Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Giving up often gets a bad wrap. But being individuals, we can only do so much. And reflecting on my life, I spent time doing things that do not push me towards my

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Risk is a funny concept. There are so many people who talk about risk like it’s something concrete or tangible. Heck, I work in an entire department devoted to analyzing risk. As a

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest It’s fun to fantasize about true financial independence and early retirement. Who doesn’t like to daydream about having enough F-You money to walk away from a traditional job before the normal expiration date?

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest When is Social Security Enough? Question: I need your help. My life hasn’t been easy and I have next to no savings. I turn 65 in a couple of years. If all I

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Roughly speaking, the average human being will live approximately 80 years in most developed countries. At a fundamental level, you can divide up those 80 years into three (3) primary phases of life*: Preparation

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Self-reflection is a good thing. You can start getting down to the reasons behind your behavior. One question that has come to mind: “Am I greedy?”. Why have I become ultra-passionate about increasing

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