Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Giving up often gets a bad wrap. But being individuals, we can only do so much. And reflecting on my life, I spent time doing things that do not push me towards my

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Risk is a funny concept. There are so many people who talk about risk like it’s something concrete or tangible. Heck, I work in an entire department devoted to analyzing risk. As a

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest It’s fun to fantasize about true financial independence and early retirement. Who doesn’t like to daydream about having enough F-You money to walk away from a traditional job before the normal expiration date?

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Overemphasizing talent, skill, and knowledge is easy for us to do. But regardless of what you are pursuing, there is one thing infinitely more powerful. And everyone has the power to tap into

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Last week, I shared the logic I used to determine whether I should repair or replace my home air conditioning unit. The repair cost was $400, while the replacement cost was $6,700. Based

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