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[Vider id=16 ][Music] hey guys it’s Alanna welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna be talking to you about how I make money online because I get so many questions about this if you like this topic if you like me if you like my makeup my hair well if you like my hair I don’t know what to tell you but subscribe and give this video a thumbs up I just want to say that part of the reason I’m making this video is because money hasn’t been on my mind a lot because of the holidays Black Friday tonight or Monday we have a budget for Christmas we have a Secret Santa we’re like who do we buy presents for who got us last year it’s a lot so I was gonna do in a different video like a Christmas guy give you guys some ideas on things you can get that are pretty cheap I feel like there are so many of those types of videos out there that you guys like wouldn’t be learning anything new from me but I did want to show you these sunglasses that I got sent in the mail because they are really affordable and they would make a really good Christmas present they actually came in this really cute Christmas packaging so they’re called Jim halo sunglasses I think next year I would like to do something really big for my parents because I don’t want to get emotional but my dad and my parents have done so much for me and I feel like I want to do something to give back to them my dad has been talking about going to England since why you like knew how to speak I remember him talking about that and I think it would be such an amazing present to send him there with my mom but you know we don’t all have the ability to do that so that’s why I wanted to show you these because there are a lot of like affordable things out there that still make a really good quality presence like a little process this is what it looks like it says Sun is the limit and then you just open them like this there’s a card left back thank you this is a really nice case actually I don’t know if this is real weather but I feel like you can use it as like a coin purse or something too it also comes with this so this is an even more protective pouch that you can put them in mmm these are cute they’re blue I think I’m kind of bad with color but these are cute am i doing it these are tinted pink I think pink I think these are prescription which is freaking amazing Wow oh my God look at that they come like stacked in there more these are red on the top they sent me these and cue you can buy different lenses and you can attach them onto different frames which is really cool xur so 70s I don’t know if I could pull them off but I feel like they’re so cute they’re pink how could you not like it you know so they are prescription and they are customizable most of them are gonna be like 2021 dollars or something like that so they are really affordable they come packaged really nicely up so yeah if you want to check them out I will link them in the description and I’ll give you guys a coupon code so that you guys can get an even bigger discount you’re welcome but yeah let’s get right back into the video this is my third year doing YouTube I just want to tell you guys before I get into everything that this does not happen overnight I mean for some lucky people it does like wicked Emma Chamberlain look at that girl who like lives in the van she made like five videos and she probably makes so much money but it’s rare to do that you have to be doing the right thing at the right time this is my third year on YouTube the first year I made literally nothing so I did like hundreds of hours of work every single week like every single day I was doing work for YouTube while I was still in college full time and working 16 hours a week and then the second year I made like less than ten thousand and then the third year I made what I made and I can buy a house soon so I don’t really want to say like specifically what I mean maybe I’ll put it in the title I don’t know I’ve learned a lot along the way if you want advice on like what type of videos to post post something that comes natural to you something you’re passionate about don’t make it a generic title that is the advice that I give to everyone like if you want to do a makeup routine don’t title a makeup routine because there’s millions of videos that are titled makeup routine makeup routines are popular so do a makeup routine but title it’s something unique so that your video is the only video with that title and it’ll come up high on the list when people search for a makeup routine and the way that that happens is that you have to tag it something very generic like when you type in makeup and space it’ll show you the top searched things for makeup and then this so you type all of those things into your tags or you can type up how to and then they’ll say conceal a pimple or get clear and you type all those things that are semi related to the video you’re doing so make the tags very popular words well search for words and then make the title something quirky and like trendy and cute use emojis make it I caching use capitals if you have two and then make the thumbnail very high quality nowadays a lot of the younger people are doing really well like teenagers if you look up high school morning routine it’s all girls in a hoodie who are like money routine for high school and those do so well so you have to like figure out am I gonna do a chill pay school vibe am I gonna do more like professional vibe like Jacqueline Hill where everything is like lit and like do that kind of shit I feel like nowadays people like more relatable content where it’s like just a person being a person and not everything perfect um yeah you don’t really need to invest in anything I have not spent like any money except my camera the videos that I filmed that blew up we’re not filmed on a professional camera I’m filming on my phone right now cuz I’m having problems with my camera I bought a ring light that is a stand and like a tripod for like a hundred dollars on Amazon I spent it like a thousand dollars on the camera and a hundred dollars on a ring light in three years that’s the only thing I really spent to set up filming for making content obviously I’ve spent money it’s always good to have as many streams of income as possible because I get paid from Adsense meaning i monetize my videos and you guys watch the ad let’s say for some reason that month consisted of videos that were demonetized like let’s say I do a boob job update or I do like a filler video or I do something that is like inappropriate according to YouTube you need to have other streams of income so I’m gonna be talking about all of those different things in this video because if you do work online it is important just in case one fails I’m sure by this point most most of you guys know this I get paid from Adsense like if you guys watch my ad you interact with the ad on the video that’s how I get paid but that’s not the only way I get paid you can do like affiliate things or ambassador thing so I’m gonna talk to you guys about what you should do and what’s kind of a waste and not worth it and kind of a scam and I’m also gonna be telling how to save money with YouTube all of the ways that I make money and save money by doing what I do online so with sponsors I use two formulas to calculate my rates and basically if you have a channel you take the last like twelve videos you’ve made and you average your view count and then one formula you take the average view count and divide it by a thousand and multiply that by a CPM of twenty to thirty I do 25 hits right in the middle and you get a number and then another way you can figure out how much to charge is you get your average then you multiply that by point zero one two point one I think so I do point six so that’s also right in the middle you really have to negotiate negotiation is a big part of what I do and how I make money you have to know what you’re worth and not settle for something that’s way under what you should be getting paid I’m working with a company right now actually I’m not gonna say who it is but this is a huge company that like everybody knows of and they’re like our budget is $600 I’m like you’re a huge company huge they like know that they can get away with it because they’re a bigger company so they’re like they’re gonna want to work with us they’re gonna want the potential for us to put them on our Instagram you have to evaluate things like that if your content has nothing to do with clothing and a clothing company offers you $600 when you’re supposed to be getting like seven thousand dollars don’t say yes to that but if you work into the contract that you will take a lower percentage but they have to post you on their social media like if they have a big following that’s a way to work around that people pay to have the big companies post them on their Instagram to do like a feature so now you’re getting that for free also like a lot of brands will want you to give them permission to reuse the video that you make or to take the video and edit it and post it on their social medias as an ad let’s say I’m gonna charge this company $15,000 for a video and that includes the right for them to reuse my content so they’re gonna say that’s too high and I’m like all right well we can do 10 but then you can’t use my content if you have a channel if you have a lifestyle channel if I am like you know what I need a new coat I need new cue clothes for the summer and let’s say I don’t have anybody in my email that’s like do you want to do a sponsorship with a clothing company I’ll reach out to like 20 different brands that I have seen other people working with that are around my side so I know that most likely they’re gonna be like yeah let’s work together I’ll email them so that I don’t have to buy the clothes so I’m saving a lot of money and now on top of it I’m making money because I got a video out of it and because they’re gonna probably sponsor the video so there’s so many ways to save money I’ve even done that like when I wanted to get a spray tan i DM so many people until one person was like yeah you can promote me and I’ll give you free spray tans don’t have to pay $40 every two weeks for a fucking spray tan that shit adds up very quickly I emailed people to do my nails I wasn’t successful because this girl in Danbury that I really liked she already has someone but I’m gonna start the process of emailing people who sell like press-on nails because then I’ll save money in that way if I want to have extensions email an extension company I find me new shoes if I need work clothes because I don’t have a lot of work clothes skin care jewelry everything you could possibly need my fucking mattress that I sleep on every single night they reach ask me and they were like do you want a mattress or I’m like yeah I do and now that I’m moving into is half a house it’s like if I post content that’s related to buying a house and it does well I’m sure I’m gonna get emails and I already have like furniture stores you can submit to Home Depot a proposal to feature them or to do a video on them I have seen people who have channels smaller than mine who are sponsored by Home Depot you need to do a home renovation for your house it’s $20,000 to get your kitchen done fucking email Home Depot if you have a good following they’ll probably sponsor you and give you the thing for free you save $20,000 also with YouTube you can use a lot of things for write-offs this is not doing anything sketchy or illegal if I go on a trip to film a video or to make content for you guys I can write that off for my taxes let’s say I went to beauty fix and I was paying for my treatments let’s say I paid $2,000 to do my notes because I wanted to do a video for you guys I can write that off there are so many things that you can write off like if you go shopping and you include it at all you can write that off there’s so many advantages to making money online into working online anyways okay so I really don’t like doing Commission because it’s very hard to trust people and I have learned the hard way that if someone has an opportunity to you over they will take it so unless you have access to their system where you can log into their system and see how many people used your link or how much money you should be getting commission do not trust them because they’re gonna say oh my god I’m so sorry like no one clicked on your link have a nice day I’ve had so many situations where I’m just like this is so stupid that’s up to you what you want to do but also another stream of income that happened because of YouTube is beauty thing so I get a commission from them okay so I just told you that I don’t do Commission and then I’m like oh but I do Commission beauty fix so this is part of the reason why I’m telling you not to do Commission because when I started doing Commission with Beauty fix there were a lot of issues I don’t think they were intentional but these things just happen when you’re doing Commission the end of the month would come and I’d be like okay I’m can I have my check and they’d be like actually you didn’t bring in any new customers this month and I’m like every other month I’ve made almost the exact amount of money so it’s unusual to have zero one month they told me all the time you bring in more people than anybody else that advertises for us or that promotes us even influencers that are double your size so I tried to figure out ways of monitoring on my end who goes there and I did that by instead of giving a coat and saying hey guys I went to beauty fix use this code how am I gonna know that you use that code they know if you use that code but they could easily just say no one use your code or maybe someone went there because they saw my video but maybe there was a deal going on that was better than my code so they didn’t use my code so now even though I brought them that customer I’m not getting paid for it so I started saying instead of here’s the code I said email me and I’ll give you the code so now I have your name and email so now every single month I say okay I have Emily Smith she wanted to get her nose on this date and they’ll be like okay yeah we got that she didn’t use your code but she came in so we’ll still pay you oh this person use your code it is a constant job if you want to do Commission because you have to really figure out ways of you tracking it yourself you have to just weigh your options and like is this worth my time honestly when I started I was just excited to get a free treatment that I didn’t even ask about commission or anything but when I offered them the MTV show then I was like okay like I’m giving you this huge platform like I should be getting something from that you have to just be aggressive and be like how much is something I’m giving a company worth I’m giving them a huge platform like MTV how much is that worth I’m sharing their treatments with hundreds of thousands of people how much is that worth so you have to like be smart about it and don’t let anybody take advantage of you I also just want to say like have you ever watched id Channel we’re like murder mystery half of those murder mystery shows involve money and somehow this person was murdered because they wanted their life insurance policy this person was murdered because the girl was cheating on her husband and she wanted the husband dead so she can have his money and run away with her new freaking boyfriend like when it comes to money people will lie kill cheat steal when it comes to money you can trust yourself and that’s really it even if the person that you’re working with the company recommends seems so nice I have work with companies who seem so nice and I do extra work for them and then they cheat me they don’t pay me what they were supposed to pay me and I will email them and say I did three extra posts for you which is thousands of dollars for free and you shorted me what you were supposed to pay me I didn’t even charge you for the things I did extra and you’re gonna cheat me like that’s me trying to be nice and like build a relationship you can only trust yourself is what I’m saying and if you have a choice to do Commission or to just get a flat rate take the flat rate I do cameo you guys request videos from me and I send you personalized videos you’ll be like hey can you wish this person happy birthday hey what’s your favorite color hey can you sing me a song then there’s another called star stone ax it’s literally the same exact thing and then chant allies is like a meet-and-greet like virtual meet-and-greet which I’ve done before I think I’m gonna do it again but if I do those every month that’s a constant stream of income and I do celeb VM it’s another platform basically the same shit so those are three more things that I do every single month and then I’m going to be releasing merch soon so hopefully that will be another stream of income I don’t have a manager i 100% manage myself i have from the beginning which is another way to save money all these fucking people say oh we’re gonna help you then oh no bitch like i can do it myself and i’m gonna take home all the money like thank you but no because it’s so funny some people most managers or agencies will say oh we’re gonna take like 20 percent of your adsense every single month guaranteed no matter what so be like oh so if i sign with you and i have 300,000 subscribers and let’s say i do bad like signing with you you give me advice or something or you don’t help me at all let’s say I go from 300,000 subscribers to like 290 are you still gonna be taking my adsense for helping me grow my youtube channel yeah we are there’s no incentive for them to do anything because their hand is in your pocket no matter what once you sign that paper some people don’t do that I’ll work with brokers so it’s like this person right here has a contact at airy and Airy says okay broker I need you to find me an influencer that makes this type of content and this is our budget go find someone to do this video so I get a lot of emails not from companies well I do get them from companies but I get a lot of emails from brokers who are like oh I work for this company I have like sugar bear hair loulou’s all these different people who want to work with you like which one do you want to work with and what are your rates um your demographic so that’s another way to make money through brokers not just like directly through the sponsors so basically I have at least like six different things I hope this is helpful I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please give it a thumbs up that would be fantastic this is my I love you guys if you’re going through anything you can email me I just want to say be patient work hard I have not missed a week of posting in my youtube career even though I’ve had surgery for health reasons I suffer with depression I have panic attacks I have family issues it doesn’t matter like you if you want to be successful you have to never stop which maybe you should you know take a little break here and there I probably should too but I just can’t so please thumbs up this video subscribe thank you to Jim halo for sponsoring this video make sure you guys check them out down below for an affordable customized Christmas present or holiday gift I love you guys if you’re going for anything you can email me at keep pushing yourself and I’ll talk to you guys soon