Amanda Rose: Fire Fury Author Discusses Money, Fitness, and Success

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Meet Amanda Rose: Author, Coach, and Sci-Fi Geek

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Today, we have a great Succes Story interview with Amanda Rose. Plus we are giving away a copy of Amanda’s book, enter here.

Amanda Rose

About Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose, (1988-Present), was born in Toronto Ontario, to Paul and Deborah Rose. She grew up in Kingston Ontario and has lived in Southern Ontario all her life. Amanda took an interest in reading and writing from a young age. In high school, she began competing her short stories in contests, and at age 16 she wrote her first adventure novel, Fire Fury Freedom (2018).

Amanda enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics and in various styles. Her first publication, Manifesting on Purpose (2018) ties back to her roots in new age studies with the Law of Attraction. Her second Publication, Fire Fury Freedom (2018) is the pride and joy of a lifetime of writing for Amanda, exploring a Dystopian world in an action-adventure fantasy.

It is Amanda’s hope that her works of literature inspire thoughtful change, and spark the imagination.

Amanda is a multi-published author, actor, motivational speaker, coach, and online course creator.


Fire Fury Freedom


My questions are in bold, Amanda’s follow in plain text

Fire Fury Saga

Can you tell us a little bit about Fire Fury?

The Fire Fury Saga is a Science Fiction Fantasy Action-Adventure Dystopian novel that launches into a full-fledged Space Opera in the second book.

In Fire Fury Freedom, the prequel, we’re introduced to a war-ravaged world. A Mega-Corporation, the C.D.F.P., rules the land. Global warming is at a lethal rate of progression; outside of domed cities the air is thin, the sun scorches the earth, and plants and animals cannot survive. The planet is dying.

Mack, an ex-soldier for the C.D.F.P. military division, now works to take them down with his mercenary troop. They set off on a quest to save the planet and will be tested to the limit by the harsh elements, all while being hunted by the C.D.F.P. Can they survive?

In Fire Fury Frontier, over 200 years after the events in Fire Fury Freedom, humanity has taken to space to survive, in the massive ship the Saisei (Rebirth). After 2 centuries in space, the ship has been damaged and rations are low. Tensions are high among the citizens, with civil unrest brewing. During an attempt to replenish the ships water stores humanity is about to make the biggest discovery of all time.

These books are for science fiction lovers who want to get lost in a sprawling story, with great world-building, and complex characters. Fans of Star Wars, Dune, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, The Expanse, and Battlestar Galactica will fall in love with these books.


Fire Fury Freedom:

“A veritable saga of a dystopian novel by an author with a genuine flair for detailed originality, and narrative-driven storytelling, “Fire Fury Freedom” by Amanda Rose is an extraordinary and truly memorable read from cover to cover.” – Midwest Book Review

Fire Fury Frontier:

“It’s Mass Effect meets Star Wars in this Harrowing Space Opera!” – BETA READER


 Amanda Rose Discusses Success 


What have you learned about success?

The number one thing I’ve learned about success is that it all stems from the mindset. It doesn’t matter how skilled or talented we are, or even how hard we work; if our mindset and belief system isn’t in alignment then we will self-sabotage ourselves.

When asked outright, “Do you want to be rich and successful?” almost everyone says yes, consciously and rationally we know that we’d like that. But deep down in our subconscious the fears and doubts will trip us up until we re-write those beliefs. Fear of success, doubt that we can do it, fear of money management, fear of being judged, and a slew of other fears and doubts crop up when we really want to go and make big changes in our lives.

It takes some digging to unearth those deep seeded beliefs and to question them. Once we take that time to figure out what we’re afraid of, and dig into it, for example: “OK, so when I was a kid my mom and dad fought about money, and it was a topic with a lot of tension around it when I was growing up, so I associated having money with meaning I’d be unlovable. As a rational adult, I understand having money doesn’t make me unlovable, I can have money and love.” Then we can move forward and create the changes we really want.

Reading personal development books were my gateway to change. I can’t recommend highly enough a daily dose of a self-help book; it is profoundly life-changing.


Is there a mistake you have made starting out that you wish you could change?

 My entrepreneurial journey has been littered with mistakes and failure. While it’s never easy, as long as we learn from it, then we grow, get better, and find out what does work. One thing that stands out to me as I look back is that I was too stubborn.

Everyone kept on going on and on about how important daily personal development was, and I kept saying and thinking, “Yeah, yeah, I already know all about that mindset stuff. I’m good.” Basically, I thought I was too cool for school when it came to personal development.

I was looking for this super-secret something successful people used or did to become successful. I was sure it was hard, and I was OK with that, I just wanted to know what to do. Lo-and-behold the ‘secret’ was a mindset.

After I was a few years into my business my husband lost his job and there was no way I could pay all of our bills, our mortgage, etc. with what I was making alone. I had to options;

  1. Get over myself and my ‘better-than-it attitude’ and dive into personal development
  2. Learn how to file for bankruptcy.

I chose option 1.

Within 6 months we had more money than we’d ever had, moved into a much better home, and I embarked on my journey as an author. Mindset is everything, and the lesson I learned was to listen to the cues from the universe when they’re wagging in front of your face haha!


What advice would you give someone starting out

 First of all, never rest on your talent. Talent can get your foot in the door, but it won’t pull you through the long haul. Hard work and effort beat talent every time. Constantly be growing, learning, and applying yourself.

Secondly, you’re the creator of your reality, meaning that your mindset is your most valuable asset. Invest in personal development, make it a part of your daily life, and you will rise to the top. Master your mindset and you master your life.

Third, never wait for an opportunity, create your own opportunities. You’re capable of way more than you think you are. If you wait for the right time it’ll never come. Decide on what you want, work towards it, and pay attention to the opportunities that pop up once you’re en route.

Fourth, as an artist, you can often feel like you’re at the mercy of someone else’s whim. Waiting on an agent, a publisher, a producer, etc. My motto is forging your own way. We live in a day and age where you can do so much on your own. Can’t land a publishing deal? Self-publish, and commit to learning the marketing skills that will make your book a success.


Professionally what are you most proud of?

Success isn’t a destination, there’s so much to celebrate at every milestone. That being said, what am I most proud of? My tenacity and ability to get things done, no matter what.

I believe storytelling allows us all to grow, to share a piece of ourselves, to invoke thought. I love to write, it’s in my blood. Getting my first book Fire Fury Freedom out into the world was one of the proudest most exciting days of my life.

A few months later getting my first rave editorial review on the book was better than getting my college acceptance letter. And being a guest author at Toronto Comicon this year for the Fire Fury series? Somebody pinch me!

People often think about writing a book and get overwhelmed by the giant task; to be honest, that’s the fun part. There’s a ton of work that follows in editing, re-writing, formatting, copywrite sales scripts, and that’s followed by massive marketing campaigns. Stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and reaching out to newspapers, bookstores, reviewers, submitting to book award contests, doing the book signing events etc. there’s a lot that goes into it that. It takes dedication to stick to it and get it done.


Is there something you learned from the industry that you found surprising

 As I looked into getting published, I began to interview some authors about their experiences, and I was quite surprised how many people had very negative experiences with publishers. Most complained about substandard books (poor quality book covers and poor editing) and all of them complained that their publisher dumped all of the marketing in their lap.

So, at the end of the day these publishing houses we’re taking a piece of the pie for very little effort. And the big-boy publishing houses will no longer take unsolicited manuscripts, meaning an author would need a literary agent to pitch their manuscript to the publishers; finding a literary agent to take you on could take years followed by more years of them trying to get your work accepted. It made me take a long look at self-publishing and seeing as self-publishing is about 1/3 of the literary market now, it’s a viable option.


If you could recommend a book to help people be more successful what would it be, and why?

The 3 personal development books that helped me skyrocket into becoming a manifesting magnet and living my dream life were Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ekere, The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, and You are a Badass at Making Money by Jan Sincero. Books like these changed my life, they can change yours too. Don’t just read ‘em – apply what you learn!

And because I believe in leisure, and reading for fun, my favorite all time Author is James Clavell and his Asian Saga. It’s a must-read series.


Any upcoming projects you are working on?

I’m currently working on the next installment of the Fire Fury Saga, writing this Space Opera is beyond fun.

My next self-help book, Manifesting Money, is coming out March 29th!!!

I’ll be at Toronto Comicon March 15th – 17th so come say hi!

April – June I’ll be doing a book signing tour through Southern Ontario.


Has Social Media Factored into your success?

 In this day and age, social media marketing is a must. Be a giver on social media, what would help your audience out?

How can you serve them?

What are they interested in?

Be vulnerable, your message is in your mess! post that stuff! In Manifesting Your Best Life I dive deeper into this conversation, it’s a big factor in business success today.


Any mistakes you see people routinely make with social media?

 Social media mistakes are… painful.

There’s a long list, a really long list. A few things off the top of my head: Egocentric posts, gross salesy posts, always ‘asking’ never ‘giving’ to the audience, phobia of hashtags.


Where can people connect with you online?


Do have any apps, books or tips that you use to be more productive?

I keep things simple and use my basic calendar app on my phone for important notification reminders. As for books that have helped me with productivity, Entrepreneur Rollercoaster by Darren Hardy and Push by Chalene Johnson are a must read.


How do you manage time?

I’m a very routine person, so my day looks the same most of the time. I have a strict morning routine for personal development, nutrition, reading, gratitude practice, meditating and exercising. My afternoon is when I get my work done (one thing at a time, no multi-tasking or less gets accomplished and I feel overwhelmed).


What is the best advice you have received?

 Be Happy Now.

Chasing success feels awful because you can never touch live in it; success is fleeting. When we can learn to be happy now, in the moment, enjoy whatever part of the journey we’re on, then our lives become a joy, and we become manifesting magnets.


Do you have any advice for people that may feel discouraged about reaching their goals?

No matter what we’re experiencing, there’s something to be grateful for. Gratitude is the gateway to shifting our mindset, and when we shift our mindset, we begin to attract everything we’ve always wanted in life.

Make it a point to find 10 things to be grateful for every day and you’ll see an incredible change to your circumstances.

 Amanda Rose on Fitness 

How important is fitness to success?

 Fitness is a MUST. The saying is Mind, Body, & Soul, because each of those 3 things is equally vital to the human experience. Our body is our one and only vehicle to experience life through, so we need to take care of it.

Exercise gives us energy, better focus, makes us happy (endorphins woohoo), helps us to be sick less; there are so many reasons to do it.

I grew up obese. I hated exercise. By age 15 I was 258lbs and I was tired of feeling so awful. I took charge, started working out at home, and lost 138lbs. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Now I love to exercise, it makes me feel alive, and it’s my ‘me time’ to unwind.

Amanda Rose before and after


What’s next for you? Any cool project you would like us to know about?

Come see me at Toronto Comicon!

 Amanda Rose Comic Con


Check out my books:








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What is the one thing you wish everyone knew?

Mindset is everything; work on that and the world is your playground.


Anything I should ask that I have not?

It’s fun to know silly little facts about people, so let me include a few about me: My favorite color is red, I’m a video game junky, I love medjool dates dipped in peanut butter, Marilyn Manson is my favorite musician.


What video game or games are you playing right now?

My husband and I are currently replaying through the Dead Space series, one of our favorites. I’m also doing a playthrough of XCOM. A few of my all-time favorite games are Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect, and Skyrim.

Fun Fact: My husband and I were both avid gamers since we were young enough to play, and when we decided to get married, we had custom Legend of Zelda rings made up (photo attached). We’re major nerds. In fact, our 3 cats are named of Matrix characters, Morpheus, Trinity, and Niobe.

Amanda Rose Ring

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Thank you, Amanda, for this great interview. Please take a moment to check out Amanda’s awesome books and follow her on social media. 

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