Why You Need To Take The Z Nation Character Quiz

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Why You Need To Take The Z Nation Character Quiz

Yes, I know the Z Nation zombie horror-adventure-comedy show on SyFy and currently on Netflix was canceled after 5 seasons. Yes, the odds of it being picked up now by any network or streaming service are slim to none.

Yet, there are still tons of Z Nation fans out there, called ZWhackers, that love the show.

Many fans still watch the show on their own. Other groups have weekly episode viewings. Why do they do this? Because the show is fun. Tons of fun! Which is what this quiz is about. It is all about having some zombie fun.

This is the first quiz I have ever created and it was a labor of love. It took me forever, but now that I have one under my belt I plan to do more. You have been duly warned. Bwahaha!

So what will you find in this Z Nation quiz?

No, this is not a factoid quiz.

In fact, you really don’t need to have watched the show at all in order to take the quiz and enjoy it. But it will be more fun and be more meaningful if you are familiar with the show and the characters.

In this quiz, you answer 10 questions the best that you can. There aren’t any wrong answers. The answers to the 10 questions determine which Z Nation character you are the most similar to. You can end up being one of seven different main characters from the show.

Don’t worry, if you don’t end up being the character that you thought you would, go ahead and try the quiz again. If you answer even just one question differently the result may also be different. Try it and find out!

I plan to do another quiz soon with completely different character results.

So, if you don’t find “your” character in this first quiz, most likely he or she will be in the second quiz.

Remember, there are a ton of great characters on Z Nation, therefore, it will be hard to include all of them.

Are you ready to take the quiz ZWhackers? Load up your firearm, grab your ZWhacker and let’s go!

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