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[Vider id=73 ]hey what is going on guys welcome back to another video so in this one I’m gonna be teaching you guys how you can earn five to ten dollars over and over and over again unlimited amount of times and I’m gonna teach you exactly how to do that step by step in this video so make sure you stick around and watch the whole thing and also make sure you watch until the end of the video because right at the end and if we showing you how I’ve been making this kind of money okay hundreds and hundreds even thousands of dollars every single day wait until the end of the video and I’ll tell you a little bit more about that all right but without better view let’s just jump into my laptop let’s get into today’s video I’m gonna teach you how to make five to ten dollars online over and over and over again so if you’ve been looking for ways to make money online this is the video for you stick with me I’ve got you covered so let’s go alright then so here we are on fiverr.com once again now I know a lot of you gonna be commenting as always that you don’t like this website there’s too much competition well I’m gonna be giving you a lot of tips and tricks throughout this video to help you get rent okay because that’s what we need to do that we need to get our gigs that we’re gonna be creating onto page one that’s where the real money comes from we need to get our gigs onto page 1 so I will be giving you some tips and tricks throughout this video to make sure you can get on to page 1 alright do not worry about a thing I’ve got you covered this video it’s full of tips and tricks and you’re gonna learn how to make some money online in this will stick with me so find the perfect freelance services for your business what we’re gonna be doing is photo retouching okay photo retouching this is what we’re gonna be doing now again a lot of you always comment that this is oversaturated that you can’t get sales well look at this these are all different people right but this person has nearly 400 sales this one nearly 500 this person over a thousand over a thousand nearly a hundred or a thousand look everyone on this page has a decent amount of reviews and that could be you so you do you you can’t comment that there’s too much people okay this is to do you can see right here all these people are getting sales 500 sales hundred sales six sales any money is money guys even if you get one sale every week it’s not a lot but that’s gonna help you out some extra like five ten fifteen dollars but are you charging every single week if you get one a day that will be ideal right and that could be you if you get on the page one by watching this video and listening to what I have to say to you that could be you getting one or two sales or more every single day so yeah this is what we’re going to be doing them basically if you don’t know what this is we’re going to be like retouching people so let’s make them look a little bit better as you can see this person has made this girl’s skin look smoother and that’s pretty much all he’s done I’m gonna show you how to do this without paying but barely doing any work yourself okay we’re gonna use a tool an online tool just a website which is gonna basically going to do this for us alright it’s gonna be very very easy but this is the same kind of thing we’re gonna be doing and look one high-end retouched image delivered in JPEG format five dollars just ordering your charge because it is that simple five dollars is all you need for this okay just to get them to send you one picture you’re gonna put it into this tool I’m going to show you in just a moment and then you will retouch the photo it’s gonna the whole process between saving the picture to send you uploading out to the website and editing it everything’s that take like less than five minutes it’s that simple guys alright so stick with me I’m gonna show you exactly what tool we’re gonna be using in just a moment but I want to show you guys that look there’s all those people doing this again and all they’re doing retouching the photo is making this skin a bit smoother that’s what most most people want must all they want is this skin to look a bit smoother maybe a bit more bright that is it so I’m gonna show you how to do that right now so this is the website I recently came across and I’ve made a video on this already but showing you something completely different so if you’re interested in that be sure to subscribe so I’m gonna be posting a lot of videos around this teaching you different ways to make money with different tools like this one okay the last video I showed you how to car to nice people using this tool and sell those on Fiverr it can be that easy guys he literally just upload an image press a button a cartoon eyes is your photo and you can sell that service to people because they don’t know about these really really easy tools let be funky so what I would recommend you guys do is come on over to the website be funky calm click on learn alright and you can see all the different features that this has and you can go ahead and get some ideas yourself them as well okay you can look at this and be like hey look it’s go touch-up tools I can touch up people’s photos and charge money for that yes that’s what I’m showing you in this one the next one photo to odd so you can turn photos into like different types of art you can sell that service photo to cartoon that’s the video I made the other day transparent back there’s so many like possibilities with different tools like this you could make a different gig for each different thing on here that I will be making videos on each of them so be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out then turn on the notification bar as well so you never miss an upload alright and you can start making some money online so come to the website and try and get some ideas for yourself before I make videos on them they’ll be great for you because I but I might make a lot more people a lot more competition for you right so if you can come to this website first of all and get some ideas yourself that’s gonna be great so let me show you how this actually works so let’s go to create let’s go to photo editor and I’m gonna start a new and that’s from my last video right there I’m gonna click on open computer and let’s find that image so I’m using this image right here just an image I got from Google of a girl that she’s got a bit of acne that’s all and what we’re gonna be doing is making a look better but touching it up as you can see is a thing right here on the left hand side we’ve got image manager edit and then we’ve got touch-up and this is what we’re gonna be using okay the touch-up you can use this blemish fix if you want but I find this a lot more like difficult you can just click and it gets rid of more difficult but not as good as you can see these blemishes are disappearing but if you really start zooming in with this you’re gonna see like circles on where you’ve actually done the circle like this you start seeing circles in my opinion so what I like to use is just this perfect skin put the strength to a hundred brush eyes whatever you want depending on the size of your image and just start brushing over it again look look at the how much the skin is changing already as you can see is it looking really really really good already and it’s not leaving those to those stupid circles at the blemish tool leaves alright so that’s a benefit of using this one and yeah that’s literally all need to do who made the brush a bit too small all you need to do is paint over all the bad skin and you are completely done all right so it’s gonna take me no more than a couple of minutes it’s a lot easier on my my my computer be a me with the mouse a little bit harder this tiny MacBook mousepad but you get the picture guys you get the picture you just paint over it and she’s looking so much better now right way way better than before because if skin is now pretty much perfect obviously even eager to get to zooming in and stuff like that okay you can zoom into the image and I could really get in there if you want to what recommend you do that if you’re selling these let’s make it super but as you can but look is the I want to show you that before finally occurred but yeah you saw before guys this was she had a lot of people let’s go back to this is the image before I found on Google and now look at it and that’s just with two seconds of work without me even trying if I started zooming in and you know making the brush bigger and smaller I could make this look perfect and that is pretty much all you need to do it’s literally that easy you can add some other things if you want to live with mascara I changed the eye color I brighten all sorts of different things you can do on here you can also edit the image if you if you want to okay it’s entirely up to you they’ve got automatic things for you as well like filters and stuff like that all sorts of things to help you and yeah you can actually start selling your services from using the tools and websites just like this one right here be funky so there’s this pretty much all I wanted to show you in this video okay just this one simple test that you can do but I know if you saw five or ten dollars every single time if you go back to Fiverr yeah people are charging five dollars most of five five five or fewer ten but I would stick to five okay that’s all you need was a two minute job you don’t don’t get greedy and start to charging more because you probably won’t get as many sales the lower your cost five dollars is the lowest the more sales you’re likely to get now one thing I would recommend you guys do for sure is get your family and friends to leave reviews for you okay that’s gonna help you massively get to the front page ask your family and friends to buy your cake for me set up a gig first number five calm go to becoming seller and create a gig set out of five dollars get your family and friends to buy it from you okay they’ll buy it from you for $5.00 just give them the five dollars right back you’re gonna lose one dollar because five it does take one dollar but it’s worth it if you do have ten fifteen twenty times that’s up to twenty reviews you’ve gotten has cost you twenty dollars it’s definitely that worth it all right there are plenty of other plug since the factors well to help you give you tips and tricks on ranking on fiver videos having videos in your like little scroll thing here that’s where you get that’s a really helpful tip as well put some videos or any other things back it can be like a slideshow video a slideshow of all your different work that you’ve done so come to be funky first okay come to this this tool is website first and edit some pictures and then do comparison pictures and upload those as your your images right here like this exactly like they’ve done okay come here check out what the other people are doing these people with thousands or hundreds of reviews check out what they’ve done wrapped like up their thumbnails look at their titles look at the description you need to write a very very detailed description okay because you need to get it as keyword dense as possible alright feel a lot of tips and tricks for you that you guys okay so keywords make your description on your gig really really key word dance and put a lot of information in there your title as well make sure you got your main keyword in this so I search for photo retouching you show us a lot of people search for photo retouch so put one of those in there yeah family and friends to review for you put videos in your slideshow you put slideshow videos in your gig loads of tips for you there that’s all gonna help you get on the first page trust me Staffie gonna help you follow all of those so guys there we go that is it for this video if you didn’t understand anything please drop a comment down below ask me any question and I will get back to you if you want to see more videos teaching you different ways to make money on be funky calm let me know in the comments if you drop a comment down below telling me which way you want to learn if you have any ideas you and you want me to make a video on it just do that drop a coin thank you for watching do not forget as well if you want to learn how I make money online myself check out the first link right at the top of the description it looks like this as my number one recommendation click that and I’ll tell you all about it on the inside you can learn how I’m making money like this okay hundreds of dollars sometimes even thousands of dollars every single day if you’re interested in that go to the description right now first link top of the it’s going to be that link will take you right to this you’re gonna learn about it thank you for watching catch you in the next video [Music]