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Steve Bluestein Discusses His Book Memoir of a Nobody

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Today, I am excited to share a Succes Story Interview with comedian and author Seve Bluestein. 


Steve Bluestein


About Steve Bluestein

 Doing stand-up comedy for years, Steve Bluestein has finally come into his own as a playwright and author.

His first stage effort, the play Rest, In Pieces has had two major productions the latest being at the Delaware Theater Company. His next play Gary’s Gold was produced in Boston along with his third play Why Wendy. Steve’s most recent projects are I Can’t Leave My Buddies Behind, and Love Will Keep Us Together. These full-length feature film scripts add to the body of work of this prolific writer/comedian.

Steve has just published his first book Memoir of a Nobody. If you’ve ever been put on hold for 30 minutes if you’ve ever had to deal with tech support in India, if your dog ever threw up on your new sofa… this book is for you. It’s a hilarious look at the insane life of one of America’s funniest comedians. The book is a collection of short stories and essays about life, love, comedy, show business and overcoming a difficult childhood. It’s a feel-good piece that makes the reader laugh and cry. His second book Take My Prostate…Please will be out next year published by Bear Manor Media.

Steve is quoted as saying, “Of all the things I’ve done in my career, I’m most proud of the books. I was always in control of my comedy. Now I put it on the page, and the reader is in control. It’s a whole new experience for me, and I’m loving every minute of it.”


What is the one thing you learned from being successful?

 Success comes easy and leaves just as fast. Never be too smug or self-assured because they can take you down in a minute. Be grateful for any success you have and, in my case, my mother didn’t know what the hell she was talking about. You can make a living in the arts.


Is there a mistake you made starting out?

 One night after a show a man came into my dressing room. He said to me, “You’re going to be a big star if you don’t make any mistakes.” It was like the gypsy in Stephen King’s novel saying “thinner” because from that moment on I made every mistake I could possibly make. Wrong agent. Wrong Manager.

Wrong wife. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If I could change anything, it would be…



What advice would you give someone starting out?

 The best advice I could give them is to believe in yourself and do not listen to what anyone has to say. That being said. Listen to everyone. Take their advice but have the smarts to know what is good sound advice and what is bullshit.


Professionally what are you most proud of?

 I am most proud of my nine inch…. no, wait… wrong answer. I am most proud of the plays and the books I have written. Nothing gives me more joy than to sit in an audience and hear hundreds of people laugh at something I wrote. Or to get a letter from someone who has read Memoir of a Nobody and have them tell me how much they loved my book.


Is there something you learned from the industry that you found surprising?

 When I was a child and dreaming of being on stage, I thought of show business as one big family where we all knew each other and loved each other. What I found out it IS a family… a big dysfunctional family… with lots of nuts and neurotic people caring only about themselves. I also learned that the person you see on stage is not the person in real life. That was a shocker.  


If you could recommend a book to help people be more successful what would it be?

 Everyone should read Memoir of a Nobody. If that doesn’t deter you from going into show business, nothing will.


steve bluestein


Do you have any upcoming projects?

 My play, Rest, In Pieces will be having a stage reading in New York City on May 13th. This play has already had two full productions, and I am working now to get it to New York City.


Has social media factored into your success?

 Social media had been responsible for resurrecting my career. When I got off the road and didn’t have a public image on TV, I thought my career was over. But through social media, I have been able to keep in contact with my public and remain relevant.


Any mistakes you see people making with social media?

 Who am I to judge? If it works for them, then it works. I’m told I post too much.

Do I care? No.


Where can people connect with you online?

I am on Facebook but have reached the 5000 person limit. People can still follow me there, or they can contact me via my website:


Do you have any tips to help readers be more productive?

 YES, hire an assistant, a housekeeper, a chauffeur, and a maid.


How do you manage your time?

 I have a clock.


What is the best advice you have received?

 Get your nose fixed. And I did. And I can breathe now.


Do you have any advice to give people who are discouraged?

 Don’t give up before the miracle happens. I’m so old I’m closer to death than life, and I am still out there plugging along. Never give up. Never listen to the negative voice in your head.


Has fitness factored into your success?

 You are in show business. Your appearance is your product. I worked out for ten years to get in shape. I am on a constant diet. You have to look your best to be your best.


Do you have anything to promote?

 Are you kidding? My book: Memoir of a Nobody is available on, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Nook, iBook, eBook, and for enough money I’ll come to your house and read it to you.


What is the one thing you wish for everyone?

 I wish everyone health… and that they never get herpes because it’s a bitch to get rid of.


Anything I should have asked that I didn’t?

 Are you kidding? My fingers are bleeding from typing so much shut up already.


Thank You


Thank you, Steve, for a great interview. 

“Memoir of a nobody” is available on, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Kindle, iBooks, e-books and Google Play.


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