Share Tweet Mix Pinterest As I was thinking about and preparing to write today’s post, it led me down a path I didn’t expect. I came across the terms fixed and growth mindsets. Of course, our attitude

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Toward the end of the year, we see article after article, blog post after blog post talking about being thankful charitable giving. Which begs the question – why does conversation about being thankful

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest We work hard and find ourselves comparing what we have to our neighbors and friends. But this process is costly. Not just from a financial perspective, but all this stuff takes up space

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Learning to be true to yourself can be an elaborate ball of frustration. Who am I? Am I a good a person? Does my voice matter? Am I unique? It has been a

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest If you could create the future you want, how would it look? At first, this might seem a simple question. But it requires that we have a good understanding of ourselves. We might

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest Search the Internet for the top 10 “inventions” of all time and you’ll come up with fire, the wheel, the printing press, the Internet, etc. Change the search for “innovations” and some of