6shares Pinterest6 Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Email   The following is a sponsored partnership with SiOnyx. Please enjoy my SiOnyx Aurora review. I’m often asked what my favorite tools are when it comes to traveling full-time. As

233shares Pinterest1 Facebook232 Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Email We’ve lived in a house, then an RV, then a sailboat, and now… a plane! Don’t get me wrong, this past year of living on a sailboat has been amazing,

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest When we tell people we spent 2 months slow traveling during the summer, their reaction has been pretty consistent. It’s been a mix of amazement and restraint. I say restraint because they tend

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest We’re getting ready for our first experimental slow travel experience this summer. Unlike a typical 1-2 week vacation, this travel method requires additional preparation. I’ve spent the past few weeks preparing the Max

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest If Mrs. Max and I had to choose one common passion we both share, it would definitely be Travel. Followed very closely by eating while traveling. I still haven’t convinced her to try

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest If there ever was an industry that needed to be disrupted, it’s got to be the airline industry. Followed closely by the Cable industry which is well on its way. Both have consistently

Share Tweet Mix Pinterest We love to travel, and our absolute favorite activity while traveling is dining out. There’s just something special about experiencing new flavors, and unfamiliar dishes while immersed in a foreign environment. I mentioned

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