing will always be on point they may not always be completely accurate so my suggestion would be to also run through the video alongside the downloaded subtitles to check whether or not there are any mistakes and to do so you can actually open up any subtitle file with a simple text editor so for instance I have some of my captions downloaded here with a VTT format but I can actually open it with my notepad to actually see what all the timings and what the words are now because the timing and alignment have all been set properly you don’t want to touch them at all but what you can do is edit the subtitle text without changing any of the other settings so my recommendation would be to have this on one side of your screen then have your video open on the other side in a window and then just follow along that video once to check for any mistakes now the VTT file is actually a bit more difficult to edit compared to the other ones because of all this code and the repeating text that you all have to change simultaneously so what actually I suggest to do is to instead download the SRT file to edit that because for example if I just show you what the SRT format looks like the boarding and the format is actually a lot easier to fall right it’s not gonna be any repeated text and it’s just it’s going to be line after line of different sentences so my suggestion to you if you want to edit any of your subtitles would be to download the SRT format and then to then convert this file to different file types if need be because again I’m not too sure about the other formats but vtt is definitely more difficult to edit so for example if your customer is requesting for a VTT file type for their captions but you actually need to edit it you should first download the SRT file edit it there then just use a file converter to convert into the VTT instead of just downloading the VTT straight up and just editing it there and that’s for the third file type from YouTube which is the SPV it actually looks like it’s as simple as SRT as well so this could be another option for you to just straight up at it or then convert to a BGP if you need to fortunately to find such a conversion tool we can simply just Google it to get a bunch of options so for example here I have one open called tool slick and it actually supports lots of different file types from SRT to let’s see s ub v tttt ml and a bunch of other ones that youtube doesn’t actually list so let’s say somebody actually requests for a certain subtitle file type that’s not one of the three you can download from YouTube you can also just use a converter to convert it to that file type and that’s for how you can make your Fiverr gig stand out you can first ask your friends and family to buy it from you to give you some reviews with you paying them back of course and hopefully that will allow your gig to start to gain some traction on the platform and that is pretty much all I wanted to show you for now but remember with a new account on Fiverr you can actually have up to seven gigs so this can just be one of the many options for you to make money on there and for more ideas you can check out some of the other videos on my channel about Fiverr and free dancing but ultimately doing freelancing would usually be as active income where you actually have to trade time for money but if you want to learn how to make passive income right online with a step-by-step blueprint be sure to check out the first link in the description below for my number one recommendation it’s what I have personally follow to create success online in a way that suits me so I fully endorse its program and what it stands for and with that we reached the end of today’s video if you found it helpful or learn something consider smashing that like button to help the video out and subscribing to my youtube channel for more videos about making money online and a gorge partnership any way think he’s so much for watching and I will catch you in the next video peace