Make Money Online 2020 Worldwide – $600 in 3 Hours Typing (SUPER EASY)

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[Vider id=77 ]how to earn $600 in three hours that’s what we’re gonna be talking about in this video so you want to watch this entire video they’re going to give you some bonus information in this video on how you can speed up the process and make even more money so you definitely want to watch this entire video from start to finish also if you want to see how you could earn up to $250 per day or more with this free viral funnel I want you to click the link down in the description it’s going to take you to this page you’re going to sign up right here once you have done that you are going to see this page where it’s going to tell you about how you can get the viral funnel plus free training on how to promote this viral funnel and begin earning affiliate commissions on autopilot before we get started if you are interested in making money online in 2020 and beyond I want you to come to my channel and click on subscribe and also check out the other make money online videos that I have I do post frequently about how to make money online and affiliate marketing especially so make sure that you subscribe hit the bell icon to receive notifications on when I drop new videos because I do upload frequently and I’m actually going to start uploading Monday through Friday from here on out so make sure that you subscribe if you want daily content throughout the week because the first thing you want to do is you want to come to text broker calm and if you’ve already heard of this website before I would guarantee you you have not heard of the way that I’m getting ready to tell you how to do it with these two tools is going to help you do it extremely fast and get you paid the most amount of money possible so what you want to do is you want to sign up for text broker calm it is worldwide so anybody can sign up for this website and become a writer what you want to do is you want to click on write content just to get a better understanding of how this works so basically you’re going to be writing articles for huge companies like staples eBay search metrics and a lot of other big companies but guess what I’m going to show you a way that you could do this with having to literally type it out or write it yourself so if you’re wondering if you could really make money with this they have been around since 2005 and they get more than 100,000 content orders every single month through text broker so there is plenty of money to be made if you do this and do it the right way like I show you in this video you could earn some good money on the side okay so now let’s see how much we can get paid go to payments under I write content and as you can see under your earnings at a glance for 5-star content you get paid five cents per word so the way you’re gonna get 5-star content there’s gonna be very simple very easy one show you that in just a second but if we up the quality to five star and then we put it to twelve thousand words you two get paid $600 for twelve thousand words now I know you’re thinking how in the world am I going to write twelve thousand words in three hours I’m going to show you how to quickly do that in half the time and the other hour you’re going to find the content so for a total of three hours so if you’re enjoying this content so far please make sure that you like this video right now so I’m gonna show you right now how you could get words tight quickly so basically what you’re gonna do is you want to go to Google Docs and you want to go to tools and then want to click on voice typing so basically you’re going to type or Google is going to type the words for you as you speak you’ll click here to speak and Google is going to type out the words for you now I bet you’re wondering how are we still gonna get 12,000 words quickly so according to visual historian come the average person can speak 125 words up to 150 words per minute so if we do the calculations on that will multiply 125 times 60 minutes which is an hour you’ll get 7500 words okay and then times that by 2 you’re going to get 15,000 so within less than two hours you can get 12,000 words in an article by doing the voice speaking but I bet you’re wondering okay how are we going to get the articles so I’m going to show you that right now there’s a basically text broker is going to give you a lot of information about the articles that they want you to write for the specific company they’re gonna give you what you need to write about and also text broker does have a huge thesaurus or glossary of different content so if you go all the way down to the footer you’ll see right here content marketing glossary and other people who have done this type of video probably did not tell their viewers about this so they have different content here that you could repurpose so if I click on any letter here you’ll see that there are topics available for each letter and you can click on the topic and you’re going to get information about that specific topic and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna repurpose the content also you’ll use Google to create your articles as well whatever they ask you to create the article about you’re going to find other articles about that specific topic and pull those articles up in different tabs and use information from different articles and put them together and one article now in order to get high-quality 5-star content you also want to use grammerly dot-com this is gonna help you quickly correct any mistakes in your article because sometimes Google does not say the exact words that you speak sometimes it can mess up just a little bit so grammarly is going to help you correct mistakes in your article to help you get five-star quality content so this is an awesome way to make some extra money online with Tex broker and writing articles for big companies and again you could do this anywhere in the world if we look at their star ratings and profiles we can see the different criteria to get the different stars and it’s pretty easy actually to get a five-star rating there must not be hardly any misspellings the grammar has to be excellent and you could do this all with grammarly the punctuation and the frequency of commas colons semicolons and stuff like that the punctuation has to be one point okay like I said you could do that with grammar early has to have a good flow to it and it has to have a argument strength of strong you have to stay on topic and then here is some simple text of each star rating so this is not a very long article this one is probably between one and two thousand words so this is pretty awesome and you could get started with this today just follow the steps in this video and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you want to see more videos like this on how you can make extra money online and also how to build a full time online business with affiliate marketing you want to subscribe hit that Bell icon to receive notifications and when I drop into videos because I do upload videos frequently throughout the week and also if you want to learn how you could build a full time online business with affiliate marketing that can help take you off your job I want you to check out the first link in the description this is going to teach you how to create affiliate commissions on autopilot if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is is basically earning commissions for referring people to different products we teach you how to do this in this funnel and you could also get the same funnel to help you generate commissions as well so thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next video