Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Trapped 3 I’ve lost count of how long I’ve been trapped down this well. 2 days? 4? I don’t know. I can’t even remember how I got trapped in here. I do have

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Trapped I don’t know what’s real anymore. Reality is slipping. The lines of fact and fiction are blurring. Maybe I should end it all, I have one bullet left. The only thing that’s

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Trapped This begins where I and my friends go hunting through the thick forest. We didn’t find much but a medium-sized deer, which would have lasted us for dinner. After we got the

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Space Shuttle Log Log of the Nemetz Space Shuttle: 2029 July 14, 9:20 p.m. We left for space early this morning. It is night now. We are within the range of the moon.

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Just A Kids Game It all happened just 3 weeks ago. I had received my copy of Pokemon Fire Red from Gamefly! It had taken an entire week to get here, but here

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest New Year’s You are such silly people. Have you ever thought of why you celebrate New Year’s? Perhaps to welcome in a new year. Perhaps as an excuse to just celebrate something. You

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Three New Year’s Resolutions Every 4 years, on the New Years Day at the beginning of a leap year, exists a void that only some of the most daring people accept as a

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Snow Warning “The snow accumulation has reached a little over 13 inches and is still falling. We advise you to stay indoors and avoid driving whenever possible. We will keep you informed on

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Burner “Hello,” said James to Kyle at school. “Sup,” Kyle responded. They both ran to class and were anxious to get out of school. When school was over Kyle tripped James causing him

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Aqua Teen Hunger Force Last Episode We all know of the animated tv show called show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Well, at least until it was still called that, now the show has

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Trust Me (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) Don’t trust it! If whoever reads goes through what I had to witness, please, don’t trust it. Please. Trust me, not it! If I need to