SiOnyx Aurora Night Vision Camera Review

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SiOnyx Aurora Night Vision Camera Review


The following is a sponsored partnership with SiOnyx. Please enjoy my SiOnyx Aurora review.

I’m often asked what my favorite tools are when it comes to traveling full-time. As you know, I travel full-time via sailboat, and have RVed in the past for several years.

When traveling with your home, you have to be pretty minimalist, so I am quite choosey when it comes to what I bring with me.

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out the new SiOnyx Aurora Night Vision Camera, and I can already say that it is amazing!

I have been playing around with it for about one month now and have enjoyed it since Day 1.

Wes (my husband) and I have even gone outside on numerous occasions in the dark and have just played with this camera, to see what we can’t see with our naked eyes, but what we can see with this night vision camera.

What you can see with the SiOnyx camera is crazy!

This will be amazing to have on the boat, as we will be doing several night time sails, and I will be able to better share the experience with everyone.

These new night vision cameras have military-grade quality, color night video, and photos, and can be used for any exciting outdoor adventures.

And, they are actually quite affordable.

I’m super excited to add this to our traveling lifestyle, as I’ve really been wanting to share more photos with you. And, so many amazing things happen at night time while sailing, so I will finally be able to share it with you!

Recently, we had a group of dolphins swim with us for hours (I’m not even joking!) on a night sail, but I wasn’t able to record any of it due to it being night time. This camera would have been perfect to have.

When you think “night vision” you may think about the traditional green color that you normally see.

However, this night vision camera is not like that. This camera shows you life around you in full color and is a color night vision camera. You can use the camera to take pictures or to even take videos.

Here’s an example of a side by side video I took with the SiOnyx Aurora Night Vision Camera and the right is from my normal camera.

The two videos are drastically different.

In the video on the left, in which I am using the Aurora Sport, you can see everything around me very clearly.

But, in the video on the right, where I am using my normal camera, you can barely see anything.

These two videos were taken just a minute apart from each other but there is a huge difference in the quality.

Here’s another example. Below is a video I took with my phone from an anchorage we were recently at. While the beginning isn’t too bad, towards the end of the video, it gets quite dark.


However, with the SiOnyx Aurora Night Vision camera, it looks like it’s day time the whole video. This is shot in twilight mode.


I’ve been saying this a lot over the past few years, night time photography and videography is an area that I’ve been lacking in. However, with this new night vision camera, I am just so excited as to what I’ll now be able to capture.

Being on the water at night time is something that I’m very excited to share with you soon.

You can find the SiOnyx Aurora for sale here.

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