Free Debt Thermometer Printable

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Looking for a free debt thermometer printable?

Making your goal visual is a great way to find motivation for paying off your debt.

Having your financial goal displayed in front of you can make it that much realer, plus it’s nice to have a constant reminder of what you are working towards.

One way to do this is to have a debt thermometer.

With this free printable, you can keep track of your debt payoff progress.

How to use this debt payoff thermometer printable:

  • At the top, under “Total Debt,” you will write down how much debt you have.
  • Then, on each line below that, I like to write out how much debt you’ll have to pay off in order to color each section. For example, if your total debt is $10,000, then each 10% amount would be $1,000.
  • After you reach each level, you then color up to that line so that you can better visualize the amount of debt that you are working with.

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