Share Tweet Mix Pinterest © No matter the definition, everyone wants to gain financial freedom or, if you prefer, financial independence. I think financial freedom describes what financial independence offers – freedom, choices. It’s the freedom

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Seeing your weaknesses flesh out in your relationship can be hard to watch. As much as you don’t want to hurt the people around you, we can say things that we don’t mean

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Now before you start flaming me for what you think I am going to write, please take a minute to read this article. You see, we absolutely love our dogs. We have two

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Do you ever look at your past mistakes and get frustrated about how you are the source of most of your problems? As I’ve become more financially aware of what is going on

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Growing up I was not a popular kid in school. I was timid and didn’t have a lot of friends. We moved around every 3-4 years, which made it extremely difficult in connecting